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Default Eastern Washington Adventures Top Member Challenge - Jan 21st 2012

Eastern Washington Adventures 5th Annual "Top Member 4x4 Challenge"
Report by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Ahtanum State Forest Photo by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Every year we hold a fun snow run event for the dedicated members call the "Top Member Challenge". We find a good area to line up the 4x4 rigs and let them race to the finish line that is on top of a ridge somewhere. Deeper the snow the better challenge. This year the Top Member Challenge was held at the Ahtanum State Forest up Doe Pocket.

This year's Top Member 4x4 Challenge give-a-ways were:
The "Top Member" winner gets a Trophy from Eastern Washington Adventures and a EWA t-shirt from Eastern Washington Adventures.
The worse stuck gets a Recovery Strap from
1st person stuck gets a t-shirt from
All drivers participating in the 2011 EWA TM 4x4 Challenge get double the EWA discount from on any parts they break during the event.

This year's Top Member competitors were:
Blindpilot........TJ (33" Tires, F&R locked, Winch)
Foxracer........TJ (35" tires, F&R locked, Winch)
Jeepscum......TJ (33" Tires, R locked, Winch)
TJ40.............TJ (34" tires, F&R locked, Winch)
Havo.............Toyota pickup (35" Tires, F&R locked, Winch)
Craigen..........XJ (35" tires, R locked)
Guido was the judge and I "Ceg" was the director. CSR came to watch.

About the day of the event:

Around 10 AM Saturday January 21st, 2012 Eastern Washington Adventures members met up at the Tampico Church for the Top Member 4x4 Challenge. I rode with Foxracer in his Rubicon. Once everyone was at Tampico Church, we headed to Nasty Creek Corrals and aired down. We headed up Doe Pocket with Jeepscum leading the way. The roads were icy under the snow making it tough to make the hill climbs. At the Dual Climb everyone had to winch up. Two of the rigs decide to turn around to find other places to snow wheel. Once on top of the ridge it was a lot of fun.

The Top Member challenge started just past the cattle gate. We lined up the rigs and Guido gave the signal to start the challenge. It was a great race all the way to Jackass Road. Everyone was in first place and last place at one time or another. Foxracer got stuck twice and Jeepscum pulled him out. BlindPilot had to winch a few times to push through the deep snow. BlindPilot won the Top Member Challenge for 2012.

At Jackass Road we turned around and back tracked to Nasty Creek Corrals to air up. The views of the city lights were cool as we came down. A few of us met up in Yakima at The Rec Room for dinner and to talk about the fun we had this day.

See full report with 100 photos and 3 videos at: Eastern Washington Adventures Top Member 4x4 Challenge - Jan 21 2012

Clay Graham

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