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Old 07-06-2010, 11:51 AM
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Default May, June Minutes

Looking for the Minutes from these meetings...?
Michael Mayfarth
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Old 07-07-2010, 07:52 AM
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May Page 11 http://www.pnw4wda.org/Tri-Power/May-2010.pdf

My Bad I did not get them in the Normal mannor so it slipped my mind..

Delegates Meeting Minutes – June 17, 2010
Four Wheel Parts-South Tacoma Way

Call to order at 7:30 pm by Region 2 Director Edward Campbell, followed by the flag salute and a moment of silence for the sick and departed.

Roll call was taken via the sign-in sheet.

Secretary Report
• Mike Mayfarth made a motion to accept minutes as published, Derrick Clark seconded, approved
Treasurers Report
• Mike Mayfarth made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, Derrick Clark seconded, approved
• Still thinking of ideas for Region II fundraising ideas
We Did It/Club Power
• Kathy could not make it tonight No Report
• Dave could not make it tonight No Report
Evans Creek
• Great work party, lots of snow. Pretty good turnout, 68 people on Saturday, 22 people on Sunday. 10 yards of quarry sprawl filled up big hole, quite a bit of garbage picked up despite all of the snow on the ground. If anyone needs trail conditions for Evans, give Derrick Clark a call. Still looking for camp hosts.
• Work party went well; smaller turn out than normal which was okay due to work mainly being done on one trail. The Gotcha trail log crawl has been pretty popular along with all the rock work being done on the Rainiervista trail
• 105 rigs were registered at the Fun Run-no one was caught drinking and there were only 2 break downs-a good time was had by all. The logging is still going on…
Land Matters
• Jim brought up the reworking of Forest Service width and height (possible) future restrictions. There was much discussion on the issues of tire height, wheel base and vehicle width. 72” width is what is on the books as of now. Jim had asked the delegates at the last meeting to go to their clubs and get a consensus of what numbers Jim can work with to take to future Forest Service meetings. Many numbers were discussed as to tire size, etc. Jim now has a good idea as to what Region II would like to see for those restrictions for the future.
OHV Watch
• No Report
Letter Writing
• No Report
• Jim has given a PNW packet of information to the Dusty Dozen and Outhouse Offroad clubs.
• Question was asked about PNW4WDA Dues being increased, said there was rumor of PNW dues being raised, Rob Stafford assured the delegates that was not the case as he attends the BOD meetings and that was not a topic of discussion.
Ways and Means
• No Report
Nothing specific to report-Diana cannot make all of the functions, so if anyone needs any PNW information to hand out she will be more than happy to get that information to whomever needs it.
Future Four Wheelers
• Nothing to report. If you know of anyone whom has questions about the region 2 Future Four Wheelers Program Please contact Edward (your Region Director) directly
• Independent race went very well-great turn out. It was a little wet and muddy on Sunday, but a good time was had by all. Tough Truck event this weekend at the Cadillac Ranch
• Fourth of July race coming up.
Roll Call, Introduction of Guests
• Bonnie made a motion we accept the sign in sheet as replacement to the roll call, seconded, approved.
Old Business
• No report
New Business
• Kathy Lien is selling tickets for a quilt to raise funds for Relay for Life
• Announcements:
-Please e-mail Ed if you need anything posted on the PNW web-site (webmaster@pnw4wda.org Or reg2dir@pnw4wda.org)
- If you would like your event posted to the WOHVA web-site please e-mail the details to Megan (megcplk@gmail.com)
Rednecks and Rugrats-July 24th Fun Run at Evans Creek
• DogpoundOffroad -August 7th Elbe Fun Run
• Brian (WOW) was up at Elbe and was speaking with Nancy; she is very excited about the work being done in Elbe and at the rock crawl.
• Moonshiners wanted to thank everyone who came out and supported their race at Cadillac Ranch over Memorial weekend.

Meeting Adjourned 8:45 p.m.
Next meeting: July 16th, 2010
Four Wheel Parts-South Tacoma Way

Tiffany Morris
Edward Campbell
Webmaster 2008-2014 Glad I could help
Region 2 Director 2008-2010 Glad to help.
President DogpoundOffroad
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