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Old 01-08-2009, 06:07 PM
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Default Tire Carrier

This is the Tire Swing/Carrier I built for my 97 TJ
I started with a Warn rear bumper that I already had that came with an existing pivot pin.
This is my first welding project of any consequence and it shows, but it also works.
I built this and so can you.
I took most of my inspiration from BESRK (Ground Pounder) at JEEPFORUM.COM
His 38 page thread is well worth reading
Here are the sketches I came up with.

I used tape to lay out the form on the concrete floor and fitted all the pieces use the tape as a template.

After laying all the pieces out I tacked them together and then finished the welding on the welding table (which saved my back a lot of bending)

Here it is assembled and on the Jeep

The upper basket is removable and is normally stored in the garage, it slides into two receivers, one on either side and is held in by two 1/2" bolts with nylock nuts.

The tire mount is a aftermarket over-sized one that I bought to use prior to deciding to build the swing-arm carrier, the stock one that came on the jeep would work as well but I'm using it on my utility trailer.

The metal tab below the tire mount is for a back-up light.

Built to handle up to a 35" tire

The pivot point rides on the pivot post that came on the Warn bumper, it is 1.5" X 8" with 3.5" extending out of the bumper, it is welded into the bumper at the the top and the bottom of the bumper. It also is tapped to accept a threaded bolt.

The swing-arm rides on the pivot post using a 1/4" thick pipe with a 1.65" I.D., I went to the "Metals Supermarket tried out what they had to find snug fit.

The swing-arm is held onto the pivot post by a bracket that also adds support to reduce leverage induced stress to the Pivot post. The bracket is composed of four pieces that I cut individually then welded together.

Axle greese and nylon washers allow the swing-arm to move fairly easily.

Many builders us axle stubs off of cars or trailers along with wheel bearings to increase the ease of movement.

The bumper latch is a 341-r I purchased from cost approximately $31 plus shipping

The fuel can holders are designed for use with cans that have a lip around the bottom like the old military Gerry cans. The can fits over the raised edge which keeps it from sliding off of the cross member and cargo straps keep it in place.

I'm not entirely happy with my fuel can holders, they work but the current setup is limiting. Attaching the cans is a pain as you have to hold the can in place while routing the straps requiring the use of great dexterity or three hands.

I am considering adding support brackets so that I can use cans that don't have a rim around the bottom and have a base for them to sit upon while I route and tighten the restraining straps.

Here I added the back-up light and a spring loaded picot lock to lock the swing-arm in place while open when the Jeep is off-camber.

Finished look without the upper basket.

Jon KB
Too many hobbies not enough time or dollars
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Old 01-08-2009, 10:17 PM
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Looks good Jon and good to meet you at the Elbe focus meeting tonight
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Old 01-08-2009, 10:47 PM
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Right on. That is nice.
Clay Graham

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