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Old 03-06-2009, 12:32 AM
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Default All Wheelers Rimrock 4W608 Work Day (Aug 23rd, 2008)

All Wheelers Off Road Club
Rimrock 4W608 Work Day
August 23rd, 2008

Rimrock's 4W608 has many deep mud holes.
Because of all the mud holes there are many by-passes.
Some of the by-passes have mud holes so more and more by-passes are being made.
The Forest Service needs volunteers to help fill the holes or the trail could be closed.

On August 23rd, 2008 some of the All Wheelers Off Road Club members
met up at the Lower 4W608 Trail Head to start work on the trail.
The Forest Service had a trailer we could use to move rock.
Waycrazy first had to repair the trailer before we
could use it which he did a few weeks earlier.
BSLM pulled the trailer to the trail with his Blazer.
Waycrazy brought out a tractor to load the trailer.

We set up base camp at the 4W608 Trail Head and FS571.

At first BSLM used his Blazer the pull the trailer on the trail and Waycrazy ran the tractor.

Here is the rock pile the Forest Service brought for 4W608.

There were some big rocks the tractor had problems lifting.

BSLM taking a load in.

Here is the first real deep mud hole.

Here we were trying to dump off the side of the hole.

The trailer pushed the Blazer off the trail.

Moving some big rock by hand.

BSLM took over driving the tractor and I took over hauling the trailer.
It was time for the Tweety Jeep to get a workout.

After many loads the first deep mud hole had a bottom.
Here is the second deep hole.

Lunch break.

On to the third mud hole.

Here is a heavy load for the Tweety Jeep.

The load was so heavy it drug the Tweety Jeep back down a small hill climb I couldn’t top.
Fish used his full size to pull the Tweety Jeep and the trailer to the next deep mud hole.

On my next and last load I broke an axle in the Tweety Jeep and had to winch up a hill.

Another bad thing about the mud hole is animals move into them and then get ran over.
This one was saved and moved into the pond.

Here is the mud hole it lived in.

This was a great time and for a great cause. Thank you to the people that came out to help.

After a days work we did not make a very big dent on what needs to be done.
I was told another club will be adopting 4W608 and taking over working on the trail.
I wish them good luck and thank them for taking on this big job.

Please do not spin your tires in the mud on the forest trails for fun.
Spinning tires for fun is one of the ways the mud holes start and hold water.
After the holes are started then others spin their tires trying to get out of the mud holes and the mud holes grow into mud bogs.
Tread Lightly!
Clay Graham

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