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Default March 10th, 2015 DNR Equipment Certification

Following is the invitation for the certification class to operate equipment on DNR land. If you want to operate equipment while volunteering to build trails in the Yacolt Burn - you will need this training.

* Please read all of the information contained within the invitation and be sure to bring required documentation with you.

RSVP is appreciated but not required - it just helps us to ensure that we will have enough training materials on hand for everyone who wants to be certified.

It is highly unlikely that this training will be offered again this year in Region 3 - if you want to operate equipment on DNR land while building trails - YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS TRAINING!

This certification will also serve as the "class room" portion of the chainsaw training - which will have to be followed up later with hands on training in the forest to be scheduled at a later date.

* * * * *

Task Hazard Analysis and Job Safety Analysis for Volunteer Equipment Operators:

Date: Tuesday - March 10th, 2015
This was originally scheduled for February 10th but had to be rescheduled to March 10th due to scheduling conflicts.

Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00pm

Place: Pied Piper Pizza - 12300 NE 4th Plain Blvd - Vancouver, WA

Who: Any volunteers that are willing to run equipment on DNR lands and have previous experience.


• Review of DNR policies and State WAC’s regarding equipment use.
• Hazard Review for the following equipment: Backhoe, Dozer, Dump Truck, Excavator, Mini Excavator, Tractor, Bobcat, ATV’s
• Chainsaw (class room portion only)
• Equipment inspection and operator approval requirements.

Volunteers will need to bring copies of certifications, signed statement of experience, and a list of equipment that you are willing to operate. See below for further info:

In order for a volunteer to count as “skilled labor” in terms of operating equipment for RCO, the following parameters must apply, per RCO manual #8 regarding grant reimbursements:

Establishing the Rate
Use an hourly rate not to exceed the standard (also referred to as unskilled) labor rate set by RCO, unless a higher rate is justified. A higher rate is justified when the volunteer is providing work for the project requiring an advanced skill level and has:
• Obtained a professional or technical certification in the activity
• Completed advanced training in the activity
• Made a living performing the activity, or
• Has extensive experience in the activity

For the purposes of claiming “extensive experience” in equipment operation, a minimum of 100 hours of operation on a single type of equipment will qualify.

Volunteers need to provide proof of skilled operator experience to us through one of the following means:
- Providing a copy of the professional/technical certification or proof of advanced training completion
- A statement explaining their (current or past) employment (including how many years in position) from the volunteer or their explanation of extensive experience- either document will need to be signed by the volunteer.
- Even without using these documents for grant match, these are what the DNR accepts as well in terms of volunteers operating equipment.

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