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Default Region 4 minutes - October 9, 2018

East Wenatchee, WA
October 9, 2018

Director Earl Nettnin (Desert Rats) called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence for the sick and departed was observed.

GUESTS: Some members of the Trail Seekers and Wenatchee Mountain Masters were present.

MINUTES: Skip Frans (Trail Seekers) made a motion seconded by Ed Massey (Columbia Basin Sand Commandos) that we accept the minutes from September 11, 2018 in Selah, WA as printed; motion carried.

TREASURER'S REPORT was given by Treasurer Sande Nettnin (Desert Rats). We are waiting for the final bills
from Pick Up A Mountain. We received the bill for T-Shirts for the Race Team and it was only $50, for five shirts.

COMP REPORT: Race season is over now. There will be some COMP rule changes to vote on before Winter Convention, these will be printed in Tri-Power along with the ballot. Everyone with a COMP number can vote and send the ballot to Steve Zentner the PNW COMP Chairman by January 31st. 2019. You will find all this information in Tri-Power. No one attended the event at Ethel the end of September

MEMBERSHIP: nothing new at this time. However, please make sure that your person of contact listed on the Web Site is current and up to date.

CLUB POWER/WE DID IT: Chairman Gary Harting (Desert Rats) was not present but he sent an e-mail with some information on PUAM. Travel miles driven one way 7,024 contributed by 9 clubs, guest miles 951 and Individual Members 451 for a total of 8,426 miles. Gary said he would submit a more detailed report for our next meeting.

JR JEEPERS We still need a person to take this on. Mikki Douglass of the Cle Elum Ranger District is willing to help anyone who takes this on as she wants to get her Jr. Ranger program going again.

PICK UP A MOUNTAIN report – We had good weather and a good time was had by all who attended. Brad Schwisow (Desert Rats) hauled out an abandoned hard top that he put on top of his Jeep, and it fit pretty good; if you didn't know it, you would have thought he had rolled his Jeep. He also got a toilet seat (he has hauled out complete toilets as well as toilet seats three years in a row, and Diane Neuman (High Country Cruisers) said, he just knows where to go. Several others reported finding lots of broken glass in camping areas. We also had the opportunity to take Roy (the Education & Enforcment Guy for Naches) out on the clean up and he was impressed with what we are doing. Discussion followed about the dumpster and we are wondering if we could get a smaller one as we really didn't come close to filling it up. Next years PUAM is September 13-15, 2019.

PR - Jim Hall (Jeepin' Nomads) cell 509-969-9905 home 509-697-8724
If you want something sent out get it to Jim. He will also help you write articles.

Travel Management – nothing new to report.
Naches Collaborative – a field trip was held September 24, 2018 to review and take a first hand look at some road related actions and discuss the “why” behind some of the proposed actions. Ron Rutherford (Jeeping Nomads and Earl and Sande Nettnin (Desert Rats) attended along with about a dozen others. We also had the opportunity to see a working logging operation. The next Collaborative working group meeting was going to be November 7, but has been postponed.
HEM (Human Ecology Mapping) You were encouraged to participate in the Manastash Taneum Resilient Landscapes Community Forest Values Mapping Project on line and submit your survey responses by September 10, 2018. The only 4X4 trail we have is at Quartz Mountain, most of the trails are for motorcycles.
Trail Partners have put up signage in the Rim Rock area.
Blue Mountain Forest Plan – comment period is closed. There was a lot of unrest on the Oregon side of things as a lot of roads were closed and gates put up before the comment period was over.
Juniper Dunes – bids went out, the engineers said it was 2.6 million dollars to build it and they got a bid for 2.1 million. Construction is to start now. BLM contributed a million dollars and a million 6 from Western Federal Lands Highway Division covered the cost.
Swauk Pine – nothing new.
Milk Creek Re-route will be done before fire season.
Lilly Pond repair is supposed to have been started.
Taneum Restoration Project – nothing new
NOHVCC (National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council) had five meetings, four in Oregon and one in Washington. The one in Washington was at PUAM time, we did have a few Region 4 members attend. We understand none of the meetings were well attended.
Saddle Mountain work party – was not well attended either, we did have a few Region 4 members attend.
RCO Grant letters have been asked for. We wrote letters for DNR and Cle Elum, we did not receive any letter requests from the Naches Ranger District. Grant requests need to be turned in by November 1, 2018.
New Pacific Northwest Regional Forester for Region 6 covering Oregon and Washington is Glenn Casamassa, he comes from Colorado. His background is forest ecology and some logging.

Dale Neuman (High Country Cruisers) was voted the most inspirational in Region 4 and he was presented the trophy at PUAM.

Off-Road Expo – Everyone had a good time. Discussion followed on events that took place.

WOHVA will have their annual meeting as a teleconference meeting November 4 at 4 PM when we get the call in information we will have Jim Hall our PR person send it out.

Celebration of Life for Arlene Brooks was well attended. Almost all the PNW Board members attended as well as several PNW members, friends and family. She will be missed. Arlene had a sign that said “the ladder of success cannot be climbed with your hands in your pockets”. Her daughter Debbie said it will be donated to the PNW in memory of Arlene Brooks.

Trail Jamboree – Teresa Kosel (Spanaway Moonshiners) is the 2019 Chairman.

WA State Executive Director – President Angie Marek (Spanaway Moonshiners) has appointed Lisa Chissus, to be our WA State EXE. until Winter Convention. Lisa is a member of the Hombres. Lisa was the Owner and CEO of Flex-a-Lite; they have sold the business. Lisa accepted the job until Winter Convention when we can elect a permanent WA State Executive Director. Lisa's phone number is 253-733-8700 email

Winter Convention 2019 – packets were mailed out. Winter Convention will be February 8-10, 2019 hosted by the PNW Board at Quinault Beach Resort and Casino in Ocean Shores, WA.

Region 4 officers for 2019 – nominations will be opened at our November and January meetings. Voting will take place in January.

Trail Seekers – Skip Frans reported that a couple of them had tried to go to the Shoestring Bridge repair work party only he ended up being the one going. No pre-work had been done but they were able to get both bridges finished by 2:30 in the afternoon. Four or five dirt bikers came along and offered to help, so they worked two or three hours and were invited to the spaghetti feed following the bridge repair. Interesting story on the spaghetti feed, noodles were locked in a motor home and couldn't be accessed until everyone was back in camp. So some had spaghetti sauce on bread to start off. However, it was a great work party, and everyone got fed. Skip said last week Trail Seekers and Cascade 4X4's went to Fortune Creek out of Cle Elum and Van Epps Pass and found snow and ice. They have a new member Symon Ball who was with us tonight.
Wenatchee Mountain Masters – Lynn Kirk said nothing much was going on. They have been working on rigs.
They hope they have their membership problems taken care of.
Columbia Basin Sand Commandos – Ed and Char Massey said they had 100% of their membership attend PUAM. They are working on things and getting ready for their Christmas Party.
High Country Cruisers – Dale & Diane Neuman reported Dale is going out with the Forest Service on the 22nd of this month to check out the 339 trail at Liberty. They are helping with the Washington State Trails Coalition meeting October 25-27, 2018 in Wenatchee, WA. Dale is also going to participate in pumpkin carving under water, he always wins something at this.
Desert Rats - Earl and Sande Nettnin reported they had a meeting, several went to PUAM, some may help the Dust Dodgers with their motorcycle Grand Prix. We will participate in the Veteran's Day Parade in West Richland November 10 followed by lunch at Round Table Pizza in Richland. Some members are planning a trip to Moab and Rubicon.

If anyone is interested Earl was contacted by an individual who has a 1968 IH 1900 series 2 ton duley with 392 cubic inch engine – 4 speed for sale. If you want more information contact Matt Sollender at 509-366-9952.

For sale – 1951 Jeep Willy's (one owner, farm used) ruff shape but has a good windshield and frame and nice tale gate with power take off in the back. It needs lots and lots of work. He has been offered $500 for it, but he would like a little more. Earl had pictures he passed around. Contact Gary Stratton 509-539-3694 if interested.

Next two Region 4 meeting dates will be:
November 13, 2018 Doug Conner's shop 3300 Road 96 Pasco, WA
No December meeting

October 25-27, 2018 Washington State Trails Coalition in Wenatchee, WA
Representing the PNW Skip Frans, Dale & Diane Neuman, Carl Niebuhr and Nicole Phillips

Beverly Dunes clean up November 3rd. This is the last event of the year with DNR to earn a Discover Pass. Sign in at 9:30 AM. You can request a free day pass before the event. Flags are needed on all street legal vehicles. If you have questions or need directions contact Clay Graham at 509-698-4244.

Char Massey made a motion seconded by Diane Neuman that the meeting adjourn at 8:45 PM; motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sande Nettnin, Region 4
Sande Nettnin
PNW4WDA Secretary
Region 4 Secretary/Treasurer
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