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Old 12-20-2009, 10:54 PM
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Default Oregon State Executive Director Elections

Our 50th Anniversary Winter Convention is coming up in February!! One of the items of business at the convention will be electing State Executive Directors for the coming year. For those of you who were not able to attend this year’s Fall Delegates’ Meeting, we want to let you know that Randy Drake has been nominated for the position of Oregon State Executive Director.

But first, you may be wondering just what it is that a State Executive Director is supposed to be doing. According to the PNW4WDA Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) the duties of State Executive Director are:

1. Assists the President as requested at PNW4WDA meetings and functions.
2. Presides over the State Caucus Meeting at PNW4WDA Delegates Meetings.

3. Presides over State Meeting, when directed by the State delegates to hold such meetings.

4. Appoints PNW4WDA members, coordinates and reports to the membership the activities of the State commissioned advisory committees. Note: While not all of these are specifically listed in the SOP’s, for Oregon these commissions may include:
a. Oregon Parks and Recreation Department All Terrain Vehicle Account Allocation Committee (ATV-AAC).
b. Pacific Northwest Recreation Advisory Committee (Forest Service and BLM).
c. Tillamook State Forest Recreation Advisory Committee.

5. Appoints PNW4WDA members to advisory committees, boards, etc. as the need and opportunity arises. These would be outside of the committees designated above.

6. Informs the Regional Directors and Regional Land Matter Chairman as the need arises. Coordinates conservation, ATV, ORV and Legislative matters in the State.

7. Submits a written report to Tri-Power monthly.

8. Makes contact with County, State and Federal officials to promote public relations and sport of four wheeling.

9. Works with President on PR activities within respective State when there is no appointed PR person.

10. Prepares and submits annual budget for said office to the Treasurer by November 15th.

11. Responsible for the Kathy Sterner Award as outlined in the SOP’s.

12. Attends all delegate and board meetings; if unable to attend, submits a report.

Many of you already know Randy, but for those who do not, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to him. Randy has been a member of the Deschutes County 4-Wheelers since 1976 and has been actively wheeling since 1962. You could find no other more responsible, more involved ‘wheeler around. Randy has been working for several decades to promote our sport both in Central Oregon and throughout the entire state.

We all know it takes many people to work for trails and no one person can do it all, however, it is because of Randy’s leadership that the Deschutes County 4-Wheelers will be constructing several hundreds of miles of Class II trails in the next couple of years. Nowhere else in the southern half of Oregon can this be said. No one else in the southern half of Oregon has produced the results that Randy has achieved. Randy’s leadership is responsible for changing the mindset of the Forest Service and BLM in Central Oregon to realize that Class II 4x4 users are indeed a responsible group of forest users and that we need adequate trails.

The Deschutes County 4-Wheelers club has become one of the largest clubs in Region 6. Because of the leadership of Randy, our club has seen an explosive growth in recent years with over 70 active individuals. He has spread the word of our club like no one else, has developed membership awareness like no one else, and has made this club a regional powerhouse. The forest service and BLM now consider our club as partners, as “go-to” people, as a critical user group, all because of the work that Randy has led.

Randy’s influence and leadership has not ended at the club level. He has been a leader within Region 6 for many years. Randy has been a previous Region 6 Director, is currently Vice Director and is also the Region 6 Land Matters Chairman. He has been the recipient of the PNW4WDA 110% Award numerous times.

Because of Randy, our region has implemented the land use system that the Washington PNW has enjoyed for years. We now have people who are responsible for land use issues within their own areas and who work with the other land use people to provide a clear and unified voice within Region 6. Because of the unity that is growing amongst the clubs in our region, it is no wonder that attendance and participation has doubled.

If elected as Oregon State Executive Director, you will see monthly reports concerning land matters affecting our sport. Updates on legislative issues will be presented as well as monthly updates form the Forest Service and BLM Travel Management activities. Regular updates concerning the projects presented to the ATV-AAC will be provided. It is his belief that the state of Oregon is but one large group of four-wheelers. This state needs someone who will attend meetings in both Region 6 and Region 3, working statewide to coordinate our regional land matters much like Arlene has done in Washington. This is way past due and all sides of the state needs to be heard. Hearing is not enough, however, as we need action on the ground and in the offices of BLM and Forest Service. With both sides of the state working together he will create updates on what is happening. This is only half of what is needed still. He will get people to take action that produce a positive sign posting that simply states Class II route, trail, way or road is permitted here.

With all the change that goes with the new travel management rules, it is critical that we stay informed and engaged. With Randy at the helm, our job will become much easier. In addition, you will also see regular updates and participation by our Executive Director on the racing side of our sport and I can assure you it will be straight. Please recommend Randy for Oregon State Executive Director when your delegates vote at Winter Convention.

Respectfully submitted,
Jon and Patti Pyland
Patti Pyland
Deschutes County 4-Wheelers
Oregon Executive Director Staff
PNW Forum Leader Team Member
Region 6 Delegate
Bend, Oregon
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Old 12-22-2009, 09:16 PM
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Moved your thread here where it will get more traffic.

There is a re-direct from annuals.
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Old 12-22-2009, 11:05 PM
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The Harney County High Desert Wheelers support Randy Drake whole heartedly and will be at the convention to caste our vote. Randy and Mona are founding members of HCHDWs and I count them as one of my close personal friends.
Harney County High Desert Wheelers, Steen Mountain Advisory Council and DC4W.
Rubicon LJ, supercharger and 35s
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