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Originally Posted by Navy-Jeepster View Post
Chevron is on the list.
I work at Chevron now after retiring from the Navy.
They have a program that they will donate cash to an organization in my name if I donate hours to them. They will also match dollar for dollar up to $1000 my donation to a non-profit (501 (c) 3) organization.

They have given $500 to the Cal4Wheel Foundation in my name, and I am documenting my hours for work with BlueRibbon Coalition also for a donation to them as well.

I think they are on that list, as some of the employees donate to Sierra Club, and that puts Chevron's Name on that list.

I have tried several times to no avail to get some of our members that are HR types to figure out just how to get on this kind of list. There are quite a few people in the PNW4WDA that work for companys that would support this.
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