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Default Region 3 Meeting minutes for April 2017

Region 3 Meeting
April 18, 2017
The April 18, 2017, Region 3 meeting was called to order by Region Director Marty
Tilford at 7:20 pm, followed by a moment of silence for the sick and departed. Our
sympathy to the family of Paula Levin who passed away. The meeting was held at 4
Wheel Parts in Portland, Oregon.

Following clubs were represented: 4 At A Time, Flat Broke and 4 Wheelin’, Hubs In 4
Wheelers, Mud a Rama, Mud Puppies, PNW Individual Members, Sand Fleas, and
Vancouver 4 Wheelers.

Tom Fisher moved to approve the minutes of the March 21st Region meeting. Seconded by
Rick. Motion passed.

Director’s report- Marty reported PNW Board of directors will have a teleconference on June 7th. The association donated 3 boxes of outdated ways and means items to Rob Stafford and Marty Tilford’s trip to Alaska. The event is called Alaska or Rust. With the PNW4WDA donating the items it made us a sponsor. Go to the website to see all the info about it. They will be having magazine coverage of the trip as well so this will give the PNW some great PR. As of now we have heard there are 4 to 5 PNW4WDA members going. A special thanks to the PNW President and PR Chairman and the BOD that authorized listing of PNW4WDA as a trip sponsor.

Vice president was absent.

Treasurer’s report was presented. Rick moved to accept the report. Seconded by Don and
motion passed. The region donates $50.00 to each club hosting an event for door prizes.
Earl moved to donate an additional $50 to sponsor games at the Sand Flea Rally. Tom
seconded and motion passed.

Competition Chairman—May 13 & 14 work party at the Ethel site. September 30 and
October 1 PNW4WDA Play Day at Astoria, Oregon Fairgrounds. There will be barrels,
obstacle and cross country. Don suggested a new idea for a fun course.

Oregon Land Matters-the Browns Camp Shooting Range is closed.

Washington Land Matters- Pick up the Burn May 6. The Yacolt trails open May 1st.

IAD/Club Power/Quill Power/We Did It-no projects to turn it. IAD discussion on going
about the virtual clubs.

Ways n Means has Trasharoo’s available for $50 each. Carol moved to donate a
Trasharoo to the Sand Fleas Rally. Seconded by Rick and motion passed.

PR chairman has posted the upcoming events on the website.

Old business-none.

New business-Fall Delegates Meeting September 9, 2017 at the Moose Lodge in

Still need a Chairman for Rose Festival. Contact Tom Fisher.

Club reports.
Flat Broke and 4-Wheelin’ are building hours for their poker run in October.
Hubs In, Mud A Rama, Sand Fleas, Our Gang Off Road and PNW Individual Members are working on the Sand Flea Rally.
Push n Pulls are getting ready for the races.
Two of the Vancouver 4 Wheelers members went to Moab.

Upcoming events:
April 29 Sand Flea Rally, Sand Lake, Oregon
May 6 Pick Up the Burn, Yacolt Burn, Jones Creek Trail Head
June 2-4 Team Trophy Challenge, Tillamook State Forest.
June 24 Pistons Wild Poker run, Tillamook State Forest

Next Region Meeting: Tuesday May 17, 2017 at 7;00pm at 4 Wheel Parts Wholesale
Carol Jensen
Marty Tilford
Region 3 Director of the PNW4WDA

Vancouver 4 Wheelers Vice President and Treasurer

Proud PNW4WDA member since birth (40 years)
2005 Dodge Ram 2500 tow rig
1946 CJ-2A trail Jeep
1946 CJ-2A race Jeep
Comp #3500
1976 CJ-5 Hunting Jeep/ Daily driver

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