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Default Region 3 Meeting minutes for March 2016

Region 3 Meeting
March 15, 2016

The March 15, 2016, Region 3 meeting was called to order by Region Director Marty Tilford at 7:06 pm, followed by a moment of silence for the sick and departed. The meeting was held at 4 Wheel Parts in Portland, Oregon.

Following clubs were represented: 4 At A Time, Dirt Minions, Flat Broke and 4 Wheelin’, Hubs In 4 Wheelers, Mud a Rama, Our Gang Off Road, Pistons Wild-Washington, PNW Individual Members, Push n Pull, Sand Fleas, Trailbreakers, Inc and Vancouver 4 Wheelers.

Gary Johnson, Sand Fleas moved to approve the minutes of the February meeting, seconded by Steve Gritman, 4 At A Time. Motion passed.

Officer reports:
Director: Marty reported on the PNW4WDA Board meeting held on March 5th in Fife. Bylaw changes to the PNW4WDA Constitution must be to the PNW4WDA secretary by June 15th to vote on at the Fall Delegate meeting. The McGrew Trail is closed to the public but open to Region 6 for 2 events—their Mother’s Day cleanup and Father’s Day Creek n Trail. Region 6 plans to file a law suit to keep the trail open. The NW Off Road Expo on September 24th is a Region 1 event. There will be no races in 2016 at the Spokane 7 Mile ORV Park this year. They are still working on the facility. Board discussed offering a first aid-CPR class for members-discussion will continue. Trail Jamboree has 104 registered, the width restrictions and trail descriptions have been updated. Ways and Means sold out of the black Trasharoo’s. They will be placing an order for more before Trail Jamboree. Scholarships were presented to 2 girls (Rose Myers, Eldorado Dust Devils and Darby Greenwood, Off Road Animals) and 2 boys (Nick O’Brien, Spanaway Moonshiners and Derek Solomon, Spanaway Moonshiners). BOD
approved a $500 donation to WOHVA to be presented at Trail Jamboree. Marty and Bryan Peterson and the webmaster will be working together to develop a mass email list. The Sand Fleas donated $500 to the legal fund.

The Vice-president was absent.

Secretary had no report.

Treasurer presented the financial report and noted that the Oregon Corporation dues have been paid. Rick Smith moved to accept the report, seconded by Greg Haigwood. Motion passed.

Competition report: The first playday for 2016 will be the Spanaway Moonshiners on Memorial weekend.

Oregon Land Matters: Kingsley Trail in Hood River will open mid-March. Browns camp will have small trail closures on the Powerline trail due to logging. There is a plan to reroute some sections of Powerline trail to more if off of the BPA access road. No closures at Nicolai and no closures at LaDee.
Greg asked that volunteer hours on projects be sent to him. He will send an email monthly to ask for the hours. He asked that Teresa and Kristin get the club contact information on the website.

Washington Land Matters: DNR had a work party Saturday March 12th and flagged the first section (c-14) of the new trails in the Yacolt Burn. May 1st is the opening date of the motorized trails. May 7th is the Pickup the Burn at the Jones Creek staging area with lunch at 2 pm.

IAD/Club Power: Nothing new on Club Power We Did It—just keep sending your project registration paperwork. Don reminded that the DVD “Public Land Advocacy Workshops Series DVD” is available from Marty.

Ways and Means: All black Trasharoo’s have sold – more on order. Teresa moved to give $50 to Dirt Minion so they could purchase a Trasharoo for a prize at the LaDee Cleanup. Seconded by Rick Smith. Motion passed.

Discussion on the Facebook issues. Brief review of the Oregon state meeting and some of the frustrations. All areas in the state should be open for discussion, members want trail information not so much political rhetoric at the state meeting. It takes volunteers—BE THE CHANGE—STEP UP OR SHUT UP.

Region banners to Dirt Minions and Sand Fleas for their upcoming events.
Old business: none.
New business: none.

Club reports:
4 At A Time—adopted a trail in the Tillamook.
Clark County 4 Wheelers –absent
Dirt Minions-planning LaDee Cleanup and buried trail counter.
Free Wheelers-had a meeting
Flat Broke and 4 Wheelin” invited all to meeting 1st Tuesday at Roundtable Pizza at 7 pm
Call Rick Smith for directions.
Hubs In-working on Trophy Challenge
Mud a Rama-working on finding a site and getting insurance
Mud Puppies-absent
Our Gang Off Road-absent
Pistons Wild-went on poker run
PNW Individual Members-Parking spot for anyone wanting to join PNW
Portland Mudder Chucker’s-absent
Push N Pulls-getting race rigs ready
Salem Jeep Club-absent
Sand Fleas-getting ready for Sand Lake Rally
Total Destruction Racing Team-absent
Trailbreakers Inc.-went to Moonshiners Swap Meet will celebrate anniversary next month
Trask Mountain Trail Runners-absent
Vancouver 4 Wheelers-went to Moonshiners Swap Meet.

Ticket drawing—no winner—pot moves up.

Meeting adjourned at 8:22 pm.
Upcoming events:
Trail Jamboree registration starts March 1st
April 9th LaDee Cleanup-Dirt Minions
April 16th Pistons Wild Cleanup
April 19th Region 3 Meeting at 4 Wheel Parts Wholesale.
April 30th Sand Flea Rally, Sand Lake, OR
May 1st Yacolt Burn trails open
May 7th Pick up the Burn clean-up Yacolt Burn, Jones Creek trailhead, WA
May 13th-25th Team Trophy challenge

Carol Jensen
Marty Tilford
Region 3 Director of the PNW4WDA

Vancouver 4 Wheelers Vice President and Treasurer

Proud PNW4WDA member since birth (40 years)
2005 Dodge Ram 2500 tow rig
1946 CJ-2A trail Jeep
1946 CJ-2A race Jeep
Comp #3500
1976 CJ-5 Hunting Jeep/ Daily driver

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