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Old 05-17-2016, 10:36 AM
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Default Liberty update

OPEN: Thank a VOLUNTEER! As of May 17th -

MANASTASH 4x4 TRAILS (no single track has been logged so they remain closed. Let me know if you want to go clear it - please send a personal message).

TANEUM SINGLE TRACK - OPEN 1326, 1377 and 1363 (Cle Elum Ridge, North Fork Taneum and Taneum Ridge) all open to 4 Corners. TURN AROUND AT SNOW LINE!!!! Entire Fishhook Flat trail 1378 is OPEN. South Fork will be logged out on Saturday. Throw in with our crew if you want to help.


FORTUNE CREEK (Mine to Market, Boulder, Gallagher and Van Epps) - CLOSED - SNOW.

TEANAWAY - CLOSED (snow, high water and NOT logged out).

Please send a personal message if you would like to clear trails NOT yet opened. Remember, you cannot be on closed trails without an administrative pass.

TO AVOID A HARD CLOSURE DATE in the future (of June 15th) DO NOT ride around trees (don't have a chainsaw? Limb and ramp and ride over! You should always have a handsaw riding out in the woods :-) Stop at the OBVIOUS SNOW LINE! If you are climbing, it will only get worse. Riding through the snow creates big trenches and trail erosion....

EDUCATE - if you are on this page, you are most likely a responsible user, so please take time to educate those who don't know the rules.

Thank you for everything! The ORV Crew and our Volunteers have been busting tail to get these trails open early for you!
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