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Default Tweety Jeep changes over time

Tweety Jeep changes over time

Mar 28th, 2006 - The day we picked up the XJ for Rattboy in Cle Elum.
The rig belong to Wildman's son.

Test Dummy doing a few repairs for Rattboy.

After a test drive we found out the thermostatic was bad.

We broke one of the thermostatic housing bolts. Waycrazy came over and tapped it out for us.

December 2006 the XJ was still at my place and needed some work. Bought the XJ from Rattboy for my wife.
My wife wanted me to paint the XJ Yellow and she named it "Tweety Jeep".

February we bought a 4.5 Rough Country lift kit from

Here is the Tweety Jeep at Ceg Ranch Saturday morning getting ready for a ride to Scuba's in Sunnyside.

Scuba Steve, Colemancooler, Hercules and Test Dummy were all there to work on 99's XJ.
Tiny showed for little while and helped put the front coils in.

Here are most of the parts for the 4.5 Rough Country lift kit we bought from Ron at

The stock coil next to the 4.5 lift coil.

The mud flap bolts wouldn't come off so Colemancooler used a better tool.

Someone say Jeep?

Hercules shows us the tire size difference.

The Tweety Jeep with the 4.5 Rough Country lift kit I got from and the 31X10.50 MT/Rs I bought from Scuba.

On Sunday we put a new rear main seal, oil pan gasket, oil filter and 6 quarts of oil in the rig.

As we were taking it out of the shop, oil started coming out of the oil pan at the tranny.
We pulled the oil pan off and found the gasket had moved. We clean it back up and added new RTV. Scuba said he would get the oil pan on this week.

Colemancooler started making a front winch bumper for the Tweety Jeep.
We used Test Dummy's XJ for some mounting measurements.

Here we got the Tweety Jeep home.

Looking better than it did when it left.

I got the bumper home that Colemancooler made and painted it.

February 14, 2007 we got the 12,000 lbs Mile Marker winch I got from put
onto the Colemancooler built bumper and then the bumper onto the XJ. Here is a picture the next day.
We still had to trim the front fenders and a few other small things.

Colemancooler came over to fit the tow bar to the bumper.

He was nice enough to cut the fenders for us too.

I had to use the drop hitch up side down.

Ready for the Slab run.

February 2007 -
I flat towed the Tweety Jeep to the Slab. This was it's first wheeling trip. Yeti rode with me.

Colemancooler and I were climbing a hill side by side when he started pointing at my front wheel.
The ball joint broke and ripped off the break line. We started down hill backwards. I got the rig stopped and got out to see this.

A long way to the bottom when your wheel is falling off.

Help from the All Wheelers members.

Test Dummy took me truck him and picked up the trailer and we took Tweety back home.

The Trail fix.

April 2007 - Ahtanum Snow run.

Watch that tree on the driver's side.

That tree takes out glass.

Trail fix.

June 1st, 2007-
99 and I started on the Tweety Jeep paint job.

June 2007 Carnage run. We had to use the winch to get up this part of 4W613.

By mid June 2007 we finished up the paint and added the Tweety Jeep decal on the rear hatch.

99's first time wheeling the Tweety Jeep by herself.

The end of June 2007 I rode a long with 99 on a Manastash Ridge run.

Early August 2007 we swapped the good parts off the Molly Mule onto the Tweety Jeep. Starting with the 3.73 axle assemblies.

Just before the fender trimming, tire rack and roof rack was done.

We had the parts swap done in just a few day and had it on the Shoe String run. Tweety with attitude.

June 2010 Scuba and Co-pilot helped me put in a cage.

Havo and Hank helped finish up the cage.

Here is what the Tweety Jeep looks like October 2010.

Clay Graham

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