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Old 07-22-2009, 01:21 AM
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Default Piston's Wild Club Run - TSF 6-29-09

For folks who would like a "day in the life" look at some of what the Tillamook State Forest has to offer - here is a club run report from one of our new applicant members - Joey "Fivendime" - also attending this run, our newest club member, Doug "Wyldman", Charter member Dave "Hootie" and newest applicant Curtis " Projectman"

* * * * *

We started off the day by meeting at Lees Camp store to discuss a few details. This early in the day who would have thought the action would have happened before we got on the trail. There was a SUV with a couple motorcycles on a trailer waiting to turn on to Ben Smith Road, I looked over at Doug and said theres an accident. Rigs were starting to blast by us at 60 or so failing to see the stopped cars in front. There were a few rigs in the oncoming lane and a few on the shoulder at the end of the ordeal but no carnage. Plenty of excitement though. We then took a breath after watching the near misses and headed to the trails. It was Archers trails first for the day.

Here we are on Ben Smith Road.

We started at the Rock Garden part of Archers. It was no match for Doug or Dave's rigs since they had power steering. Curtis in the FJ-40 was running factory steering i.e. no power. I think he convinced his wife he needed it after that.

Then we headed off to Waterfall. The only rig for the day to run here was Doug. We decided on a nifty new line down that was at an angle. This made for some fun spotting and a few rock placements to keep it upright. We had fun, but his passenger front fender didn't, he zigged when he should have zagged, but he said no worries and pulled it out by hand. Its the same poor fender that took the beating before.

We then headed to Can Opener/Cork Screw, inside joke haha. Again Doug was the only runner for this trail. Headed up I rode with him, we took the right side and it climbed right up first try. I then jumped out and Curtis's wife jumped in for a ride. This time he took the left part of the trail, which in turn was a bit harder. He had to work at it a bit, using more throttle. I have a video of it which I will post down below with the rest of the videos.

I made a joke before we went up the first time about blowing a bead on the rock. I forgot to knock on wood, OOPS. On the second trip up, just as he was climbing over the rock he blew the bead partially off. I have a video of that as well. If you listen close you can hear the blow off and hissing noise. He didn't see me knocking on the tree I was standing next too as he passed me.

Doug at the top pumping his tire back up after the bead popped off.

Off to Rocky Uphill. This was a fun trail that I had never been on. I think it would be a challenge for my rig, so its a must for next trip. Doug and Dave's rig made it up just fine, but Curtis had to do some fancy driving to make it. Carburetors make things more challenging on steep hills and rocks as Curtis found out.

At the top of the hill Curtis discovered that his electric fan stopped working. Not too long after the hood opened the overflow bottles top popped off shooting coolant 4' in the air. Bum deal. So we decided to stop for lunch at that point and let it cool down. We found that a fuse was blown due to overheating of the system. He had some larger gauge wire so we hardwired the fan to get him running again. Burgers and dogs on the manifold were good. I will do that again for sure.

We then headed to 7-up to look at the steep section. Man is that thing steep. I am going to take xtrmtj there to see if he wants to run it.

We then headed for the one trail we all wanted to check out. Airplane Hill. As soon as we got there, we found a few Jeeps and Toyotas running it. None made it up except for the toyota/buggy. The others winched up. I was also told something that I thought was fine by one of there club members. NO MOVING ROCKS, is what the guy told me. YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT. I stepped back and thought to myself, huh I didn't know that and no one told me different. I though I was helping him out just in case he forgot or something. Later Doug reassured me that it was fine. Funny too since the rig that was broke could have been moved off the trail, but they insisted on fixing it while it was in the way. So Doug and I waited untill they fixed it and moved it off the trail. We then headed up like we knew what we were doing. First try we made it up while Doug spotted his side and I mine from our seats. We had to try 2 times up top but made it fine. There is a ton of loose rock at the top. The filters too I must say were challenging in there own. They are good ones, that are almost worse then the trail. Its a fun trail though, which will change daily if not hourly since its so loose. It will soon take 38's or larger tires and a winch most of the time I'm sure, unless you have a buggy.
I got some pictures of the others running it, but since I rode and everyone else went home by then I didn't get shots.

Again, the day was full of fun. We managed to run what we wanted with only a few glitches. A beautiful day weather wise as well. I'm glad I got to run some trails with Doug that I had never ran before. Thanks Doug for putting up with me that day and driving, haha.
Here are some videos of the day. They are short and simple.
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Nice run report and pictures.

That looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.
Clay Graham

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Looks like a great time was had! Thanks fer sharin'!
We just got back last week from Sand Lake, and ran up there on Thursday....I had a blast, although I didn't bring the Sami... I ended up riding with Jayson in our club... I think we hit all the same trails as you, with the exception of Airplane hill---I don't remember hitting that one... But was a great time nonetheless... Jakob in our club with his recently purchased Jeep managed to go up 7-up with only one short winch pull at the top step up the middle! Was amazed to see him do it...I think if he knew his new rig better he coulda made it up unassisted....I will get some pics up of our run there as soon as I can find them!!(wifey uploaded them, and got them in the wrong file somewhere!irtDOG
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