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Old 01-24-2009, 08:51 AM
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03 Rubicon

Stock axle 36X13.5X17 bias Irok on Trail Ready 17X8.5" bead locks with 3.5" of back spacing, Tires aired up 76" (just enough to pass tech @ Team Trophy Challenge)
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Old 01-24-2009, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by zukkev View Post
36x12.5 TSL's on 15x8 standard offset wheel(3.75"BS); Samurai runnin Toyota axles---Front right at 72" bulge to bulge, rear is a touch narrower-but never bothered to run the tape...
****, never thought about it, but my width(72") is almost as much as my length (82")!!!!!

Ok Sick Chest cold and All you Sparked My Courosity, So I grabed the Tape and Sure enough

My Sammy with the Swamppers on, (I don't know the Back Spacing or rim size I bought them off a Members Jeep so I didn't ask) Mine it 67" Wide and 81 Long

The Wifes Sammy with Toyota axels is 72" wide and 81" Long Strange to hear that.

Shoot when the elbe restrictions came up I measured her S10 Blazer and it was 76" Hub to Hub (cause they stick out further than the tires) and 107 Long.. It have D44 front and D60 rear...
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Old 01-24-2009, 12:07 PM
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Here is what I have parked in the garage:

2000 TJ (belongs to the little lady)
74.5" outside of tire F/R
D30 F & D44 R
15x8 wheels w/3.5" BS
body is 59" wide
94" ish wheel base

1978 CJ7
74.5" F & 73" R
Narrow Track waggy D44's
15x8 wheels w/3.5" BS
body is 59" wide
94" ish wheel base

Orange Unit
80" F & 79.5" R
D60 F & 14bolt R
17x9 wheels w/6" BS (1" wheel spacers)
body is 53" wide
106" wheel base

The TJ is her daily driver. The CJ7 was replaced by the orange rig & now sits in my garage collecting dust. The orange rig is more capable & will keep the passengers safer in a roll.

I really think that the short, narrow body on my orange rig makes it easier to weave between the trees. The overall axle width has not been an issue.

I had previously posted this info on the old forum...there was some good discussion there:

Bryan Peterson | WOHVA | PNWJeep | Eldorado Dust Devils
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