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It depends on what you want to use the truck for as to what kit to go with. If you are wanting to use it for a DD and wheeling I would go with SAS you will be far happier with it on the trail. Independant front ends on these trucks are greatly hindered on the trail for flex. If you are racing then I would go with the camburg kit or total chaos. I am looking at building a new race truck with long travel with the total chaos kit on it.

As far as body roll and that stuff I know there are guys down in Socal that run these long travel desert racing type kits on their DD with no problems. If it was me and I had a kit like that I would run sway bars front and rear just to help with that. The other thing you can do is set your coil over springs up to take the roll out of the body. If you run dual rate or triple rate coil overs then you will be far better off with on road driveability.

Thats my .02

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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