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Old 01-26-2009, 04:52 PM
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Default All Wheelers Wenatchee/Leavenworth Event (1-24-09)

All Wheelers Off Road Club -
Wenatchee / Leavenworth Event
Jan 24th, 2009

On January 24th, 2009 was our 15th Wedding Anniversary and we planned to spend it in Leavenworth, Washington to get away from the normal every day life. Since we where going out that way, we called an event to get with our Wenatchee AWORC members. This was a four part event.

- The first part was a meet & greet around 1 PM at Wendys (1919 N. Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA.)
- The second part we convoyed from Wendys to Swakane road to wheel it. It was more of a back roads type 4x4 trail than hard core 4x4 type.
- The third part we went to dinner in Leavenworth around 6 PM at the King Ludwig restaurant.
- The forth part we went bar hopping.

Here is how the trip went for us with a few extra things along the way:

Friday night January 23rd, 2009 the weather man said no snow until Saturday night. On Saturday January 24th, 2009 we woke up to snow in Yakima. We left Yakima around 7 AM.

We were on I-82 Manastash Pass when we heard a pass report on the radio.
They reported Manastash Pass was bare and dry. That is when I took this picture.

We ran through snow almost to I-90.

Blewett Pass was as they reported.

Once we got to Leavenworth we went to the place Scuba was staying to make some plans on what we were doing before the Meet & Greet.
Scuba and his family stayed at the condo and my wife and I went to get a hotel.

We checked into the Obertal Inn.
Behind our hotel was the King Ludwig restaurant where we plan to have dinner at.

Around 11:30 we met up with Scuba for lunch.

We ate at the Munchen Haus.
I had the BIG “BOB” Bratwurst and a house beer.
The beer was great the brat wasn't as good as I had hoped.

Here we are at the Munchen Haus.

After lunch we headed to Wendys in Wenatchee to meet up with the other All Wheelers members and some of the CWO members.

A bunch other rigs showed up too.

After the short meet & Greet we convoyed to Swakane road.

We only had 4 AWORC rigs that came and a few CWO rigs.
We were not sure where the rest of the rigs came from.

Our group stopped off as the others went on.

Moving on up the trail.

The trail was iced over in a lot of places.

This climb was real bad. It took awhile to get the rigs up it.
This 4runner flew up the hill will little problems.

This truck had chains on front of it and walk right up.

I did not want to air down since we didn't plan to be on the trail that long.
When I gave the ice climb a try, I slid bad down real fast.

Bluechevy gave it ****.

He made it around the corner a few times but could not get pass another bad spot.

It was getting time to head to dinner in Leavenworth so our group came back down.





BlueChev's wife slipped walking down the hill.

ToyEvy & BigBoysToys

Ceg & 93YJCowboy21's rigs still at the bottom.

Outside King Ludwig Restaurant waiting for the others.

Toyzuki having reactions to the red cabbage. LOL

After dinner we moved down to the dance floor.
Here we are in front of Bob Otto's Polka Pals.

Scuba's kids had fun dancing to the music.

NotMatt stopped in.

The chicken dance.

The band stopped playing around 9 PM so it was time to move on.
Everyone parted ways.

We walked out and this is how things looked to my wife after the wine. Just kidding.

We hit most of the places to drink around town. This was the last place.

We woke up to a little snow.

We walked down town for an espresso.

Here is the place we had lunch on Saturday. The Munchen Haus.

We met Scuba and his family for breakfast at Tumwater Inn Restaurant & Lounge.
The breakfast was very good. Scuba and his family headed home from there.

We did some souvenir shopping.

Scuba said it cost him $25 to take a ride in one of these.

After a little shopping we headed back to Wenatchee to meet up with Toyzuki and BigBoyToys.

I think I saw this some where else before.

We stopped for a beer at Bob's Classic to wait for Toyzuki and BigBoyToys to get off work.

They meet us there and then headed to BigBoyToys house to see about buying his Sami for my wife.

We worked out a deal on the Sami and should have it on February 21st.

This was a great time thanks to everyone that came with us on our journey.

A special thanks to the people who came to eat at King Ludwig Restaurant with us.
Germany food isn't for everyone. We won't do that to you again.
Clay Graham

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