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I then decided to build something new. I started this project about 3 years ago. Picked up a 1988 Wrangler YJ tub and frame and started working. I wanted to build a rig I could use in the Northwest but also take down to Moab or the Hammers and not be left behind. As the build went, I changed my ideas frequently. This was my first ground-up build so I learned a lot. Mostly by my mistakes. Some parts I had to redo multiple times. I can proudly say I have done every piece of work on this. Right down to teaching myself how to cut down an axle housing and setting up Dana 60 and 14 Bolt ring and pinions.

How I arrived at my house

Stripped down to frame. I cut the rear and front portions off in order to build a frame with better clearance. I wanted this to sit low and have a low COG. I swapped in the drivetrain from my XJ and mounted up the rear crossmember. I soon changed out all of the drivetrain for a Ford EFI 5.0, Ford C6 trans, and a flipped Dana 300.

Final completed frame. I was able to gain 6" of rear clearance with the frame and even more up front. The roll cage is tied in at 8 different points to the frame.
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