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Default Region 4 minutes, September 9, 2014


Director Earl Nettnin (Desert Rats) called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence for the sick and departed was observed. Earl asked that we remember the family of Lynn Hanson (Shindig Wheelers) who passed away in August. He will be missed by all.

Guest: Phil Fischer with the Wild Life Research helping out Teresa Lorenz a student at the University of Idaho - her dissertation is centered around the White Headed Woodpeckers. They are interesting birds they are tracking to see what the mortality rate for them is. They have tagged them and are tracking them by radio frequency. They are requesting our help in locating where the transmitters are found so they can see where these birds are located, each bird has a transmitter attached to them. They have found that their mortality rate is better than they were thinking. They thought since we are a 4X4 group we would be able to get to the high ridges and be able to tell them were the birds are nesting. These radio frequency waves pick up the signals so they would be able to get to the birds and change the batteries which seem to last about 200 hours or more. Anyone interested in helping them out please contact Teresa Lorenz at 509-731-5226 or Phil Fischer at 509-731-0211 and they will lend you the necessary equipment you will need along with instructions on how to operate it. The Pacific Northwest is where their habitat seems to be. They would like to have this completed this fall before the snow flies. There seemed to be some interest in helping on this project. Skip Frans (Wenatchee Mountain Masters) is an amateur radio operator and he requested the radio frequency numbers for the transmitters and thought he could help with this at Pick Up A Mountain. Phil will get him the numbers.

MINUTES: A motion was made by Ed Massey (Columbia Basin Sand Commandos) seconded by Don Andrews (Yakima Valley Timberwolves) that we accept the August minutes as printed; motion carried.

TREASURER'S REPORT was given by Sande Nettnin (Desert Rats). We have no outstanding bills.

COMP REPORT: Terry & Gloria Joralemon and Mike & Alicia Palachuk (Shindig Wheelers) attended Summer Convention; and had the usual racing problems. The Palachuk's attended the Overbored Race in Ethel August 30 - September 1, 2014. This was the last race for the season. A good time was had by all. Results from Summer Convention have not been posted yet.

MEMBERSHIP: nothing new to report.

PNW WEB SITE: nothing new to report.

CLUB POWER/WE DID IT: Chairman Gary Harting (Desert Rats) gave his report. Gary said he only received paper work from the Moses Lake Sand Dunes clean-up and the Liberty Trail Maintenance for him to turn into Kathy Greenwood (Off Road Animals) the PNW's Club Power/We Did It Chairman. This information is vital for our record keeping to prove the number of volunteers and hours worked.

JUNIOR JEEPERS: nothing new to report.

TRAIL JAMBOREE: a new chairman (Ed Weber with Cascade 4X4's) will be taking over. Earl read a letter we received from PNW President Angie Marek thanking us for our help at Trail Jamboree. He also read a letter we received from the Forest Service thanking us for inviting them to participate; they really enjoyed themselves and hoped to come again next year.

PICK UP A MOUNTAIN: Alicia Palachuk said camping will be $15 for the weekend. Alicia said do not go up to Jim Sprick Park on Thursday unless you want to pay $150 for the night. Campers will be allowed into the park anytime on Friday. Shirts can still be ordered until September 12th. Alicia said she had ordered some additional t-shirts so they will be available on a first come first served basis. The shirts will have a memorial to Lynn Hanson on the back of the t-shirts and the front of the sweatshirts. Randy Hayes (Columbia Basin Sand Commandos) will be running the Corn Shucking again this year. He is requesting prizes for the kids - Alicia said she has some. We have had 3 Jeep clubs and one private individual member donate money for the pulled pork. Things are coming along nicely and we hope to have a good turnout and nice weather. The corn has been ordered and door prizes are coming in.

PR: Clay Graham (Individual Member) is happy to send out information on any of your activities; just get him the information. He will also send info to Tri-Power if you want.

Clay Graham reported that he didn't think there had been any damage to the Naneum from the fires. He said the recreation plan for the Naneum may be out this fall and public meetings will be held. He said nothing seems to be happening right now.
Beverly Dunes clean-up will be November 8, 2014. Discover Pass is required and flags are required on all vehicles in the dunes. You can volunteer for the day to clean up the dunes without a Discover Pass, but if you are camping you will need to have one. Let Clay know if you just want to spend the day cleaning up so he can notify Mike Williams, Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that we have some people just wanting to help for the day.

Doug Conner (Roamin' Chariots) reported that there is still a fire closure in the Juniper Dunes - no camping or fires until the fire season is over, however, you can still drive just on the road. If you are thinking of going, check their web site to make sure things are open. Doug reminded everyone that there had been a public meeting on Juniper Dunes with the Federal Highway Administration, Bureau of Land Management and Franklin County to discuss the goals for the project and get public feedback, with the target date for completion of the new access road in 2016.

Ron Rutherford (Jeepin' Nomads) reported there will be a public meeting on the Ahtanum State Forest on September 25, 2014 at 6:30 PM at the West Valley Fire Station on Zier Road. Ron sits on this committee and reported that a discussion would be held regarding the Ahtanum State Forest Plan to try and inform everyone that this area is a multiple use area; another item on the agenda will be relocation of the Short Cut Trail now known as the McLaine Trail (this will be a benefit to us giving us a longer trail). Ron said the other part of the Ahtanum took a pretty hard hit from Mother Nature (heavy rain) - the area known as Blue Lake area is now known as Mud Lake; lots of the hill side has dropped down into the lake, this is Ahtanum Irrigation land not DNR land, lots of erosion problems. Ron also said erosion had started on the hillside where no vehicles had been. The Ahtanum clean-up July 26 went well. Clay Graham reported in the beginning of August his Cub Scouts had a chance to see the Darland Loop, the size of Blue Lake, and other things. Clay said his wife (Lisa) had rode all day in the Jeep with them and Friday night she had a heart attack. They didn't find out until Sunday night that it had happened. Lisa thought her back was hurting because she had slept in the back of their Suburban. Clay said his Cub Scouts also helped at the Ahtanum clean-up giving some more volunteer hours.
Ron had a meeting with Ross Huffman (Oak Creek Wildlife) to discuss some things that were to happen on some side skid road closures, rerouting etc. With fire season delays, and noxious weeds they didn't get everything taken care of this year. They have changed the name of the committee and downsized it from 20 to about a dozen and will now be called the Wildlife Advisory Committee. A project will be done on September 20th at Pick Up A Mountain over on the 1701 Road in the North Fork of the Wenas. You will have an opportunity to volunteer to help on this project.
Ron said this Friday, September 12th his club The Jeepin' Nomads have volunteered to take Jeff Leisy of the Forest Service on a run the full length of the Naches Trail. Last Friday, September 5th Ron, Earl and Doug took our new Resource Assistant for the Naches Ranger District, Bill Zimmer on a run on the upper end of the Naches trail to Government Meadows. Bill wanted to see more trails so they came back down Bull Run. We are awaiting the arrival of our new Ranger for the Naches District, her name is Kelly Lawrence, she comes from Oregon. We are looking forward to working with all the new people and hopeful that we can have a good working relationship with them.
A question was asked about the road in the Wenas that was to go around BBQ Flats - so far this has not happened. Ron did not make the spring meeting, neither did Clay, however, Clay got the minutes.
Milk Lake 1708 Road washout has not been completed, they have until Mid to late October. It was delayed because of fire season.

The Naches Collaborative group: Earl, Doug, & Ron are a part of this group and they spent a day in the woods with some very educated people with their Masters Degrees and listened to their input. Most of them had never been in the woods before so they are pretty green. They are studying the Little Naches Drainage and plan to present their findings to the Forest Service with recommendations in January of 2015. Another meeting is planned for sometime in October. Stay tuned for further details.

The flood repair project on the 3300 Road is finally underway.

Nominations were opened again for the 2015 Region 4 Competition Chairmen. Kevin and Terry Mohan were nominated at our last meeting. No additional names were submitted. A motion was made by Doug Conner, seconded by Ed Massey that we cast a unanimous ballot for Kevin and Terry to be Region 4 Competition Chairmen for 2015; motion carried.

Nominations were opened again for Region 4 most inspirational person. Ron Rutherford and Doug Conner were previously nominated. Gloria Joralemon was nominated for her work getting the Junior Jeepers organized. The delegates voted and the trophy will be presented at Pick Up A Mountain.

Fall Delegates is September 13, 2014 in Longview, WA hosted by Region 3 at the ILWU Hall, 617 14th Avenue in Longview, WA beginning at 9 AM.

We have added a new place for our meetings making it 4 locations now. Our next Region 4 meeting will be in East Wenatchee at Abby's Pizza, 702 Grant Road. Thanks to the Mountain Masters for getting us this place. Our November meeting will be back in Pasco at Doug Conner's Shop.

Looking ahead to November, be thinking about nominations for Region 4 officers for 2015.

Mountain Masters reported they have had several short runs. August 17 to Liberty-Beehive 9712; August 24 to the Colockum/Naneum Ridge; September 1 Old Blewett/Hole in the Rock 4W312; and September 7 Colockum/Tarpiscan. They plan to attend Pick Up A Mountain.

Yakima Valley Timberwolves have several planning to attend Pick Up A Mountain. For those not attending Fall Delegates you are invited to participate in the Naches Sportsman's Day Parade, meet at Slims Market at 8:30 AM.

Jeepin' Nomads had runs to the Kaner and Naches. A club run August 31 to the Rim Rock area doing Short & Dirty from the top to the bottom. This weekend they have a 3 day camp out Friday to Little Naches with the Forest Service, Saturday they will do the Kaner. They plan to attend Pick Up A Mountain.

Shindig Wheelers some attended Summer Convention. They had a club run Labor Day Weekend to Rim Rock. The highlight of the weekend was that Sid ran out of gas 3 times on the same run.

Roamin' Chariots went on the run taking Bill Zimmer of the Forest Service to Government Meadows with Ron Rutherford.

Columbia Basin Sand Commandos have gone to Liberty just about every other weekend. They have 5 families that are planning to attend Pick Up A Mountain.

Desert Rats on the 23rd of August 3 members went to St. John's to help launch Sprint Boats. Several families are going to Pick Up A Mountain and several will help the Dust Dodgers at their motorcycle Grand Prix race in Rim Rock Lake in October.

Individual member Clay Graham reported his group Eastern Washington Adventures camped at the Naneum State Forest, had some great adventures. They attended the 4th of July Parade. The end of June they had their 613 trail maintenance with lots of snow. They attended the Ahtanum Clean up in July. They took the new DNR Volunteer Specialist Stephanie Margheim with them on an all day run, she rode with Clay. Clay said someone had forgotten to put the green dots on the Sedge Ridge trail.
Clay also said when they ran the 613 trail he had a guy from the Cascadian's ride with him for 9 hours. The guy asked lots of questions and at the end of the day he was impressed with what we do on the trails. This fellow had seen the work party on the DNR's web site and he showed up to help. They turned in a lot of volunteer hours. Clay also said the historical site at the Jump Off look out has been vandalized.
Next weekend they are having their "go topless" run through the Wenas Wildlife area September 12 - 14, 2014. They also plan to attend Pick Up A Mountain.

A celebration of life for Lynn Hanson was held September 6th on Bedrock Lane in Naches.

We are hoping Michelle King of the Naches Forest Service will be back in November.

The plaque from B. F. Goodrich on the Naches trail has been stolen. This plaque was presented to us along with money to maintain this trail because it was voted one of the top 5 trails.

Next two Region meeting dates for Region 4 will be:
October 14, 2014 7:30 PM Abby's Pizza 702 Grant Road in East Wenatchee, WA
November 11, 2014, 7:30 PM Doug Conner's Shop - Pasco, WA

Fall Delegates in Longview, WA September 13, 2014 hosted by the Trailbreakers, Inc.- Region 3
Pick Up A Mountain September 19 - 21, 2014 stage at Jim Sprick Park

Meeting adjourned at 9:06 PM

Sande Nettnin, Secretary/Treasurer
Region 4
Sande Nettnin
PNW4WDA Secretary
Region 4 Secretary/Treasurer
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The plaque from B. F. Goodrich on the Naches trail has been stolen. This plaque was presented to us along with money to maintain this trail because it was voted one of the top 5 trails.

The statement above from the minutes is not true.

The plaque was ripped from it's post over 6 years ago. Sam with the Naches Ranger District returned it to me. There was discussion with the Region 4 Delegates about the sign. And with no other action as to what to do with it, the sign is screwed to the wall of my trailer alongside of the Giant Check from B.F. Goodrich. At that time the trailer was being used as the Ways and Means sale shack at Trail Jamboree.
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Thank you for the clarification. SN
Sande Nettnin
PNW4WDA Secretary
Region 4 Secretary/Treasurer
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