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Old 08-12-2009, 12:59 AM
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Default Piston's Wild Club Run - TSF 7-25-09

JULY 25, 2009 -- What a great day to be in the Tillamook State Forest.

Special thanks to our newest club member, Douglas (Wyldman) Seal for continuing to lead these runs and ensure that everyone has plenty of opportunities to go 4-wheeling. There is nothing worse than a 4x4 club that doesn't go wheeling...

Congratulations to Shane Nelson for winning the coveted "Cow Bell" for the day while attempting the Airplane entrance filter. I was certain that the cowbell would be mine that day. I think they are still debating the rules and trying to give it to me, but my Jeep was always able to move under it's own power - no straps, no cables...

Thank you to everyone for your patience with me on Saturday. I've been riding shotgun for a bunch of years and I'm a little rusty behind the wheel of the trail Jeep. I especially appologize for the 10+ minutes that it took me to get through the entrance filter for Airplane (my front locker was awaiting parts). Although at the point I should have given up (my 3 attempts) - the end was closer than going back.

I hope at least that everyone had a good giggle watching Kira and I struggle through that filter (I know Shane and Ryan were entertained). When I got to the point that the transmission placement had shifted about 6 inches and the clutch peddle was stuck to floor - I figured it was time to hand the Jeep back over to Darel. Found out later that I also busted a U-Joint / Axle on that entrance filter.

Darel would like to thank Rick for spotting my fender into the tree on the exit filter at Airplane - he's been wanting custom fenders for awhile and now he has a reason to get them! ha ha ha Don't rush to send me your complaints about damaging the tree - it had already been debarked 10 times over before I even got there...

Special thanks to our newest applicant member, Tracy Smith, for the ride up Airplane - I've always wanted a more extreme rock crawler and last night I saw Darel out on the internet searching for ideas --- maybe someday...

And thanks to our new applicants Winton & Maureen Johndal and Tracy Smith for the offering of parts and tools while Darel was working on the axle I busted. It is always such a pleasure to wheel with folks who are willing to help out on the trail.

I just love this picture of Maureen strolling through the Airplane filter like she's going to get groceries at Safeway. What a beautiful & well equipped Jeep - you made everything look easy! I was looking for an "extreme" picture to post - but in all 400+ pictures you never even spun a tire -- all I can say is -- just wow! Wait - haven't I seen that Jeep on the GenRight Offroad website?

Tracy (xtrmtj) Smith takes the "bestest" poser pics!

Tracy taking a run at 7-Up...

And always - thank you to Rick for your help on Friday (& Saturday). Your friendship means the world to us and we would miss out on alot of club runs if it wasn't for your help when Darel is working out of town. Slymmer is coming along nicely and it's always impressive to watch you take the smallest rig in the bunch and "just keep swimming" with the big dogs...

Thanks to Leonard (from Leonard's Off-Road) for joining us on Saturday.

It was fun watching you encourage Wyldman to "test" his Jeep. Also kudos to your shop in that although he couldn't crawl up all of those rock walls - the Jeep never complained or weakened in all of those crazy attempts.

This is my favorite picture from the day...

Since I'm fully vested now in my Acadamy Award thank you's - I wanted to thank this guy (whoever he was) for bringing the bug spray up on Waterfall. The biting flies were absolutely nasty up there that day!

One last thank you to Jon Halleaux for sticking with us on the caravan home. I was just too hard on "Old Yeller" that day and she asked for a ride home on the trailer. Thanks to Rick for taking good care of Slymmer throughout the day so Yeller could catch a ride.

Last but not least, thank you to my "sometimes grumpy" but always tolerant husband / spotter / mechanic. I know how much you love your Jeep and I'm sorry for breaking the axle and crunching the fender (yeah it was my fault too). If you can forgive me - you might get something really cool for your birthday...

Click here for a link to all of the pictures from the day:

Thanks again to everyone for coming out to play in the woods. We had a wonderful time and look forward to doing it again soon...

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Nice report and pics. Looks like a lot of fun.
Clay Graham

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