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Default Region 4 minutes October 14, 2014

Region 4 Minutes
October 14, 2014
East Wenatchee, WA

Director Earl Nettnin (Desert Rats) called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence for the sick and departed was observed. Earl asked that we remember the family of Marcella Larson who passed away September 20, 2014. Marcella was a member of the Lower Valley Canyon Crawlers. Since we had several members of the Wenatchee Mountain Masters present; Earl asked that we go around the room and introduce ourselves.

Minutes: The minutes from September 9, 2014 had one correction, we had reported that the BF Goodrich plaque on the Naches trail had been stolen. The plaque was presented to the PNW along with money to maintain the trail as it was voted one of the top 5 trails. Merrick Graves (High Country Cruisers) informed us that the plaque had fallen down and the Forest Service had given it to him, and he has it along with a copy of the check that was presented to the PNW. These items are on the wall in his enclosed trailer for safe keeping. A motion was made by Gary Harting (Desert Rats) seconded by Lynn Kirk (Wenatchee Mountain Masters) to accept the minutes as corrected, motion carried.

Treasurer's report was given by Treasurer Sande Nettnin (Desert Rats). Sande said she had received the last bill for Pick Up A Mountain today. She will have a complete report for our November meeting.

Competition: The season is over and a work party was held at Ethel to close up the site for the year.

Membership: Nothing new to report. The Mountain Masters are still trying to make contact with a person who expressed an interest in joining the PNW.

PNW Web Site: If you have any comments or ideas contact the PNW's Web Master.

Club Power/We Did It chairman Gary Harting said he has not received any paper work yet from Pick Up A Mountain or participation at Rim Rock.

Jr. Jeepers: Nothing new, however Gary Harting said he had a couple of his grandchildren with him at Pick Up A Mountain and his grandson Eli just drove his first complete trail.

Trail Jamboree: Ed Weber (Cascade 4X4's) is our new Trail Jamboree Chairman and we hope to have information soon on committees for next year. Hopefully at the December Board meeting Ed will have that information for us. Ron Rutherford (Jeepin' Nomads) said he had participated as one of the helpers and boy was it hot. Ron commented that some from the West side went home early because of the heat. Earl said that one of his grandsons, Brad Schwisow was our trail leader and he did an excellent job. Brad has been on those trails since he was a little guy in a car seat.

PR: Clay Graham (Independent Member) is doing a great job of getting information out. Thanks Clay.

Doug Conner (Roamin' Chariots) said the last word he had on Juniper Dunes was that as of October 9, 2014 BLM (Bureau of Land Management) had lifted their fire restrictions.

Dale Neuman (High Country Cruisers) was not present but wife Diane reported that Dale has been in contact with the Cle Elum Ranger District. The Yak Pak is still in Washington D. C. trying to get organized. Back ground checks have to be made on committee members and that takes about a year and they want to change members every year. Once again government speed.

Ron Rutherford reported that September 25th four of the original 12 members on the Ahtanum State Forest committee met with DNR (Department of National Resources) and some of their new managers. They talked about things they had helped put together on a recreation plan for the Ahtanum State Forest as to where things are going etc., however, this was not the vision they had put together so they had an opportunity to educate and correct some of those visions for the new folks. Basically the new management wanted to keep things separate and not have multiple use for everyone; after about an hour and a half they all were on the same page with multiple use. Seems they only have one map they are working with. Ron has about a dozen that he offered to share with them. It's a busy area. Another meeting will be in January to help guide the new folks. We have a new enforcement person in the Ahtanum, his name is Randy Ray, Ron is meeting with him next Wednesday to share some of our experiences that we have in the Ahtanum. Randy is from Alaska and he is a motorized person, he is looking forward to working with us and he supports the idea of the Forest Watch program we have going.

Naches District - we are working with Jeff Leisy (Forest Service) to try and get some trail maintenance projects going where we would bring in some equipment to do some repairs in the White Pass area. We are looking at the first week in November weather permitting. Jeff is looking forward to working with all users; one thing he asked Ron to share is that he would like to have a date in November where each club would have someone present to discuss trails, trail maintenance, and some of the requirements he is charged with to make trails usable. Ron and some of his club members took Jeff on a tour of the Naches Trail in September and every crossing of interest, every bridge that was broken and need of repair was documented; they also looked at ways to correct some of the problem areas. Jamie Tannich (Wenatchee Mountain Masters) asked if we were planning any work parties on the Naches Trail, answer yes, but not until next year; we still have to finish the one on the Kaner and after that work will start on the Naches Trail.

We have a new resource assistant Bill Zimmer who is very interested in motorized trails. Earl reported they had a very interesting meeting with him. Bill indicated that he will support all users, he does not support closures, he is looking forward to working with all volunteers.

We did our first project with Fish and Wild Life department; Ross Huffman is the manager of Oak Creek Wild Life. We did our first project with him at Pick Up A Mountain in the North Fork of the Wenas and completed the project in about five hours.

Earl reported we have had a good working relationship with personnel in the Naches District especially Michelle King. She took a temporary position in Arizona and was to be back in November, however, she was offered a permanent job at the Crescent National Forest in the Deschutes area and she will not be back. We will miss her.

TWIG (Trails, Wilderness Interest Group) report: At the November TWIG meeting we will get to meet the new Naches Ranger, her name is Kelly Lawrence and she is from Klamath Falls. She starts work October 20th. The Forest Service has trail counters on the Naches Trail, they reported that they had 47,000 vehicles on it from May to September and on the Kaner 1,374 vehicles. The 941 motorcycle trail had 841 vehicles. The PNW has four counters installed at various locations and two more will be installed in the Liberty area; we will be retrieving data from them sometime this fall. This way we will have our own way of tracking how much use is on the trails.

DNR (Department of Natural Resources) meeting September 24th was attended by Earl and Doug Conner. They met one on one with Brock Milliern (Recreation Manager) who wanted to know what kind of trail experience we want from DNR; what we wanted them to know about our recreational activity; how our recreation activity interacts with other recreation users; what are some strategies for meeting criteria for our preferred recreation activity and what could DNR do to increase volunteerism. They told him we want our trails open and when you check out a trail or make repairs take the users with you; have someone who knows something about trails. They had a little on Recreation trails policy. They are wanting to have public input partnerships; then to policy drafts and reviews, then SEPA reviews. SEPA is the States version of NEPA. Information will be passed on as we receive it.

Another thing we have going is the Little Naches Collaborative Group. Doug, Ron and Earl are on this committee. This group of people will give the Forest Service a recommendation on how to restore the whole Little Naches Water Shed; involving vegetation aquatics wildlife economics special uses & recreation. The final recommendation is to be done by January 2015 with a comment period following.
Ron commented that they have day meetings and while they are educational they are also stressful. Several members of the committee seem to be highly educated and each seem to have their own agenda. Discussion followed on various things of concern to the committee. However; one thing they all seemed to agree on was we need a healthy forest and the timber needs to be thinned.

Blue Ribbon Coalition sent information asking us to help save the Teanaway Forest. Last year the State purchased a huge piece of land in the headwaters of the Yakima Basin from a private timber company with the intent of creating the Teanaway Community Forest. The stated goals include preserving working forest lands and enhancing recreational opportunities. To help guide the State in implementing this plan a citizen advisory committee was formed. There are 20 members on the advisory committee, but the DNR allowed only one person to represent motorized recreation.
Deck is stacked against us so if ORV enthusiasts don't get more involved we will lose out on this excellent riding area opportunity.
The DNR has a legal requirement to allow multiple uses of the land when it does not compromise their trust management obligations. ORV use has historically proven to be one of the most compatible uses within working forests and as such should be prioritized accordingly.
ORV recreation is been proven example of a form of recreation compatible with working forests and has been taking place in this area for at least four decades.
Even prior this community forest legislation, the DNR has been directed by RCW79.10 to facilitate multi-use public access whenever it is compatible with their trust obligations.
The DNR is continuing to collect comments on how the Teanaway Forest should be managed.
You can help out by going to this website and adding your pro-ORV comments:
The next step is contact your State Senator and both of your State House of Representative members and let them know that ORV trails in the Teanaway Community Forest are important to you and an appropriate use of the public forest lands.
You can find your State Legislators by going to
For more information on how you can help save the Teanaway Forest and other ORV issues, go and See how you can join us in the battle to protect our right to recreate on public land.
Glass Angel logging project has started and it will close Clover Springs/Mud Springs trail for awhile and when it gets done Dry Creek will follow.
Jeff Leisy has made up a Naches Ranger District 4WD Motorized Trail Information Sheet. Jeff hopes to start doing this so records can be kept on what needs to be looked at and fixed with regard to trail maintenance. He hopes to present this to everyone at his meeting in November.
Swauk Pine Restoration comment period has closed, it seems to be stalled.
Naneum Ridge to Columbia River Recreation Planning comment period is open and it closes the end of this month. Our comments should be that we need more motorized recreation in this area. Donna Germain (Wenatchee Mountain Masters) said she belongs to an ATV club too and some of their members went to a meeting on this and they were told by DNR that they were wanting to open up a lot more area to us. She said they have another planning meeting at the Forest Service in Wenatchee on Monday October 27 from 11 AM to 3 PM.
Earl said we need to be watching for the following:
1. Forest Plan Revision for Okanogan/Wenatchee
2. Travel Management Plan

1. White Headed Wood Pecker - no report
2. Fall Delegates report - seems Oregon people were upset with the size of tires on their trails. Minutes have been posted in Tri-Power.
3. Most Inspirational in Region 4 went to Gloria Joralemon
4. Pick Up A Mountain - we had about 200 people, good weather, good food, everyone had a great time.
We had a couple of work parties that went on during the event.

Earl reminded everyone that nominations for Region 4 officers for 2015 will be open at our November meeting and again in January and voted at that time. Be thinking about how you can serve. Also if you are planning to have an event in 2015 that you need the PNW Insurance for, you will need to get that information to Carol Jensen our PNW Insurance person by the end of January 2015.

Desert Rats - our delegates attended Fall Delegates. We were well represented at Pick Up A Mountain. Some of our club helped the Dust Dodgers with their Motorcycle Grand Prix Race in Rim Rock lake. November 8 our club will participate in the Veteran's Day Parade in West Richland, WA.
High Country Cruisers - attended Pick Up A Mountain and had a great time.
Roamin' Chariots - have been camping with the Jeepin' Nomads and planning for next year.
Jeepin' Nomads - the second weekend in September camped at Kaner and took Jeff Leisy of the Forest Service with them. Some attended Pick Up A Mountain. They are getting ready for meetings & hunting.
Yakima Valley Timberwolves - attended Pick Up A Mountain and had a good time. They have done several trail clean-ups and helped with the race at Rim Rock Lake.
Wenatchee Mountain Masters - Several went to Pick Up A Mountain, and had a good time. One of their members lost his cell phone, (interesting story) some good Samaritans found it and it was returned. They had a run to the dunes. They have another run planned to Swauk Canyon the 25th of October and they plan to attend the Beverly Dunes clean-up November 8th.

A Memorial Service will be held for Marcella Larson on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at the Nile Valley Church, 20 Bedrock Lane, Naches, WA at 1:30 PM. Smith Funeral Home in Sunnyside is in charge of arrangements, they have an on-line guest book you can sign.
Jamie Tannish thanked everyone for coming to East Wenatchee for the Region meeting.

Beverly Dunes clean-up November 8, 2014
PNW Board meeting in Longview, WA December 6, 2014


Respectfully Submitted,

Sande Nettnin, Region 4
Sande Nettnin
PNW4WDA Secretary
Region 4 Secretary/Treasurer
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Originally Posted by raspberry View Post

TWIG (Trails, Wilderness Interest Group) report: At the November TWIG meeting we will get to meet the new Naches Ranger, her name is Kelly Lawrence and she is from Klamath Falls. She starts work October 20th. The Forest Service has trail counters on the Naches Trail, they reported that they had 47,000 vehicles on it from May to September and on the Kaner 1,374 vehicles. The 941 motorcycle trail had 841 vehicles. The PNW has four counters installed at various locations and two more will be installed in the Liberty area; we will be retrieving data from them sometime this fall. This way we will have our own way of tracking how much use is on the trails.
I would make the following correction to the above quote from the minutes. The Forest Service has counted 47,000 vehicles using the FS 1900 (Little Naches Road) not the Naches trail. To the best of my knowledge there are no FS counters currently on the Naches Trail (4W684).
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