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Old 08-28-2012, 01:36 PM
Jon_in_da_couve Jon_in_da_couve is offline
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Exclamation MT Hood / La Dee Flats Trail Building this weekend

and every weekend till it's done... hopefully.

Work Party # 2

Hello Peoples - we are building trail and need your help! If you don't build this trail, who will?

This weekend we will be hosting our second work party in the MT Hood National Forest in an area called La Dee Flats. The trail we are building (the 800 Trail) will be approximately 2 miles long and is being designed to be a medium difficulty trail. This will be the first, legal class II trail in this new OHV area. We've been talking about this trail system for a couple years now, and it is good to finally be started building this trail.

The trail construction involves a new section of trail which winds through the forest that is approximately 2100' long, and the rest of the trail construction is done by ripping an old road and then converting it to trail. We held our first work party last weekend, and made some good progress, but there is still much work to be done. Our goal is to have this trail complete by Halloween if not sooner, anmd with your help we can meet that goal. How can you help? Glad you asked! Let me 'splain how you can help make this happen.

The easiest way to help is to donate to our trail fund. This trail fund is being used 100% for equipment fuel, maintenance and rental (if we need to rent... we are hoping we wont as that gets spendy). To donate to our trail fund, you can click on over to the following link and donate on line.

The next way to help is to donate in person. The we pay link above is awesome cause it's something that people can do on line and from the comfort of their chair. It does have some fee's we have to pay though, so the best way to donate money is in person. You can do this by showing up at our work parties (location listed below), or by stopping in at Good Guys Auto Care in Clackamas, asking for Tonka and giving him your money telling him it's for the La Dee trail project. He's one of the founders of my club, and will make sure the money gets to the trail. His shop is located in the Emmert Development business park off hwy 212/224 in Clackamas. Here's a map to his shop from I-205

The next way to help is to come out to the work party we are holding this weekend and put in some good old fashioned manual labor and sweat along with us. We will be working this weekend, both Saturday, Sunday, and yes... even on Monday. There's no rest for the wicked, and this trail needs to be built. We will be camping up on the trail, and would like to see you come out and help us make this happen. Here's a map to the location we will be at from Estacada.

We really need a Dozer with rippers, so if anyone has one, you would be my new best friend! We've been ripping the road with a small excavator, and while it's working, it's really slow going. A dozer with rippers could do it in 4-6 hours, if I have to do it with the excavator we have it will take... well heck, I am not sure how long, but let me put it this way. If I have to do it with the excavator I am not sure we will get it done by Halloween. Seriously, if anyone has a dozer with rippers we really need your help! We can help cover fuel cost. If anyone has another excavator, or a backhoe, or other equipment that can rip up an old road, we need your help!

For this project we will need the following;
- excavator
- dozer (if it has a ripper even better)
- backhoe
- equipment operators
- dump trailer
- dump truck
- saw (hand saw)
- safety gear (glasses, gloves, hard hat which I can supply)
- Lopers
- Shovel
- Pulaskis
- pick axe
- weed whacker (ribbon fed, not metal blade as the metal blade will spark when it hits the rock in the trail and could be a fire hazzard)
- metal rakes
- Tow Straps
- Chain
- clevis's (small clevis to work with the chains would be great for helping build a net out of to be used to move boulders on to the trail).
- snatch blocks, the more the better.
- Diesel fuel can's (full or not although full would be appreciated )
- Water both for drinking, cleaning, cooking and in the event of a fire.
- Fire extinguishers - per the fire ban which is currently in effect, all vehicles should have 1 gallon of water or a 2.5lbs extinguisher.
- 4x4 vehicles ideally with a winch, a working winch will be needed to help pull boulders, logs and other natural debris onto the sides of the trail to help anchor the trail.
- Wheel Barrow
- Manual Labor
- Patience
- Good attitude
- A strong work ethic - we will be working both Saturday and Sunday. Come to one, come to both, there will be work to do.

As listed above, we also need trail rigs to help run this trail, to compact the soil and define the trail as it weaves through the forest. These trail rigs should have a winch, we need that to pull logs and boulders into the trail to help anchor it and define the trail so people stay on the trail. This is a great way to help and also play a bit, and I am bummed that as much time as I have put into this trail I have not yet wheeled it. I've been driving a truck to get the excavator to the site, and am a bit jealous that I haven't been able to get my TJ on it. So far there has only been one rig on the trail. Who will be the second? Will it be you?

Folks - It's not often that new trail gets to be built. This is a very exciting time, and I am pumped to be part of helping make this happen. This trail is being built by volunteers from the 4x4 community. That being said though, we wont be able to do it ourselves, we do need your help! So come up and help, donate on line or in person, or even just help spread the word. If you don't help us build this trail, who will?

I'd like to take a second to thank the volunteers who have helped so far as well as those who have donated to our trail fund. I'd also like to thank Tread Lightly! for the stewardship grant. All of those $'s are going right into the trail.

Thanks for your time an I hope to see you on the trail! If anyone has any questions on the project, or how they can help, bump this thread or shoot me a PM.

Here's a few pics of what we have accomplished so far. The pictures really don't do justice to the work we have done so far. This trail is going to be pretty cool, and it's only just the beginning.
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Those Guys Off Road
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Old 09-04-2012, 10:50 AM
Jon_in_da_couve Jon_in_da_couve is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Vancouver, Wa
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Work Party # 2 was a success. We made some good progress, but there is still a lot of work to do!

We worked Friday night on the East entrance to the trail. We may have kind of screwed ourselves here by building the entrance before the rest of the trail was done, but we opted to do this to keep the non-wheelers out. Unfortunately the area we are building the trail in has been a popular location for trash dumping. We started the East entrance at the end of work party and I was very happy to see no trash on the trail when I showed up this weekend. It will be a bit of a pain to have to move equipment down the trail vs being able to off load from the truck right where we work, but having it be clean is worth the pain.

Saturday we focused on the middle section of the trail that winds through the forest. We had 10 rigs show up throughout the day to run the trail. This helped out greatly! We can shape the trail with equipment, but until a rig runs it it's hard to tell how different wheel bases, turning radius etc impact the trail. We learned a lot, made some changes, and while I farmed for rock, the team worked on lining the trail with logs and other slash to help guide people on the trail. The trail is not pretty well defined, and while the logs and slash will only keep the honest people on the trail, as we continue to add obstacles into the trail we are confident that staying on the trail will be more fun than straying off.

On Sunday we did more work on the trail. We found a natural rock garden (yep, they exist) and moved these boulders and basketball sized rocks on to the trail to build a rock crawl. We had three different rigs with us at that point, and at first it was to wide, then it was to easy, and finally we had it perfect. Just enough challenge and pucker factor for a medium built rig keeping us within the Trail Management Objective of a Medium difficulty (for class II) trail. In addition to the rock garden we also defined (and slightly hid) our access points for machinery that will be used for trail maintenance. This will enable us to get machinery to various sections of the trail during our build out, and also in the future for maintenance.

Monday I woke up with my back screaming, so we only worked a half day. Bouncing around in an excavator really takes it's toll it seems. We tore down our camp site, and then moved boulders up to the West entrance that will eventually be used for the filter. After driving the hauler out we tightened up the West entrance that OHV's will use, making it to difficult for a non-4x4 vehicle to use, and then mildly tank trapped the entrance we use for our equipment hauler. We dug an easy to fix berm and placed some root balls in it. This will keep non-OHV's out and will be easy to "fix" next week when we bring back in equipment.

Thanks again to everyone who came out this weekend! Having all those rigs out on Saturday helped us learn a lot, same thing with Sunday. I moved a lot of rock with the excavator on Sunday, but what was amazing was how much rock was moved and placed by hand to create that section. Truly some back breaking work that could not have been done without the volunteers. My hat (hard hat of course to comply with the PPE requirements), is off to those guys and gals. Ya'll are a amazing bunch of folks!

We still have a lot of work to do!!! We still really need a piece of equipment rippers. The road we are reclaiming for trail was built to handle 80k+ lbs log trucks. There is 18-24" of rock in these road beds that has been mixed with dirt and clay and compacted over the years. The result is that it is basically like Portland cement now. "Ripping" this with the little (but mighty) excavator we have will take forever. We had been hoping to find someone in the "community" that had one we could borrow for a day but so far have been unlucky. At this point we are probably going to have to rent one, an expense we had hoped to avoid but I doubt we can do that.

Like I said, there is still a lot of work to be done. We will be back out there for work party # 3 on Saturday 9/8 starting at no later than 9AM. Things we need help with.....
  • Dozer with rippers d4 or d5 size
  • excavator 8k plus in size, ideally with a thumb and 6 way blade
  • dump trailer - to move rock from an old road bed up to our filters
  • small trailers that can be hauled behind a 4x4 or quad.
  • manual labor :-)
  • Trail rigs to run the trail, ideally with winches to help haul rock and logs into the trail

We could also always use donations of diesel fuel or money for fuel / rentals. We have a few ways to donate. The first is to show up at one of our work parties and donate in person. We prefer this route as we don't have to pay any fee's, we can personally shake your hand, and you get to see first hand how your money will be spent.

The second way to donate is to donate online via our wepay (it's like pay pal) account. Simply click the following link and you can donate on line from the comfort of your easy chair.

Last, but not least, if you are in the Portland / Vancouver area and want to donate, let me know and we can meet up and you can donate in person.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated / volunteered to the trail. This trail is truly being built off the hard work and sweat of the community. It's coming along nicely, and while there is a lot of stuff to still do, We've also made a tremendous amount of project. If your in the area check it out! The first section is open and wheelable. It's our goal that as we work the trail we do it in a way that people can also run it. The feedback we receive is vital, not only for this trail, but also for the next set of trails we build.

Here's a couple pics from this weekends work party.

Those Guys Off Road
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Old 09-18-2012, 06:36 PM
Jon_in_da_couve Jon_in_da_couve is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Vancouver, Wa
Posts: 30

I've been failing on keeping the threads updated, but wanted to take a bit and update this one. We have been working the trail now for a month full of weekends and while the progress is slower than we'd like, it is moving forward. This trail while moderate in difficulty is turning out to be pretty dang fun. I finally got to wheel it this weekend and am pretty happy with what we have done so far.

Last weekend we managed to put in more rock obstacles, improve the rock garden we put in, convert more road to trail and add not one, but two hot tubs! Should be interesting when the rain comes. I hate to say it, but I am actually looking forward to the rain to see how it does. It should do fine, but there are a couple off camber spots we will be watching closely.

As most of you know, there is a fire restriction in effect and that has impacted our ability to work. Right now we are under an IFPL II, a hoot owl if you will. This means we can run equipment from 8PM to 1PM.... yes, 8PM to 1PM. It's a good thing we put lights on the excavator, and an even better thing that we have a group of night owls in the club.

Right now we are still under an IFPL II in our forest. This might change though so we are watching it closely.

For those of you in Portland tune in to 98.7 KUPL tonight to hear more about the trails!

BIG THANKS to KUPL, Tic Tak and Chaz with Grand Krawlers for making this happen!

Like our new Facebook page for more info on trail status
Those Guys Off Road
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Old 09-25-2012, 08:03 PM
Jon_in_da_couve Jon_in_da_couve is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Vancouver, Wa
Posts: 30

We continue to build trail, cause thats what we love to do. Here's some examples of last weeks work.

after watching my little TJ and the FJ40 crawl through the obstacles with no sweat we put back on our thinking caps and dug it out some more, moved some rock placed some more and beefed up the frame twister section. This is going to be a pretty sick section of trail.

Those Guys Off Road will be hosting a meeting tomorrow night at Round Table to discuss the trail build, the OHV system, and fund raising events. Our meetings are open to the public so come on down. The address is
4141 Northeast 122nd Avenue, Portland, OR

and heres a link to it on Google Map for you folks as well.

We are also back out on the trail this weekend making the epic happen. Come out and lend a hand, meet the crew, enjoy the show and run the trail. Things to bring this weekend....

Metal rake
Extinguisher or 1 gallon of water (not to mention water to drink, its hot and dusty on the trail)
Snatch blocks
Your rig with a winch
a sense of humor
a little more patience
a smile

We'll be out there all weekend starting Friday morning, so come up when you can, hang out while you can, and help us build some trail for all of us to enjoy!

Sad but true side note.... there is a fire ban in effect. If your thinking of camping, bring some extra clothes, it gets a bit chilly now at night, and no fires are currently allowed in the forest. Better to put on a sweatshirt, than burn down our new OHV trail.
Those Guys Off Road
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