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I asked Jeff Leisy with the FS how the whole adoption process will work and this is his responce back. This will be a work in process as it is a new thing for them as well as us. Jim

Regarding your question about the process of moving from the adoption applications to adoption agreements, now that I am finishing up grooming cross-country ski trails, Iíll be taking the lead and will be getting back to each Individual Liaison to work through the process of completing trail adoption forms. If there are overlaps in requests for trails to adopt Iíll be working with all folks involved to figure out a workable solution. Our plan is to have me focus on that process the last part of April and early May. If that isnít early enough for folks to complete planning/scheduling/logistics needs weíll figure out those cases on an individual basis to meet those groupís needs. Does that make sense?

Thanks Jeff
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