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Default Region 4 minutes September 12, 2017

September 12, 2017
East Wenatchee, WA

Director Earl Nettnin (Desert Rats) called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence for the sick and departed was observed.

GUEST: Josh Miner member of the new club Trail Seekers.

MINUTES: Dale Neuman (High Country Cruisers) made a motion seconded by Ed Massey (Columbia Basin Sand Commandos)) that we accept the minutes from August 8, 2017; motion carried.

TREASURER'S REPORT was given by Treasurer Sande Nettnin (Desert Rats), she said we have no out- standing bills at this time.

COMP: The t-shirts for Region 4's COMP Team were only $99. Summer Convention was August 18-20, 2017 in Camas Valley hosted by Ruff Country. Region 4 women took 2nd and the men broke.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: We have a new club in Wenatchee, WA. Trail Seekers have their paper work in order, but we haven't received it yet, we look forward to welcoming them to the region soon.

CLUB POWER/WE DID IT: Chairman Gary Harting (Desert Rats) was not present but he asked that we remind everyone to turn in paper work for their activities so he can submit it to the PNW Club Power/ We Did It Chairman.

JR. JEEPERS: If anyone is interested in taking this on, please contact Region Director Earl Nettnin.

PUAM (PICK UP A MOUNTAIN) CHAIRMAN Alicia Palachuk said everything is a go. Part of our system trails are closed due to fires but there is still enough trails and places to pick up.

PR Chairman Jim Hall (Jeepin' Nomads) is ready to send out information on activities, land matters, etc to our alert list. Please contact Jim if you need to have something sent out, his contact information is: Cell phone 509-969-9905; home phone 509-697-8724, email


Dale Neuman (High Country Cruisers) said fires are an issue, everyone is out fighting fires. We are concerned with how our trails will survive. Dale also said in the Liberty area trail 4W334 can be used on the 9712 Road as a loop even though the sign says closed.

Travel Management is progressing slowly. (Government speed)

Naches Collaborative (Little Crow) - We are highly disappointed with the lack of progress. We are four years into it and it was to be completed in two years. There has been nothing on the ground and won't be until 2018. Things keep cropping up, so we are way behind with his project. They were supposed to have a field trip but because of the fires it was canceled. They will have a working group meeting on October 12th from 4 - 8 PM the place is to be announced. When we get the word we will send it out.
Another thing that has cropped up is we have to look out for the size and the age of the trees, so the logging outfit has filed an objection because it affects their logging. Another hang up to be aware of.

Trail Management Partners - The Puncheon replacement on the Naches Pass Trail was July 15th & 16th, and completed; articles from the news paper and our Region PR Person are printed in Tri-Power. The work party to build a new burrito in the rabbit holes on the Naches Trail was done during the last week of July by contractor Chad Adkins and two volunteers on the Nature Conservancy land. The Lilly Pond project on the 618 trail will take place in September with Forest Service and Contractor with equipment. The bridge on the Naches Pass Trail near the 1913 road may be replaced in 2018 with a fiberglass bridge - planning in progress.

Ahtanum Short Cut - the one and a half miles of new trail is completed with the exception of the seasonal gate. DNR (Department of Natural Resources) want the gate to be 25 feet wide for the snow groomer to pass through without having raise his blade.

Trail Counters have been installed in six locations.

Juniper Dunes - work on the right of way for public access is in progress, we hope to see some dirt moving in September. In March we took BLM (Bureau of Land Management) out to scope out a problem that had been reported with motorized being in the wilderness area. April1st BLM brought down 90 bales of weed free certified straw bales which we placed under the fence where the wind had blown the sand away. We also put a snow fence on top of the dunes where the fence had been buried. We had a good turnout for the work party and BLM was happy. BLM wants to have more of a presence at Juniper Dunes.

The 696 Clover Springs Trail is now cleared of logging debris, and the 697 Glass Creek Trail needs to be put back to the original trail to eliminate the bulldozed section for a skid road.

No word yet as to when the equipment training will be held - everyone is fighting fires it's on hold for now.

National Public Lands Day - a work party will be held September 30, 2017 from 9 AM - 1 PM at Liberty's Williams Creek Campground hosted by BLM, and the Forest Service. Snacks and tools/supplies will be provided. For more info contact Diane Priebe or Rusty Gates (BLM) at 509 665-2131. Sande has asked our PR person Jim Hall to send this out.

Nominations were re-opened for the most inspirational person in Region 4. The following were nominated: Jim Hall, Alicia & Mike Palachuk and Ron Rutherford. Dale Neuman made a motion seconded by Lynn Kirk (Wenatchee Mountain Masters) to close the nominations; motion carried. A written ballot was taken and the results will be announced this weekend at Pick Up A Mountain.

Fall Delegates was canceled due to fires, smoke and road closures making it almost impossible to get there. Things that were to have been dealt with are pending and most can be handled by appointment of the PNW President the rest will be handled at Winter Convention in February. FYI our Washington State Executive Director Edward Campbell (Dog Pound Off Road) has resigned. Information on Winter Convention: February 9-11, 2018 in Stevenson, WA at Skamania Lodge, hosted by RPM Racing information can be found on the PNW's Web Site.

Les Thomas (Wenatchee Mountain Masters & Trail Seekers) asked where the Region 4 meeting in November was going to be since we have lost our place at the Fire Station in Moses Lake. We will meet at Time Out Pizza, 1095 Basin Street South West in Ephrata, WA at 7:30 PM Mark your calendar, the information has been posted on line on the calendar of events and will also be in Tri-Power on the Calendar of Events page. There will be a pizza buffet for those who would like something to eat.

Sande Nettnin reminded everyone that in November nominations for Region 4 officers will open. Please think about running for office.

Trail Seekers - Les Thomas reported they were getting their paper work in order and had a number of meetings and runs. On Saturday August 19th they ran the following trails at Liberty: 318, 319, 320, 323, and 337. They have others waiting to join their club as soon as they have been accepted into Region 4. Some will attend Offroad Expo September 23rd. They also plan to attend the Beverly Dunes cleanup in November.

Wenatchee Mountain Masters - Lynn Kirk reported things are pretty quiet, they are working on rigs trying to get them ready for Spring. Right now things are shut down because of the fires. A former Charter member of their club, Glenn England passed away, his service will be September 16th, he will be missed. Condolences to his family.

Columbia Basin Sand Commandos - Ed Massey reported they had canceled their planned trip to Saddle Mountain because of fire and smoke. They plan to attend PUAM and cook the Sunday breakfast.

High Country Cruisers - Dale Neuman reported they plan to go to PUAM and the Offroad Expo September 23 in Snohomish, WA. They are in charge of a course at Expo.

Desert Rats - Earl and Sande Nettnin reported they had canceled their last meeting due to sickness and smoke. They plan to attend PUAM and the Motorcycle Grand Prix race September 30 and October 1.

Sherry Dompier wife of Bobby Dompier (The Hurtin' Units) had a massive heart attack this week, prayers are going out for her as well as the family.

Earl and Sande Nettnin are enjoying spoiling their first great granddaughter.

Next two Region 4 meeting dates will be:
October 10, 2017 - Doug Conner's Shop 3300 Road 96 Pasco, WA 7:30 PM
November 14, 2017 - Time Out Pizza, 1095 Basin Street South West, Ephrata, WA 7:30 PM

September 15-17, 2017 PUAM Jim Sprick Park
September 23, 2017 NW Offroad Expo - Thomas Family Farms - Snohomish,
September 30 - October 1 - PNW event at Clatsop County Fairgrounds
October 21, 2017 Slab Cleanup (Clay Graham contact person)

Hearing no further business a motion was made to adjourn at 8:30 PM by Lynn Kirk, seconded by Ed Massey; motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sande Nettnin, Region 4
Sande Nettnin
PNW4WDA Secretary
Region 4 Secretary/Treasurer
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