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oops.....I forgot to add this over here...

After getting to the upper lot and unloading the rodeo - for those of you who don't know our yota is getting a face lift and an upgraded tummy tuck so it's in the garage in pieces. Ry likes to play in the rodeo so we brought it out to join the fun. Anyway, so we unloaded at the upper lot and ran out to set up "camp", then realized one of our pairs of goggles must have fallen out the door back at the trailer so we headed back to go find them. Luckily we did!!

By the time we got back out to where everyone was bobracing had broke his driveshaft so we tugged him up the hill

On our way out we came upon a party/fire area that had been left a mess. So while Trashy and bobracing continued on to the trailer, I stayed behind and started cleaning. To be joined by Reco Very and Reco's Gurl and then the rest of the group. We ended up with six bags of garbage and amongst that mess found a glass plate, a fork and half a I don't have any pics of everyone cleaning up cuz I was too busy looking for garbage. We headed back to "camp" and had some lunch then headed out further into the dunes with the group.

Trashy having some fun in the rodeo

Lurch in the rail

Lurch gave a lot of rides that day

another Trashy

some of the group

everyone watching the fun at the big hill

Trashy on one of his many attempts at the hill

The group at the bottom

Yup....Grumpy stuck

maybe a push from the group? Nope....denied

it's time for the big muscle to give it a try...

Wrench on one of his trips up the hill

Ceg's new ride

Wrench putting his back window back in.

Ceg and Paula watching from the top of the hill.....on Grumpy's second and successful trip up the hill

Fatboy almost making it over the top

a few more of Trashy playing....he was having a blast

a few dirtbike riders enjoying the sand

Ceg taking his trip down the hill

Trashy and bobracing after he got back from fixing his driveline

and last but definitely not least - the only pic I got to get of TjDave he was leaving.
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