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Default February 9, 2016 Region 4 Minutes

FEBRUARY 9, 2016

Region Director Earl Nettnin (Desert Rats) called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence for the sick and departed was observed. We were asked to remember Susan Dragoo wife of Alan Dragoo (Region 7) she passed away from a blood clot; a couple of old PNW members from the East side had passed away also. From Region 2, Fran Lovell wife of Mike Lovell (Bull Shifters) is hospitalized in CCU running a very high temperature; doctors are trying to figure out what's the cause.

Guests: We had some new people in attendance so Earl had everyone introduce themselves. We were happy to see a few members of the Midnite Mudders as they are in the process of re-joining the PNW. They are getting their paperwork together and soon will be ready to be accepted into membership.

Minutes: We had one correction to the January minutes; under the Wenatchee Mountain Masters club report their second delegate should have been Dustin Smith not Justin Smith. Ed Massey (Columbia Basin Sand Commandos) made a motion seconded by Skip Frans (Wenatchee Mountain Masters) that we accept the January minutes as corrected; motion carried.

Treasurer's Report was given by Sande Nettnin (Desert Rats); A written report was available for last year's funds. Sande gave an oral report; we have no outstanding bills at this time. Dave McMains (Hurtin' Units & Columbia Basin Sand Commandos) said he would be paying the Region's Incorporation fee and submitting a bill for that after he pays it. The fee is $10.00.

COMP Report - We hope to have a copy of the Competition events after Winter Convention. Summer Convention in August is still open. If you are having an event and need the PNW's Insurance get your application to Carol Jensen (Insurance Contact for the PNW) at Winter Convention.

Membership - We have a couple requests on how to form a club; paperwork has been sent to them. The Midnite Mudders are working on getting their paperwork in order. Justin Harris (Dog Pound Off-Road out of Region 2) had inquired about forming a club in Region 4 since he is now living in Selah which is in Region 4. After some discussion he may join as an Individual Member since he has not paid his 2016 dues to Dog Pound yet.

Club Power/We Did It Chairman Gary Harting (Desert Rats) had a written report. Gary reported the miles he had turned in to the Club Power/We Did It PNW Chairman Kathy Greenwood (Off Road Animals). The Naches Trail May 29 - 31, 2015 - bridge building, puncheon and new crossing total members & guest miles 3,342. Naches Trail repair puncheon July 7, 2015 members and guests total miles 250. Pick Up A Mountain September 18 - 20, 2015 members and guests total miles 10,549. We had some really nice totals. This shows just how serious our volunteers are. Gary said he had read in the December Board minutes that President Angie had been getting calls from members who were concerned if their reports had reached the PNW We Did It Chairman or not. She said the problem would be addressed to see how we might move this program forward in the coming year. We may have information on this at Winter Convention in February.

Jr. Jeepers Advisor Teia Ireland (Individual Member) was not present and did not have a written report.

Trail Jamboree guest participation sign up begins March 1, 2016 at 8 AM. This is our biggest money maker for the PNW. The event is July 6-10, 2016. There will be a meeting of the trail hosts at Winter Convention. Information on Trail Jamboree is on the Web site as well as in Tri-Power. We stage out of Jim Sprick Park in the community of Nile located between mile markers 103 & 104 on HWY 410 in Eastern WA. Lots of discussion followed on what Trail Jamboree is. Trail Jamboree is open to all 4X4 vehicles however, we have some width and length restrictions on some of the trails. This information is posted at the time you sign-up for the trail you want to run at Jamboree. Last year at Trail Jamboree Skip Frans presented information on US Amateur Ham Radios. There was lots of interest in the program and he hopes to do that again this year. Skip is currently putting on a 5 week amateur radio class in Wenatchee that started January 27. Skip said everything can be done on line to get your license; the cost is $14 and the license is good for ten years. Skip passed around one of his radios so everyone could see what they are like, they can be purchased on line from Amazon for $27.95. If you have questions you can contact Skip at 253-951-7036 or e-mail him at

Pick Up A Mountain (PUAM) Chairman Alicia Palachuk (Shindig Wheelers) was not present. PUAM this year will be September 16-18, 2016. The Columbia Basin Sand Commandos will be handling the Sunday breakfast again this year. Alicia will be putting out an appeal for help soon. However, if you or your club wants to help and you know what you want to do please contact her ASAP 509-697-4178.

PR - Jim Hall (Jeepin' Nomads) Our new PR person for Region 4 has just returned from a long vacation and is ready to take over. If you want to get information out to our alert list contact Jim and he will take care of it. Jim's phone numbers are home 509-697-8724; cell 509-969-9905 and his e-mail is Jim has also written a program for retrieving the information on our Trail Counters. If you are at Winter Convention you will get to see the results of the counters information.

Director Earl read a thank you note we received from Stephanie Margheim Department of Natural Resources (DNR) thanking us for our participation in the Ahtanum work parties last year. This is the first time we have ever received a thank you from DNR for helping on work parties.

Dave McMains reported that Pam Novitzky (Resource Assistant/Recreation Manager for the Cle Elum Ranger District will be asking for comments on the Swauk Pine Restoration soon. Mikki Douglass (Cle Elum Ranger District) is putting together a list of contacts for her so we should hear something soon. Dave said the new Jeep for the Cle Elum Ranger District is being ordered. This is being purchased with NOVA money and will become a part of the Cle Elum Ranger District, however it will not become a Forest Service Fleet vehicle; it is what they call a project vehicle so it can have a Forest Service License. No one but OHV officers are to drive it. Dave said the Cle Elum Ranger District is working on a program where if we need a piece of equipment on the weekend and no one is available to run it; they are putting together a short training program 4 to 6 hours so if we need a mini excavator or back hoe we will have someone qualified as a volunteer to use it.

Juniper Dunes - Doug Conner (Roamin' Chariots) reported it is getting a lot of use.

Ron Rutherford (Jeepin' Nomads) is attending a meeting tonight at the West Valley Fire Station in Yakima for all recreation users to discuss recreation issues with the DNR. Thank you Ron for attending this meeting and representing us.

Naches Collaborative working group has scheduled a meeting March 15, 2016 to discuss the difference between proposed action and revised proposed action. Things are not moving very quickly. Several on the committee still want to close roads, so we have our work cut out for us. We have spent a lot of time getting nowhere.

Blue Mountain Forest Plan Revision meetings are being held.

TWIG (Trails Wilderness Interest Group) report. Discussion on Title II Grants - NRTP & NOVA funds. Marge Hutchinson (Naches Ranger District) was putting in an application for an M & O (Maintenance & Operation) grant for Naches. They need to replace a temporary bridge over the Tieton River. The Travel Management Plan was sent to Portland and came back for changes. It looks like what's closed will remain closed and what's open will remain open. System roads probably will stay open and user built roads will be closed. The WATV program will come back with the Travel Management Plan. There will be an appreciation for volunteers at the next TWIG meeting March 5, 2016.

Grant applications for Non-highway and Off-road Vehicles Activities (NOVA) are due November 1, 2016. However, you are invited to attend an application Webinar on Wednesday February 17, 2016 beginning at 9:30 AM. To reserve your place go to or if you have trouble contact Cindy Gower at (360) 902-3013 for assistance.

The Nature Conservancy purchased 48,000 acres in the national forest and they have come up with a plan similar to Plum Creek; they plan to have a working forest. They plan to keep roads open and this was good news to us as part of our Naches Trail goes through that area.

Winter Convention is February 12-14, 2016 in Bend, Oregon. Gary Harting asked about clubs filing taxes with the IRS. If your club is listed as a subordinate club under the PNW you don't have to file taxes. Dave McMains said if your club has an EIN number you can be included under the umbrella of the PNW. You just need to get him that number, your club name, address and contact person. Dave also said if your club does not make $25,000 in profits you can be added. Dave said for some reason the IRS dropped several clubs from our umbrella and they couldn't tell him why; they only told him that they were fine. After Winter Convention Dave will write another letter asking for information from the IRS again, requesting they give him written information. Also, if your club just has a savings account it is not necessary to file income tax.

Desert Rats Gary Harting reported we had our after holidays party in January. We had election of officers, they stayed the same as last year. Our delegates are going to Winter Convention. We have a run to the Tucannon February 20-22. We have two new members Bradley Schwisow and Brian Harting.

Columbia Basin Sand Commandos Lee Creiglow reported that 5 were going to Winter Convention; Saturday April 23 will be their annual clean-up at the Moses Lake Sand Dunes, meet at 9 AM at the dumpster. A work party at Liberty would be May 21 through Memorial Day.

Roamin' Chariots Doug Conner reported they are looking forward to getting back in the mountains.

Hurtin' Units Dave McMains reported they are ready to get back in the mountains camping. They will be hosting the work party at Liberty May 2l through Memorial Day, if you want to come up and help you need to get your name to Dave so he can put you on the Forest Service list so you won't get a ticket for being on the trails prior to the opening of them to the public. You can't just go up there and not work and expect to run around on the trails as you want, you have to be working with the group. More information will be coming. They also voted in a new member at their Christmas party.

Wenatchee Mountain Masters Skip Frans reported last month they had a run to the Steps Area up by Whiskey **** in Kittitas the last weekend before it was closed; they saw a couple herd of over 100 Elk and a couple of smaller herds; it was a beautiful day; and they had nice lunch down on the Columbia River. They tried to come out by the windmill farm but ran into too much snow. A good time was had by all. They have one potential member.

Midnite Mudders John Linton reported some of their members had gone to Juniper Dunes and had some fun. This week end some are going to Moses Lake Sand Dunes, the Sand Scorpions are having a Sweetheart Run. They are getting ready for their April 9th Juniper Dunes Clean-up - more info will be coming. They are also partnering with Second Harvest and asking for canned food donations to be brought to the clean-up. They are working real hard to change their old ways.

Dog Pound Off-Road Justin Harris reported they had lots going on. They are planning to have a BBQ right after the Moonshiners Swap meet March 6th, Everyone is invited. They have several runs each month and they still want to get to Tillamock.

Skip Frans said there is an application for GPS that is available for $20 it's called GAIA. Skip said it's pretty good and you can put it on your cell phone.

PNW President Angie Marek sent an e-mail giving an update on sponsors. WARN signed up and sent $1000 for a Bronze level; Flex-a-Lite is returning their agreement we don't know the level yet, it will be either silver or gold; Northridge 4X4 have signed an agreement and sent a check for $2000 (they are not doing dinner at Trail Jamboree but will be doing some trail lunches); Bruce Titus Jeep have signed up as Platinum Sponsor for $2000 and $2500 for Trail Jamboree Sponsorship; and we are waiting to hear from 4-Wheel Parts. Angie said she has several others that she is waiting for confirmation on. Exciting things are happening.

John Linton said he thought it might be fun to have a Geocashing thing around the Northwest where the coordinates would be on line and you would have to go and find it and have your picture taken by it, keep track of it and one time during the year when everyone comes together you find out who found all of them.

Next Region 4 meeting dates will be:
March 8, 2016 Selah, WA - Magic's Pizza 309 South First 7:30 PM
April 12, 2016 E. Wenatchee, WA at Abby's Pizza, 702 Grant Road

February 12-14-2016 Winter Convention Bend, OR
March 5, 2016 PNW Board meeting
March 6, 2016 Moonshiner's swap meet at Puyallup Fair Grounds
March 10, 2016 4X4 Partner's meeting at Naches Ranger Station
April 9, 2016 clean up at Juniper Dunes hosted by the Midnite Mudders
April 23, 2016 Moses Lake Sand Dunes Cleanup hosted by the Columbia Basin Sand Commandos
May 21 - Memorial Day work party at Liberty hosted by the Hurtin' Units
June 4 & 5, 2016 Work Party - Naches Trail
June 24 & 25, 2016 Work Party - Puncheon Replace on Naches Trail
July 6-10, 2016 Trail Jamboree
September 10, 2016 Fall Delegates hosted by Region 2
September 17, 2016 Pick Up A Mountain
September 24 & 25, 2016 Work Party - Lilly Pond

Dave McMains made a motion seconded by Randy Hayes (Columbia Basin Sand Commandos) to adjourn; motion carried - meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Sande Nettnin, Region 4
Sande Nettnin
PNW4WDA Secretary
Region 4 Secretary/Treasurer
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