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Default sept focus group meeting notes

ORV FOCUS GROUP MEETING September 12, 2013
Past Events – Recap Summer
- Bees! Lots of bees on the trails and at the campground (2nd or 3rd campsite at ORV campground)
Trail/Camp Issues
- Mainline mud hole bypass not being used
o Alders no longer there
o May need to put in T posts and signage
- Mainline bridge bumper rail off/needs attention
- Busy wild looking pretty good this summer
o Bridge needs to be scraped
o New logs placed on Easy wild at the last work party appear to have held up well during Labor Day Weekend
- Gotcha bridge has broken board
- All trails looked pretty good with the nice weather for Labor Day
Campground Planning Update
- Planning Grant
o Extension through March for campground
o Need to apply for new grants for development 2015
o November 20-25th Casey’s Birthday, needs camp reserved
Review Volunteer Match Commitments for Grants
- Grant volunteer commitments discussed
o 1 hour volunteer time = $14.00
o 2000 hours = $28,000
o July, 2013 – June, 2015
- Grant process and how “match” volunteer hours are used
- Equipment makes match hours too (personal tractors, etc.)
- Need 1000 hours July-June. We need 800 more hours before June.
Upcoming Work Parties
- “Outhouse” work party for September
o They want to work on building water diversions on Sunrise using logs and rock
o May bring personal tractor
o Nancy will try to have rock delivered, but already have small rock that could be used
- October 12th, “Military Jeepers” will be at work party
- This weekend 9AM @ ORV Trailhead – Approximately 20 workstations set up on Busy wild
Other Topics
- Member concerned about trail markers
o People not following specs for trails getting stuck
o Trail signs were discussed
 Trail specs posted/will check sign conditions
 “Recommendations” not “Requirements” for users
• Hard to enforce
- Next meeting scheduled November 7th, 2013
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Region 2 landmatters chairman
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