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Sunday morning I was leading 15 rigs headed down hwy 6 towards trask.

First trail was Rogers Road

Then on to Stick in the Nose

About 2/3 of the way down Stick in the Nose there were front end issues. After about 2 hours of trail wrenching we were back on our way

Working our way over to Archers

It took a while but we finally made it to the V-Notch on the west side of Archers

Headed towards Waterfall

At Waterfall there where two TJ's and a Zuki buggy that were trying to make the climb. Two out of the three made it but it was all throttle no brain...

Then this little XJ on 33's took a stab at it

Picked the correct line

And barely slipped a tire while the throttle jockey's stood there in disbelieve.

I had to take off for town after that but there were more that tried waterfall that succeeded. For more pictures check out our forum or our Facebook page.
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