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- Wheeling reports and pics pics, pics, pics... Stories of the trail and race

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Old 02-09-2009, 04:16 PM
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Default June 07 - "Manastash" Father's Day run

Here is another old report of a fun run.

Eastern Washington Off Road -
Father's Day Naches/Manastash Run

Hosted by the All Wheelers Off Road Club
June 15th-17th, 2007

On the after noon of Thursday June 14th, 2007 we headed to get a camp on Manastash Ridge on FS1701 at FS530. Test Dummy's XJ has some problems and he had to head back home. We pulled into camp as it was getting dark. CentralGrand was up there waiting for us. We sat around BSing until 1:30 AM. As we got to bed it started raining.

Friday morning we got up and it was still raining. We headed up 1701 to find some fire wood. We drove on up to Barber Springs road so I could call Fatboy to bring me up some winch cable clamps since I thought had forgot to bring some up.

It rained most of the day. Most everyone showed up before it got dark to camp.

Saturday morning around 10 we split into two groups and headed out. Group 2 headed to the rocks up 4W685. PullUout was the Trail Boss.

I was in Group 1. Waycrazy was Trail Boss for the first 1/32 mile. CentralGrand took the Trail Boss Job and we ran FS1701 to the end then took 4W694 toward Funny Rocks. We stopped from a quick view of Manastash Lake.

We drove on by Funny Rocks.

Where 4W694 and 4W307 met we took a break.

On down 4W307 (Tripod Flat trail) we drove by 4W330 (Tip Over) and I had to take a picture of the sign with the Jeep stickers.

We stop and ate lunch at Tripod Flat.

Moving on down 4W307 (Tripod Flat trail).

At the end of 4W307 (Tripod Flat trail) we ran FS3100 up to the west end of 4W311 (Buck Meadow trail).

4W311 (Buck Meadow trail) was real tight right off the road. It was alot of fun with all the tight switch backs. Here we had a choice of off camber or rock climbing.

4W311 (Buck Meadow trail) ran into some logging roads. ZToy and his friend took us through that part of the trail. One place on the trail we had a steep climb with a rock face at the top. I could not get traction to get up it with the wife's open diff XJ. I was going to just winch up then I got to thinking we could be there awhile get everyone up that part so I backed down to the last forest road. Ztoy & his friend took us around to 4W311.1. We ran that trail down and back onto 4W311 (Buck Meadow trail). Here we stopped on this long bridge for a picture.

Next we ran FS3100 back up to 4W307 (Tripod Flat trail). We had to go back up 4W307 (Tripod Flat trail) through all the stuff we ran coming down. We took on a little water in the Tweety Jeep crossing this water hole.

Here is our Trail Boss CentralGrand leading us through a creek crossing.

At the end of 4W307 (Tripod Flat trail) we ran 4W694 back up to Funny Rocks so some of the rigs could play.

Next it was on to Moon Rocks. CentralGrand digging hole instead of climbing up the rocks.

After a little playing on the Moon Rocks we headed down 4W695 and then FS1701 to camp. We had a good visit around the camp fire. The wind made it very cold.

Sunday morning most everyone packed up and left for home. We were left with only 3 rigs for Sunday's run. We took FS530 up across Bald Mountain onto 4W644. We stopped for a fast break before getting on 4W694.

We then took 4W694, down 4W687 and onto 4W685 to FS1708 (Milk Creek Rd). We ran 1708 (Milk Creek Rd) down to Hwy410. Hwy 410 onto NF19 and up FS1902 to Ravens Roost. It was very cold up there.

After a quick look we headed back down to Hwy410 and went up FS1702 to get back to camp. We loaded up the XJ on the trailer and headed home.

This was a very fun run. It was great wheelin' with you guys. I hope we can do it again soon.
Clay Graham

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