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- Wheeling reports and pics pics, pics, pics... Stories of the trail and race

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Old 08-03-2010, 09:16 AM
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Default Peak Putters Squeeze the Cheese... Naches 7/31, 8/1 20

Originally Posted by OldGreen
Since I called it, I guess I'll start.

Sadly. . .but not quite so sadly, as it turns out, I didn't drive my own rig on the run. I jumped in the back seat of the Minivan next to G-Man and behind Toby and his buddy to make a day trip of what was a weekend trip for most of the group. I am SURE that they will all chime in. Just to start the report off on the right foot: I had a BLAST on Saturday. G is great company, Toby is a skinner behind the wheel of that ugly monster AND I had a CUPHOLDER!!!! Can you believe that??? JKs aren't all that bad. . .

We met the group at around 9AM on the Little Nach road, relieved ourselves of excess tire pressure and headed up. We regrouped at the top of Elephant Dung to take a head count: 10 rigs. . .uh. . .TobyW, Lee, Oddball, Roman, Sillyputty, Tenikiwon, MatawaJeep, ED (yes, the yellow yota/flatty), Lurch, and Wrench's 4 squirrels of love. There was a wayward CJ5 at the bottom that had to stay right there because of a steering issue. . .but yeah.

On up. . .no issues. That one climb. . .can't remember the name. . .is it Aardvark hill? Anyway, most chose the easy, right hand line, but Toby, Curtis, Lee and Ed made the left side with the big root look easy so Mattawajeep gave it the ol' college try. Talk about trial by fire. . .all he could see was the canopy of trees above his head. Anyway, after two attempts, I gently explained that is was time to back down and take the other line. Good effort!!

On up to Lilypond for Lunch. Lee had the ONLY stuck of the day ON THE STINKING BRIDGE. Nice work buddy.

From there, we ran upper Kaner and hooked a left to mosey on up to Quartz Mountain. WHAT A VIEW!!! A thunderstorm was approaching, but we just skirted it. . .if you squinted, you could see Jesus.

Now, on down the Cle Elum side and back up Tripod flats. We ran into a couple of other groups in various stages of readiness to be on the trail. No issues really until we got to funny/moon. Now, I enjoy watching people make idiots of themselves as much as the next guy. . .but seriously. . .a couple of the people on the rocks need to have their licenses revoked for poor judgment and downright stupidity. Our group made a few lines look easy and knew when to say when on a few others, but some of the others up there just didn't know when to say when. Needless to say, the repair bills are going to hit them right in the wallet: HARD.

Over at Moonrocks, we got to watch Ed play spiderman on the rocks. By this time, we had scoured the entire countryside and decided to head for lower elevations. Back on down the 5 fingers to Milk Lake where we bid fairwell to the rest of the group and headed to Miner's for cheeseburgers. I still wish I was able to swing the whole weekend so I could have taken part in the themed potluck. . .but, again, I'm sure someone will chime in.

To top it all off, G-Man and I watched Bigfoot DVDs all the way home. . .EPIC I tell you. . .EPIC.

I didn't even bring a camdamera, but maybe someone could post some pics?
Originally Posted by tobyw
Here are my pics… Didn’t get too many after Elephant Dung hill

Met up with the group, aired down, and chewed on some breakfast burritos…

Elephant Dung Hill…

Gavin showing me how it’s supposed to be done… :lol:

And more Elephant Dung…

Lunch at Lily Pond…

Some views from the top of Quartz…

The group up top…

And all bunched up on the way up Tripod to the Funny Rocks…

It was another great Peak Putter run; a great run to get new Jeepers actually into the mountains to try some peak putting.
Thanks for posting up Jim, I did not know exactly which trails we were on I was just trying to catch up with some family in a minivan to let them know they were off the main road.

Friday afternoon found me and my guest and co-dawg, Kevin (Big Ford) leaving Benton City with Paul (Wrench) and Dale (Mattawajeep) in tow. If anyone sees a 9 ½ hiking boot along the road it’s mate is looking for it, by the way. Tim (Lurch) caught up with us in Naches as we were topping off the tanks. The favored campsight was ocupado so we roamed until we found an acceptable spot and were setting up about 9:00 PM. José y clan rolled in about 3:30 AM (yes, it is a new record of some sort). Other campers and day trippers arrived Saturday morning.

Famed Elephant Dung Hill seems to hold no drama when dry…

…but it did allow me to continue to break my favorite rule to break, “Don’t follow Ed.”

How is it I have never heard of Aardvark Hill? Fortunately my friendly neighborhood spotters (the Putters standing on top of the hill with cameras in hand) put me onto the interesting line. I think I picked the wrong gear, but still made it with little or no drama. [No drama = no pictures]
These are shots of Mattawa on the interesting line and others on the bypass…

I love my **** Cepek Mud Countrys, but guess where they bring the suck… In my defense, most people bypassed this mud hole at the end of the bridge. [admin edit: Lee those are called the smarter people.]

Here is a P3. Memorize this spot, this is the sight of a future NPR campsight; stay tuned.

Bonus, if you are there at the right time, Ed will put on a show for you. No, I did not follow Ed, and I took the keys out of my Jeep to make sure that Tim didn’t use my Jeep to do so either.

The mountaintop…

Funny Rocks…

(I stole a spotter from that family’s minivan for Funny Rocks and Moon Rocks. I think Jim may have been there before.)
Moon Rocks…

Here is what I was following most of the day…

Oh well that is the end of the story. No need to read on Jim. That’s it, good day wheeling. There will be other posts, but Jim won’t want to read them. That is it.
Okay, is Jim gone? The food the food the food!!! A good idea might be a Mexican themed seafood potluck, I don’t know. I’ll miss something on the menu, but here’s what I remember after the calorie fog. Jim’s salmon tacos might be better than mine, but he is going to have to prove it. Really, I’m challenging you Jim, cause heck, I could go for a salmon taco right about now. I cooked the wild fish and brought most of the toppings, but the Mattawa crew (Dale and his bro Eric) brought flour tortillas from the Mattawa Tortilla Factory (who knew they made tortillas?), homemade salsa and they made guacamole right there on Tim’s camp table, you know the thing he hauls the Bronco on sometimes. Oh, and if Jim wants his tacos to be better than mine make sure that Tim brings the cocktail shrimp to add to the tacos; really make sure there is shrimp on my salmon taco. Fresh made 7 layer dip came out of the Ybarra motor home. José kept rotating oysters from the cooler onto the two charcoal grills and even managed to come up with a pearl. I know at least some Dos Equis flowed. Curtis offered up something that smelled of Tequila, but was in a urine sample jar (really.) There was Spanish rice, but that was mostly enjoyed in Man Quiche the next day (I hope Jim is not reading.) The trailer,er table, was littered with bags of chips, jalapeños, and lime wedges. Just as we were falling asleep in our camp chairs, victim of a long day of wheeling and high calorie comas, Kevin pulled his dutch oven out of the middle of the campfire and served up Cherry Cobbler your grandmother wished she could make at home.
Everything is blurry after that…
…and on the last day Peak Putters created Man Quiche. Two things were agreed upon about this latest batch of Man Quiche:

1. This was the best batch of Man Quiche ever… with the possible exception of the last batch, or that batch at Liberty, or that 1st batch, or that one time in the mountains… oh well, it was PRETTY **** GOOD!
2. It is impossible to write down the ingredients of Man Quiche, because everyone has the same experience. In the afternoon after enjoying Man Quiche (sometimes sooner) someone is asking, “What the **** did I eat?”
We found the PP Banner. Anyone know where the Best Little Jeeper Chick Trophy is at, ‘cause this little girl loves to wheel?!

Extend to those we meet friendship, courtesy and tolerance, as these values are necessary as well as contagious.

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