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Default Two Days And Counting --

I hope you have taken time to draft a support letter for your favorite four wheel drive areas -suggestion - if you have two projects you are interested in for one area - "bundle" them together (i.e. Maintenance and Education/Enforcement programs) just make sure you note separate project numbers.

As the last paragraph on (both) DNR postings states " the most effective letters of support explain why a project is important to you a recreationist" -with Jim's detailed version of each project will now help to explain what the grant will be used for - it is to bad there isn't a dollar figure available.

The support letters are important - one of the first questions asked by the NOVA Advisory Committee when evaluating the projects - " do you have support for this project" - they are referring to letters on file with the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) Project Manager.

You now have an opportunity to voice your opinion on how important four wheeling is to you (dollarwise) and see the four wheel drive areas get there fair share of fuel tax revenue - these grants will be for a two year funding session (2013-2014).

Thanks for your time in this matter - "it is important" - two days and counting!

Arlene Brooks,
Green River Valley Jeep Club - Region 1

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