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Default October 11 minutes

OCTOBER 11, 2011

Director Earl Nettnin (Desert Rats) called the meeting to order at 7:40 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence for the sick and departed was observed. No guests were present.

MINUTES: Roger Brittain (Shindig Wheelers) made a motion seconded by Doug Conner (Roamin’ Chariots) to accept the September Region 4 minutes as printed, motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT was dispensed with tonight.

COMP: Nothing to report.

MEMBERSHIP: Nothing to report.

WEB SITE: needs updating. A question was asked whose job it is to update things on the Web site. If you want something changed you must notify the Web master to change it. However, with the new membership program each club will be able to make changes themselves, so if you have not notified the PNW’s Web Master Edward Campbell (Dog Pound Off Road) who your club contact is please do so ASAP. We are hoping to have this program up and running the end of this month.

CLUB POWER/WE DID IT: Please turn in your paper work to Gary Harting (Desert Rats) so he can get the information recorded and turned in to the PNW’s Club Power/We Did It person.

TRAIL JAMBOREE: Nothing to report.

JR. JEEPERS: Nothing to report.

PR: Nothing to report.

Doug Conner (Roamin’ Chariots) had nothing new to report on Juniper Dunes.
Discussion followed on the October 4th TWIG meeting last Tuesday at the Naches Ranger Station. We need to have a bigger showing from our Association at the TWIG meetings to let the Forest Service know that we will not stand for them closing our trails. Since we have several clubs that volunteer time to clear trails and maintain them, there really is no excuse to close the trails down. If you look at our record as an Association we have worked with the Forest Service, volunteering many weekends to educate the public, building bridges and by passes around areas of concern for several years; we are a responsible group of users. So if you really want to help your Association, please plan to attend the next TWIG meeting on Tuesday, November 1st at the Naches Ranger Station enter at the back door. Let’s fill that room with 4X4 users, and let the Forest Service know that we are not going away. The Forest Service plan is to close 10 miles of roads/trails a year for 15 years so that’s 150 miles right there. Folks the Forest Service needs to hear from us, or we won’t have anything left to recreate on.
BALD MOUNTAIN: the former Plum Creek land will be controlled by Washington Fish and Wild Life by the end of this year.
FOREST PLAN REVISION: is on going and a schedule of public scoping meetings will be out soon.
MOTORIZED TRAVEL MANAGEMENT PLAN: A final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision are anticipated in the spring of 2012.
GLASS ANGEL: had some environmental issues that needed to be addressed.
ROCK CRAWL: Is usable as is; nothing more is planned for it.
BLM: is planning a Resource Management Plan similar to the Forest Revision Plan. Check their web site for a planning process timeline.
NOVA Funds: On September 13, 2011, the state Court of Appeals Division II released an opinion in the case of WOHVA et al v. State, which dealt with the Legislature’s 2009 appropriation of funds from a fuel tax refund program for the maintenance and operation of state parks. The Washington Off Highway Vehicle Alliance and others, collectively WOHVA, challenged the legislative action as violating the state constitutional requirement that fuel tax revenue be used for highway purposes. In a two-to-one decision, the Court upheld an earlier trail court decision and ruled against WOHVA, concluding that the Legislature’s action was permissible use of fuel tax refund authority and would benefit off-road and other users who pay into the refund program. WOHVA is still fighting to get these funds back and is taking it to the next level now which is the Supreme Court.
DISCOVER PASS: Lots of discussion again. Roger Brittain (Shindig Wheelers) said he understood that a map showing where you need this pass is out. However, no one present had seen it.

OLD BUSINESS: Pick Up A Mountain - Clay Graham (Yakima Kittitas Forest Watch) was presented the Most Inspirational trophy for 2011. A comment was made that it would be good if we could designate places to be picked up so we could cover more areas. We had lots of door prizes the pot luck was well attended and the breakfast was delicious. We are waiting for the bill for the dumpster then we can close the books on this event. Pam Remley (Shindig Wheelers) was our coordinator, thanks Pam good job.

NEW BUSINESS: Nominations will be open at our next meeting for the 2012 officers for Region 4.
WOHVA’s annual meeting is November 20th.

Shindig Wheelers – had a meeting last Thursday.
Roamin’ Chariots – had a camp out with the Jeepin’ Nomads at Pot Holes State Park.
Desert Rats – had a run to the Rubicon with the Wine Country Rock Crawlers September 9-18 and a good time was had by all. They helped the Dust Dodgers with their motorcycle Grand Prix race on the first weekend in October at Rim Rock Lake. They are planning to participate in the West Richland Veteran’s Day Parade November 5th.

Frank Remley (Shindig Wheelers) broke his right ankle.
Door Prize went to Roger Brittain (Shindig Wheelers).

Tuesday, November 8th at Liberty Off Road in Moses Lake at 7:30 PM


Winter Convention February 10 -13, 2012 in Vancouver, WA at Heathman Lodge, Region 3 is hosting.

Doug Conner (Roamin’ Chariots) made a motion seconded by Roger Brittain (Shindig Wheelers) to adjourn the meeting at 8:50 PM, motion passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sande Nettnin, Region 4
Sande Nettnin
PNW4WDA Secretary
Region 4 Secretary/Treasurer
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