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Default All Wheelers Quartz Mt Backroads run (11-7-09)

All Wheelers Off Road Club -
Quartz Mountain Backroads Run

November 7, 2009

On Saturday November 7th, 2009 we met up at the Ellensburg McDonalds for the run.
Around 10 AM started the convoy towards Quartz Mountain with 11 rigs.

Heading up Manastash road.

A few miles up the dirt road we ran into snow. We stopped to air down.

My ride.

Getting ready move up the road.

A few miles up the road we have to stop because two rigs had problems.
eburgwheeler's XJs Dana 30 was not working because of the disco. He turned around for home.
JDavis had a shock come loose on his Montero. He worked on it as the kids played.

Screamin out taking pics of the kids.

It wasn't long before we were on the road again. Here is passing Rider's Camp.

Passing Manastash Campground.

Passing Shoestring Trail Head and 4W311.

Here I watch Bronco-in-Training sliding sideways.

That was the start of the road being real icy.
Some hunters in a FS Chevy pickup were coming down the hill and not wanting to slow down for us to get by.
The last few rigs were off to the side to let him by. I was in the way and could move up the hill because I stopped in the ice.
I jumped out to air down and one of the old guy in the pickup walks over and ask where I thought I was going. I told him Quartz Mountain.
He told me that none of us had any business up their without chains. Then he tells me my rig should not be up there at all.
He went on nagging about me as I aired down. I did not say anything else to him because it would not have been very nice.
I was able to move a little better after letting air out but not enough to get started on the icy climb. Jerry got in front of me and pulled the Sami up the hill.

Here we stopped to air down more as the rest of the group climbed the hill.

Roller-Bear had to head back home. He stopped on the way down to say good bye.

By the sounds of it on the CB the Broncos had a hard time making the climb because of the ice.
My wife was not wanting to go up if it was real bad. She said we were in the wrong rig. I agreed.
ricky8587 and Blind-Pilot went for it as Jerry and us stayed back.
Once those guys made it without any problems and told us this on the radio, we headed up too.
It was slick and the Sami kicked out sideways twice on the way up. I was able to steer out of it both times without stopping.

Here is coming up to Quartz Mt. Campground.

I just about made it up on top of Quartz Mt. but the Sami started sliding backwards toward a drop off.
I stopped to let the wife calm her nerves and to take a picture of the snow blown on the trees.

Here is looking at the top and the area we slid down.

The wife said she was ready to get off this hill climb so we got turned around to head to a safer place.

On the way we found Bronco-in-Training and kids walking up the road.

Back at Quartz Mt. Campground to regroup.

The group of the day minus the two that left earlier.

Time to head down. Our Trail Boss "" leading the way.

We past a pickup that was going up. The group stopped for him but the guy told us he would wait there for us to pass.
We all pulled back on the road and headed down. Some how the two FS broncos got sideways in the road and Blind-Pilot ran his TJ into the side of one of them.
I believe everyone is alright. "" went back up to help as the rest of us found a safe place to get out of the road.

An Explorer was on the way up and we stopped them to tell them about the road being blocked on the climb.
He was turning around when a guy in a FJ Cruiser came flying around the corner. The FJ Cruiser slid to a stop a few feet from hitting the Explorer.
The FJ Cruiser backed up real fast and went back down the road.

"" winched the guys out and were coming down.

Then here comes this Black jacked up Chevy pickup coming down the mountain from the direction "" stuck group was.
The Chevy guy romped on the throttle as he came by the Explorer and the two guys that were out helping to get the Explorer turned around.
That was enough for us. We moved down the road to get away from getting hit.
We stopped at the Shoestring Trail Head. I drove my wife over to the outhouse.
It was closest to being a drive through I have ever seen. LOL

Waiting for the others.

Here is the damage from the accident.
Blind-Pilot's rig.

Bronco-in-training's rig.

After we all were regrouped we headed out.
We stopped at the pavement to air up for home.

This was a very fun run thanks to all who came. Sorry that some received carnage.
Clay Graham
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Old 11-08-2009, 10:11 PM
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Jeeze Clay it sounds like you went on a Demo-Derby instead of a Wheeling trip! Hope everyone is alright, metal and fiberglass can be fixed!
Dave McMains
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I see modified fenders in the future for Wrangler. Nic pictures Clay! As always.
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manastash, quartz mt

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