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Default This times its the boaters funds

Looks like their after the boaters funds this time. I just recieved this from one of the lobbiests and thought I would share since I know a lot of people here have boats as well. Below is my letter to Sen Kastama.

FYI- please support our boating allies.

Citizens for Parks and Recreation
James L. King, Jr., Coordinator
120 State Ave NE #199
Olympia, WA 98501-8212
Cellular Phone (360)480-0038
Message Phone (360)754-6800

--- On Wed, 2/29/12, David J. wrote:

From: David J.
Date: Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 5:59 PM

************************** RBAW EMERGENCY ACTION ALERT *******************************

Please E-mail or call members of the Washington State Senate "Ways & Means Committee" today.

Background: The State Senate Operating Budget (SSB 5967) released Tuesday proposes a $4.6M "shift" of the boater's money --- a "shift" on the Recreation Resource Account (RRA) that is the boater's un-refunded gas tax money that is dedicated to grants for boating infrastructure (primarily launch ramp upgrades, mooring buoys, etc.). The "shift" would take boater's money and give it to Fish and Wildlife law enforcement for operating funds.

This is an emergency. Email or call members of the Senate Ways & Means Committees today.

Please see the committee list below (Link) for Senate Ways and Means Members and their contact information (OR use cut & paste e-mail address list.on bottom of this message)

Tell them that you are strongly against the proposed "shift" in the Senate Operating Budget that would transfer $4.6M from the Recreation Resource Account (RRA) in the Capital Budget and devote the funds to WDFW law enforcement.

Raiding dedicated funds in capital budgets for operating funds is shortsighted and "just kicks the can down the road". The RRA funds grow the state's economy. It makes no sense to undermine an account that builds infrastructure for the $4B boating industry, creates jobs now, and helps grow the economy.

This is an emergency. Please contact these Legislators NOW.

-Steve Greaves, 1st VP RBAW


Senator Ed Murray
District 43

Senator Michael Baumgartner
District 6

Senator Lisa Brown
District 3

Senator Steve Conway
District 29

Senator Karen Fraser
District 22

Senator Nick Harper
District 38

Senator Brian Hatfield
District 19

Senator Mike Hewitt
District 16

Senator Janéa Holmquist Newbry
District 13

Senator Jim Honeyford
District 15

Senator Jim Kastama
District 25

Senator Karen Keiser
District 33

Senator Derek Kilmer
District 26

Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles
District 36

Senator Mike Padden
District 4

Senator Linda Evans Parlette
District 12

Senator Cheryl Pflug
District 5

Senator Craig Pridemore
District 49

Senator Debbie Regala
District 27

Senator Mark Schoesler
District 9

Senator Rodney Tom
District 48

Senator Joseph Zarelli
District 18


Dear Senator Kastama please vote no on ssb5967. Last time its was a theft of the NOVA account that funds ORV and recreation and this time its the theft of DEDICATED boaters funds. We trust our government to use these funds as we direct them to Stealing them to give to another use is just that THEFT. Please stop this bill dead in its tracks and help to restore a little trust in our elected officials.
I liken actions like this to what if I decided to tell the dept. of revenue that I wasn't going to give them the tax money that I collected for the from my customers but instead I was going to give it to Labor and industries since they were a little short this month. I wonder how well that would go over ?

Sincerely Jim Putman
Member #40 Hombres jeep club
Region 2 landmatters chairman
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