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Blown Beads Testing they lost it.

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Old 09-11-2009, 10:54 AM
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Actually I was impressed that Pokey addressed this problem . I did take the "we suck" as a jovial way to get peoples attention . And it did. I have always been interested in the racing . I really enjoyed the mud racing when they had it in Sunnyside. Witch brings me to my point . I would've never been involved at all with it . But my friend happened to work with someone that was putting the event on. The reason was because I didn't know about it or hear about it. I got lucky and heard about the event ,word of mouth. I do understand about the undertaking a public viewed event is . This takes alot of work that is usually only done by the same very few people that get burnt out easy. And I would think the answer to that problem is only to make it public once a year.I think that would be enough to spark interest for most. To advertise this on the net is simple . Write a who,what,when and were post then copy and paste it to every forum you are on. Then in the same post ask others to copy and paste it to the forums they are on. It wont take long and everyone will know about the event and the PNW4DA will soon stop taking the heat for being unknown.
I have always known that the PNW4WDA had put on some kind of jeep barrel racing but had never seen a race. Until this year I found some you tube vids of a couple of races. I would think that I would put these vids of racing and a couple vids of trail runs that the PNW4DA hosted right on the main website page. I also think that the Assoc. should advertise like any other business. Any way they can! Me personally I would try to use every advertising media possible .
BTW: it is easy to photograph a race .
I personally would like to see this assoc. grow. Using a 4x4 is a unique and social thing.And to have such a large group to do it with is awesome!

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