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Default Grant request support needed

Dear TWIG Member:

I am in the process of finalizing the RCO grant application for the Raven Roost Trailhead Improvement Project (16-2775) and urgently need your letters of support to help us make this grant a reality. The project is very simple Ė read on below to see what itís all about Ė and consider sending an email to me in support of this grant.

Thank you!!

Sue Ranger

The Raven Roost Trailhead parking area will be improved to provide safer and more negotiable driving and parking for hikers and stock users entering the Norse Peak Wilderness. The current parking area lies at the end of Road 1902 with minimal room. The area has currently has maximum capacity of about 4 cars or 3 stock trailers, if visitors park carefully. This area will be widened to meet Forest Service standards for stock trailers. The widened area would be leveled and graveled, with barrier rocks installed where needed to protect adjacent vegetation, including the sensitive species white bark pine. Associated signs and a new bulletin board would also be installed.

This trailhead also a well-known destination viewpoint for visitors driving for pleasure who enjoy the magnificent Mount Rainier views and a 360 degree view of the central Washington Cascades and the Norse Peak Wilderness. A second trailhead (Crow Lake Way) previously accessed this part of the Wilderness, but has washed out in the recent past, and visitor use has been severely limited. Roost Trailhead has no such problem as it is located on high, dry, level ground, which makes improvement here an efficient use of funds.

Labor will be provided by the Fort Simcoe Job Corps students enrolled in the heavy equipment program. Students will clear; level; spread gravel; and gather and set barrier rocks at the trailhead. This is an ideal opportunity for these students to learn how to practically apply their knowledge and practice their skills out in the real world. Their match will be over 55% (maybe closer to 60%) of the project.

The grant request is for Forest Service time to work in the field with Job Corps, prepare and administer the small contracts, and gather materials The requested funding will also pay for preparing and administering two small contracts for purchasing and hauling gravel to the trailhead.

Volunteers will be needed to construct and install a new bulletin board, wooden gate keepers at the trail entrance, and to provide a meal to the students (and maybe some stories too) so the students can see who uses trailheads such as this. If you are interested, please let me know and I can keep you posted on the grantís progress.

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