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Default Eastern Washington Adventures 2011 Moses Lake Sand Dunes ORV Run

Moses Lake Sand Dunes ORV Run
Report by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Photo by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures.

On Friday September 23rd, 2011 Bubz and I headed to the Moses Lake Sand Dunes for the Eastern Washington Adventures ORV Run. We pulled in around 7:30 PM. Icesis (w/wife & Daughter), Sgt. MC (w/wife) and Guido were already there and had a good camp spot for our group. in the gravel pit.

Saturday morning St.Paulies showed up with his quad, Jeremy Lervold with his XJ and Jeremy Lervold's friend with his XJ. We all headed out to play on the dunes. Near the yellow Zone Guido's CJ7 stopped running. The guys in the XJ's tried to tow Guido's CJ7 back in. We headed back for lunch. Vince and his son were waiting for us back at camp. When we were gone, Compunerdy and his daughter had unload their RZR and was out looking for us. Everyone showed back up at camp shortly after we pulled in. The XJs could not tow Guido back so St.Paulies went home to get his Ford Thingy.

St.Paulies showed up with his Ford Thingy and headed out to pull Guido's CJ7 back. We headed out toward the Yellow Zone to play around the Pot Holes. We made it out to the flats and took a break. The two XJ showed up to run with us.

We headed on down the flats for some fast fun along the water. A ways down the flats Compunerdy some how rolled his RZR. They got the RZR back on it's wheels and then Vince broke down on Icesis' Raptor. The carbs came loose on the Raptor so they had to tow the Raptor back to camp with Sgt. Mc's RZR Icesis was driving. Once we got back to camp, we took a break and they worked on fixing the Raptor.

Guido and St.Paulies showed up to camp with Guido's CJ7. They could not pull Guido's CJ7 out of the Dunes with the Ford Thingy. They had to pull Guido's CJ7's fuel tank twice to get the CJ7 back to camp. Something to do with the fuel pick up tube. St.Paulies headed home to get ready for a wedding.

A few of us headed back out after the Raptor was fixed. We rode awhile then stopped to let the kids go swimming in Moses Lake. It was getting late so we head back to camp. Vince and son, Compunerdy and daughter all head out for home. We had a good barbeque dinner.

Sunday morning St.Paulies showed up. St.Paulies and Icesis (w/Bubz) rode quads I got to drive Sgt. Mc's RZR with Guido as my co-pilot. We played for an hour or so before heading back to camp to pack up for home.

This was a very fun run thanks to all who came.

See full report with 70 photos at: Moses Lake Sand Dune Run - Sept 2011

Clay Graham
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