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Default January 2016 Focus Group Meeting

Last month there was a Bi-monthly Focus Group meeting for the Snoqualmie Ranger District. This includes the Greenwater-Enumclaw corridor and the Evans Creek ORV Park. Here are some quick notes from the meeting:

24 users and 3 FS employees in attendance

◾4x4 represented by Branden Bowie, Dean Detweiler, Tony Fox & Bryan Peterson from Eldorado Dust Devils. Derrick Clarke's son and a couple others from Rednecks & Rugrats. Mike Morgan from PNWJeep. Tom Niebauer from Pistons Wild Motorsports. Tim Sandberg & a couple others from Let's Wheel.
◾several snowmobile representatives....I only recognized Dan Johnson from Jet Chevrolet.
◾only 1 representative tonight from Back Country Horsemen of Washington
◾Forest Service represented by MJ Crandall, Mary Coughlin & Tyler Smith (new LEO)

Spent the first 30 minutes talking about snopark topics

◾Now that the snopark has been moved down the hill to where FS70 first takes off up the hill to the right, there have been several issues with non-OHV users:
-people walking up the road and sledding down to the closed gate create a hazard for snowmobiles trying to access the trails
-people shooting just past the bathroom are creating a hazard
-people parking in the snopark with out a snopark permit
-people parking so that users with truck/trailers are not able to get out
◾Mary indicated that they need better signage to help all users understand the rules
◾Several users at the meeting were encouraging the FS to issue tickets for non-compliance instead of just an attempt to change the behavior
◾One user asked about limbing up the trees on 28 mile road...with the heavy snow they were hitting the top of his truck/trailer

Saw Training Class and Equipment certification

◾MJ will host only 1 class near the end of April or early May
◾other classes are available across the state, but dates/locations were not known at this time
◾class will also cover proper drainage maintenance techniques, brushing standards
◾focus on safety, resource protection & then creating a fun that order

New Evan's Creek map

◾3 different versions of a new map were displayed on the wall
-------------one version had topographical info
-------------one version had topographical info with elevation contour lines

-------------one version just had trail info
◾users were asked to use pens to mark any corrections needed and to place a star on the version they preferred
◾the final version will be available in printed form with a link to an online copy using the Avenza software
◾there was discussion about showing the topographical data in grayscale vs green

Discussion around how to get users involved and spread information

◾I mentioned that the facebook group is up and available
◾I passed out slips of paper with the facebook group name & web address and encouraged all to sign up
◾One user mentioned getting multiple notifications for the same meeting. It was pointed out that the meetings were all for the different dates for meetings in 2016
◾MJ & Mary confirmed that they were not going to be joining the group at this time

Rock Ledge on the 519 4x4 trail at Evan's Creek

◾I asked MJ about this after the new plans other than to address drainage issues in the spring
◾The plan from Derrick and MJ for the ledge as of the previous meeting was to either fill with crushed rock or blast the ledge out completely. We are encouraging people to bring in other ideas of how to handle the situation. A work party will be held in the spring to deal with the ledge

A Facebook page has been created for this meeting and area to keep the general public informed. It is intended to get information to the users and to try and increase the number of people at the public meetings, clean ups, and work parties. So far we have over 500 members of the page.

Next meeting will be held on Monday March 14th, 2016 at 7pm at the DNR complex in Enumclaw.
Branden Bowie | WOHVA | PNW4WDA | Eldorado Dust Devils
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