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Old 04-19-2010, 08:14 PM
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Default All Wheelers Top Member Challenge (April 17, 2010)

All Wheelers Off Road Club -
Spring Snow Run and 2010 Top Member Challenge
Saturday April 17, 2010

On Saturday April 17th, 2010 we meet up at the Nasty Creek Corrals to air down.

The convoy on top of the ridge.

We stopped to regroup after a snow covered hill climb.

On up the trail we found enough snow for our Top Member Challenge. The Top Member Challenge is a race up the mountain in the snow to an area picked by the director and judges. On this day the finish line was Jackass Road. Here they are lined up to race.

Left to right -
Jeepscum, Havo, BlindPilot, HavoJr and Colemancooler.

And they're off and wheelin'.

We followed a long beside the racers.

Jeepscum's Co-pilot helped the 4 cylinder TJ along by oaring. LOL

Rollerbear was the judge. Here he is watching Colemancooler tailing the pack.

Jeepscum goes to pass and now falls back into the last position.

After Jeepscum gets going he stopped a long the way to help HavoJr get unstuck. I moved on to make sure the front of the pack makes the turn toward Jackass Road.

Havo and BlindPilot battled it out the last stretch of the trail. At the very end BlindPilot took a wrong turn and Havo past him onto the finish.

BlindPilot passing on the Trophy.

Time for lunch and BS about the race.

After lunch we headed on toward Ewe Neck. Rollerbear and I had some fun up front and then gave it over to BlindPilot.

Ewe Neck was drifted over to bad to continue safely.

We turned around.

Heading back.

Guido waved me by and I launch it into the ditch.

Guido pulled me out and we were on our way down Jackass Road.

We took the low road and found it was off camber climbing back out. My rig being locked only in the rear wanted to crab walk this part so I backed down to let the Pro take over. Rollerbear made it look easy.

Us waiting at the bottom.

On up the climb we stopped to let Rollerbear's rig cool down.

Once we hit the North Fork pavement we headed on up the Mid Fork Road. We turned off on McLain Canyon Road.

Next we turn on Whites Ridge Loop. I stopped to let others break trail awhile so my rig could take a rest.

Turning up Whites Ridge Crest Trail.

Up on top I took the lead breaking trail again until I got stuck in this tree hole.

Test Dummy was behind me and found his track bar pretzelled.

Havo went around me.

Rollerbear pulled my XJ out backwards. As soon as he started pulling me, the front passenger door came opened since it wasn't latched. My co-pilot had open it when I was hooking up the tow strap. I yelled over the CB but was not heard in time to stop the door from being drug into the tree and folded into the front fender. Test Dummy was able to get the door straight enough to shut. Here are some pics of the damage a little while later.

It will buff out.

Here is my Co-pilot that didn't shut the door all the way.



Test Dummy and Craigen.

On up at the next hill climb things got fun. Here is Havo parked between two trees.

It was getting late so we headed back down. Here I fell into a big ditch and got stuck.

Craigen pulled me out. TJ40 took the last two pics since I could not get out of my rig. Thank you guys for hooking me up.

Thank you to everyone for pulling me out throughout the day.
This was a great run thanks to all that came.
Clay Graham

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Old 04-19-2010, 09:03 PM
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2010 Top Member Challenge video: The finish line was to the right at the end
of the clip which Havo took. Congrats Havo!
Clay Graham

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Looks like fun!
Rick Wiltfong
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