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Old 09-13-2019, 07:08 AM
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Default Looking for a chair

I was told about kneeling chairs that they are much convenient and even make you more productive at work. I’ve never used it before. Any thoughts? Do they worth it? Do they help to avoid back pain? Where to buy such a chair?

Well, I’d like to leave feedback about kneeling chairs. It’s a new experience for me, maybe it’ll be useful for others. Honestly, I've never heard about it before but I took a shot. And you know, that was a good decision! Yeah, at first switching from sitting to kneeling was killing me. But soon after I'm feeling much better! So I don't need to make huge breaks being distracted by pain. Beforehand, I read lots of articles and blogs about this ergonomic furniture and if you'd be faced with the same issue, check out where I found my chair, I bought Sleekform that is quite adjustable. If you try it, share your opinion!

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