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- Wheeling reports and pics pics, pics, pics... Stories of the trail and race

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Old 02-04-2009, 09:40 PM
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Default August 2006 - Divide Ridge Run

Here is an old report with some adventure.

WUD WHEELERS - Divide Ridge Run
(August 12th-13th, 2006)

Saturday August 12th, 2006 around 10 AM we met at the Sno-park next to Ahtanum Meadows and then headed to the Ahtanum Sno-park to air down.

We ran up A2400 up to Red Saddle and then on up the Sedge Ridge Crest Trail. Here are pictures of the first steep climb.

Here we are going around Cultus Hole.

Test Dummy broke something on his drive line. We waited on Darland Mountain for him to limp in. He decided to run back to the ranch for parts so we had to get camp set up first. So we ran to Blue Lake to set up camp. The trails were real dusty. Test Dummy took this picture of me coming into Blue Lake.

Since all the young guys took off to the ranch we decide to run 615 back to Darland. Not knowing the trail we decide if it was to bad, we would turn around. It was kind of up to Flippy where to turn around because he was driving a bone stock 84 XJ.

The 615 trail was a nice trail other than it was a little off camber.

At Narrow Neck Gap 615 turned ugly. We turn off to run the trail to Darland Mountain.

We were about a mile from the Ahtanum Mid fork road when Flippy's carburetor started to crap out. That caused him to stop on a steep powder section of the trail. He couldn't get the traction to make the climb. Yeti tried to get to Flippy to pull him up the hill. I ran up to the Mid fork road to make sure we weren't pulling Flippy up the hill for nothing. We were on the right trail so I ran back down the hill to find Yeti getting stuck in the powder himself.

We had to leave Flippy's XJ there for the night so we headed back up toward the Mid Fork. Yeti had to winch his rig up the next steep part. He got going again so we ran to Blue Lake to let our group know what had happen. Test Dummy was back at Blue Lake with his rig repaired. We decided to see if we could call someone for help so Yeti rode with me and Roll Over rode with Test Dummy to the top of Blue Slide. Since we all have Cingular, we could not call out. We decide to run down Jackass road to the nearest phone. We ran into IORE on Jackass road near the bottom of the mountain. He said he would come up to our camp and help us in the morning. He may never say that again to me.

The next morning IORE camp up to our camp at Blue Lake.

We all convoyed to the trail head Flippy's rig was on. Most of the rigs stayed on top before the two steep hill climbs. I drove down to where Flippy's rig was. I knew I could climb back up the hill since I had done it twice the night before. IORE found a good place to winch from.

We had to use a lot of chains and straps to reach Flippy's rig.

They had Flippy's rig close to the top of the first steep climb so I moved on up the trail. I stopped for them to get the rig father up. I decided to move on up again. The powder was real deep and I had a hard time getting traction. Once I did I heard my rear axle blow. Not good! Now we had two rigs to pull up the trail.

IORE winched my rig up close to Flippy's. IORE had to move back up the trail to pull us up father. He couldn't get the traction to back up so had to come down to turn around. He had a hard time getting back up in front of us. Now he had to winch himself up.

IORE got his truck and the two XJs up on top of the first climb. We ran on our own powder until the next climb. Yeti came down and started winching me up. IORE had to winch Yeti up from there. This winching ran into the night.

Over all it was a great run. Next time I want to run the trail when it isn't as dry.

Part 2

Here are a few pics of the recovery run.

Convoy down the Ahtanum road.

Look down from where my rig was parked.

This is where I left the Molly Mule over night.

Looking up the hill at Test Dummy coming down to start hooking up the recovery equipment.

Test Dummy and Roll Over.

I didn't get this guys name but he did a lot of running for us.

Roll Over, Test Dummy hooking me up and PullUout bring down tranny fluid for Flippy's XJ.

Waycrazy winching me up the last real steep part.

Here is PullUout getting ready to pull my rig to the top of the mountain with his Chevy.

Again it got dark so I didn't get pics of the rest of the way up to the top.

Thanks guys for all the help.

Part 3
Here is day 3 of the WUD run recovery.

Waycrazy towed his CJ5 up the Mid Fork until about the 3 mile marker.

We drove on up to the trail head near Darland Mountain. Flippy parked his pickup on the road and we took Waycrazy's CJ down the trail to above Flippy's XJ. We tied the CJ to a tree and walked the winch cable down the hill.

We have it hooked up.

Here we start winching the XJ up the hill. I had a refreshing drink to wash down the dust.

Flippy's XJ started climbing on it's own.

We brought in the cable and unhooked the CJ from the tree.

Backing up the hill was a pain.

Here we go! Will she make it?

She was going great until the tires started spinning in the rocks.

Roll Over moved a few rocks and here we go again.

The XJ made it the rest of the way up the hill on it's own power.

The trail is to the left in front of the XJ.

This is looking down the first part from the Mid Fork Ahtanum Road.

Over all this is a good trail. I will run this trail again after I make sure I have a bunch of rigs with winches to go with. My rig had no big problem until I blew the spiders. This could happen to any rig so think about that when running any trail.

Here is what was left to my Dana 35 Spider gears from the first powder hill climb.

From then to now
I am still running that Dana 35 but now in the Tweety Jeep. We ran an use set of spider gears for about a year until we put the Lock Right in. About a month after the Lock Right was put in, I broke a few teeth of the ring gear at Moses Lake. BSLM replace the 1984 R&P with new Yukon gears. Last year I broke an axle pulling the Forest Service Trail up the trail and then my wife took out the other one the next weekend since she only had one working. We swapped in some used stock axles and are running it now. I think that old Dana 35 has been good to me for all the trail miles I have on it.
Clay Graham

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Nice pics, thanks for sharing.
Originally Posted by MarkoPo View Post
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Originally Posted by Duck Dodgers View Post
Nice pics, thanks for sharing.
Thanks for reading and posting.
Clay Graham

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