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Default August Region 3 Meeting Minutes

Region 3 Meeting
August 16, 2016

The August 16, 2016, Region 3 meeting was called to order by Region Director Marty Tilford at 7:06 pm, followed by a moment of silence for the sick and departed. The meeting was held at 4 Wheel Parts in Portland, Oregon.

Following clubs were represented: Dirt Minions, Flat Broke and 4 Wheelin’, Hubs In 4 Wheelers, Mud a Rama, Our Gang Off Road, Pistons Wild-Washington, PNW Individual Members, Push N Pulls, Sand Fleas, Trailbreakers and Vancouver 4 Wheelers.
Guest: Conner. He has a ’93 Jeep Cherokee and saw the sign when he visited 4 Wheel Parts.

Rick Smith moved to approve the July minutes. Seconded by Tom Fisher, Motion passed.

Region Director report: the WOHVA Meet and Greet was a success with a turnout of 275 people. The PNW4WDA donated a Trash a Roo. Marty explained WOHVA and PNW4WDA for the benefit of our guest. Rick Smith moved to pay the Region 3 dues of $100 to WOHVA. Seconded by Teresa Sullivan. Motion passed.

Vice-president Kristin Smith sent a report that the Sons of the Beaches paperwork is still forth coming. New club in Region 2 the Renegade Off Road.

The September Delegates Meeting will be hosted by Countyline Off roaders in Tumwater. Marty asked if the region was interested in hosting the September 2017 delegates meeting. Discussion followed about location and logistics. Marty will put in the bid at the meeting and details will be worked out if the bid is accepted.

Treasurer’s report was presented and approved with a motion by Rick Smith and seconded by Tom Fisher.

Comp Chairman Kyle Wiebold—summer Convention is this weekend (August 19-12) in Ethel. Help on the courses is needed especially s
Sunday for the Team Relay.

Oregon Land Matters: Greg Haigwood Browns Camp is open. Kingsley closed August 13th. LaDee 802 and Sidekick rerouted. Tillamook is still open. Happy Meal on the powerline reroute is scheduled.

Washington Land Matters: Pistons Wild is working on C14. DNR wants to hold up
trail construction. Work Party September 17-18 and is open to the public.

Trash a Roos are still available $50.

IAD report—Sending letters opposing National Monument designations in Utah.

Teresa would like some video showing what goes on at Summer Convention.

Operation Shore Patrol Camping is free at Driftwood RV Park in Long Beach. The Region Picnic will be held Saturday afternoon after the cleanup. Potluck with region providing oysters and main dish. Greg moved to donate a Trash a Roo to Operation Shore Patrol. Motion seconded and passed.

Club reports:
Dirt Minions had 110 registered vehicles at the Promontory Park Run. Raised $2000 for LaDee. The club meets 4th Tuesday at Roundtable Pizza on King road. Flat Broke is working on their October Poker run. Pistons Wild having work parties in the Burn, attended the LaDee event and the WOHVA Meet and Greet. Push n Pulls will be racing at Summer Convention. The Trailbreakers will be hosting Operation Shore Patrol.

Upcoming events:
September 3-5 Overbored Playday, Ethel, WA
September 10 Fall Delegates, Meeting hosted by Region 2
September 17 Operation Shore Patrol, Long Beach, WA
September 24 NW Off-road EXPO Thomas Valley Farm, Snohomish, WA
September 25th Woody’s Show and Shine –hosted by Pistons Wild
October 22 Flat Broke & 4 Wheelin Poker Run, Browns Camp, OR
Next Region Meeting: Tuesday September 20th at 7:00 pm at 4 Wheel Parts Wholesale

Carol Jensen
Marty Tilford
Region 3 Director of the PNW4WDA

Vancouver 4 Wheelers Vice President and Treasurer

Proud PNW4WDA member since birth (40 years)
2005 Dodge Ram 2500 tow rig
1946 CJ-2A trail Jeep
1946 CJ-2A race Jeep
Comp #3500
1976 CJ-5 Hunting Jeep/ Daily driver

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