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Default June 17th DNR Reiter update

June 17, 2010


· Making progress at Reiter Foothills Forest

· What’s next

· July 3 work party cancelled

· Get involved!

Making progress at Reiter Foothills Forest

Thanks again to all the hard-working volunteers who have helped make tremendous progress at Reiter. Find out more about what’s going on at Reiter on DNR’s blog at:

Also, we are moving to the design phase for the 4x4 trail system. We have flagged, on the ground, a rough location of the ATV trunk trail. We need some help from the motorbike community to locate their single-track trails.

We’ve started filling out the site-specific documents for the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review process for the ORV trail systems (4x4, ATV and single track). We’re also working with Snohomish County on the necessary permit applications.

On the non-motorized side of things: We are compiling the comments from the last focus group meeting and updating the concept maps for the non-motorized trails and hope to have them ready for the June 23 focus group meeting.

At the same time, DNR’s recreation programs have been in the thick of grant applications. We are applying for grants that will provide bridges connecting the non-motorized sub-areas. There’s still time to send your support letters to David Way; they are extremely important in the success of our grant application. More information about the grant applications is in our May 5 update.

What’s next?

This Sunday, June 20, we’re having our regular work party. Some of the things we’ll be working on:

· Repairing damaged fencing.

· Maintaining some of the restoration signage.

· Picking up garbage.

· Sprucing up the recently installed kiosk with some gravel.

· If we have time and GPS devices, we’ll continue motorized trail planning.

Work parties start at 9 a.m. and go until 3 p.m. or we run out of projects for the day. Meet at the Reiter gravel pit outside of Gold Bar.

The next two focus group meetings are scheduled for this Wednesday, June 23 and for July 28. For more information, contact Candace Johnson at 360-854-2803 or

July 3 work party cancelled

We’re canceling the July 3 work party due to the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Next work party is Sunday, July 18.

Get involved!

If you’re interested in helping at Reiter Foothills Forest, we can always use volunteers to help with restoration work and trail planning, construction, and maintenance projects. For more information, contact David Way, 360-854-2830 or

Candace Johnson

Assistant Region Manager, State Lands

Northwest Region
Washington State Department of Natural Resources

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