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Default Eastern Washington Adventures Colockum Snow Run - Mar 3 2012

Spring Fever run at Colockum Pass
Report by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Colockum Pass Photo by kenny24 / Eastern Washington Adventures

On Saturday March 3rd, 2012 we met up at in Kittitas, Washington for the Eastern Washington Adventures Spring Fever Run.

Around 10 AM we headed out with twelve rigs and traveled a little over eight miles to the gravel part of Colockum Road and aired down. It was lightly raining and a little cold as we aired down.

On up the road not far into the trees we hit snow. The road was a little slick up to the DNR sign. Toward the top at the last switchback as the road straightens out, the snow got deep and soft real fast. I found out as I sunk and got pulled off to get stuck. Guido pulled me out for the first of many time on this run. A lot of us dropped more air. It was very cold since the wind was blowing. I dropped to 4 PSI and was able to break trail most of the rest of the day getting stuck in the powder drifts a long the way.

The snow wheeling was great on top until we past the power lines. The snow turn to powder and just got to soft. The kids got to run and play as we pulled our rigs out of the deep powder snow. Most of the group headed out around 3:30 PM. A few of us ran up the power lines until the road dropped into some deep snow. Mrs. AlwayswrenchN was kind enough to pull my rig back on top of the hill out of the deep stuff.

We decided to head back to Kittitas to meet everyone for dinner. Not to far from Colockum Road I lost my rear drive-line off the differential. The straps on the yoke were stretched and the caps fell out. Luck I had a spare so we had new caps to put on. Kenny24 volunteered to fit the rig. Everyone offer tools and things to help. Kenny24 was able to use zip-ties to take up space between the straps and caps. The trail fix worked well enough to get us back to in Kittitas.

Once we got back to, we dropped off the Tweety Jeep and headed to Curly's II for dinner with a lot of the group of the day.

This was a very fun day thanks to who came. What a great group to wheel with.

See full report with more photos at: Spring Fever run at Colockum Pass - Mar 3 2012

Clay Graham

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