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Default Across the Ahtanum Run (Nov 17th, 2007)

Since I didn't not to get go wheelin' last weekend I didn't have a report. I am posting up this old report for fun and to remind everyone winter will be here soon!

Across the Ahtanum Run
Nov 17th, 2007

We had three rigs on this run, BenW, Test Dummy and 99 driving the Tweety Jeep. We headed up Cowiche Mill Road and then jumped up onto Hatton Road. The roads up there are rough but we waited for the rain to slow down to air down.

On up the trail it got foggy.

We only ran into a few areas that had a little snow. Up at Jumpoff Tower it was very cold. We had a little snow mixed in the rain.

We took Cowiche Mill Road back down.

We turned off Cowiche Mill Road and ran C1000 over to Nasty Creek and then ran up Doe Pocket.

99 climbing the rock area.

Test Dummy giving it ****.

Up on Jackass we started running into snow.

The snow drifts started getting deep at the log decks.

We waited for Test Dummy to air down.

99 stopped so I could get a picture of us crossing the Gray Road Trail.

99 enjoyed making new tracks in the snow.

On up Jackass the snow drifts were deeper and it was hard to see where the trail was because it was under the snow.

We stopped at Blue Slide Lookout.

It was getting dark so we headed down 4W615 toward Blue Lake. Now this part was a blast coming down with 99 driving where the trail was no where in sight. She had no idea what way to go so I was yelling, "go left, shaper, turn right, easy left, watch out for that tree" and so on. I am glad she listens good.

At Blue Lake on the upper trail above the lake the trail was off camber because of the snow. 99 slide off the trail sideways. I took over but could not get the XJ back up on the trail. BenW went for it and went sideways too. I dropped down to the lake and followed the shore and Test Dummy Followed. BenW started airing down more.

After airing down more BenW made it look easy going crossing that bad snow section above the lake.

99 took the driving back over and we headed out. She had to take a few runs at the hill with the stumps. She finely made it up without hitting anything.

This was 99's first time driving snow wheelin' and she did very well. This run was a lot longer and a lot more miles than planned but I think it was worth it. 99 has a lead foot so we moved a long pretty good all day. She is now ready for Baja racing.

Thanks BenW and Test Dummy for coming and making this a fun run. 99 and I had a blast.

BenW's said we did 71 miles of forest roads and trails that day without hitting pavement.
Clay Graham

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