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Default March 8, 2016 Region 4 Minutes

MARCH 8, 2016

Region Director Earl Nettnin (Desert Rats) called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence for the sick and departed was observed

Guests: We had some new people in attendance so Earl had everyone introduce themselves. We were happy to see a couple of the Midnite Mudders as they are in the process of re-joining the PNW. They are getting their paperwork together and soon will be ready to be accepted into membership.

Minutes. Ron Rutherford (Jeepin' Nomads) made a motion seconded by Ed Massey (Columbia Basin Sand Commandos) that we accept the February minutes as printed; motion carried.

Treasurer's Report was given by Sande Nettnin (Desert Rats); Sande said tonight she has given Alicia Palachuk (Pick Up A Mountain Chairman & Shindig Wheelers) seed money in the amount of $1000 for PUAM and a check to CPCA (Chinook Pass Community Association) for $150 to secure our camping dates for Jim Sprick Park for Pick Up a Mountain.

COMP Report - Steve Zentner (PNW COMP Chairman & Push & Pulls) has posted a copy of the Competition events on the PNW's Web Site. Summer Convention August 19 - 21, 2016 will be hosted by the COMP Committee. If you are having an event and need the PNW's Insurance and you didn't get your application to Carol Jensen (Insurance Contact for the PNW) at Winter Convention; contact her to see if she may have any spots left.

Membership - We have a club getting their paper work in order to join the PNW again. The Midnite Mudders were PNW members years ago and the new generation of them want to get the club active again. Hopefully we can vote them into Region 4 again real soon. Fees were paid tonight and paper work is being sent to the PNW Treasurer so he can make sure everything is in order.

Club Power/We Did It Chairman Gary Harting (Desert Rats) shared information from the Club Power/We Did It PNW Chairman Kathy Greenwood (Off Road Animals) report that was presented at Winter Convention. Gary said Kathy has spent many hours trying to get the information organized. Kathy put all the names of PNW members from the sign-in sheets from October 2013 through November 2015 into a drawing for three cash prizes. There were 29 projects and 739 names; $100 went to Denny Martin (Tacoma Web Footers); $75 went to Gary Harting and $50 went to Mark Jones (Shindig Wheelers). These events totaled 8,122 hours of work and 43,453 miles driven. Kathy provided Participant patches to all the guests on the sign-in sheets. Discussion followed on how to find some of the guests who had participated; sometimes we never see them again and don't know how to contact them. A suggestion was brought up and Gary will share it with Kathy, could we have the Participant patches and give them out at the event when guests sign in. Gary asked if anyone needed forms, see him after the meeting or you can download them from the PNW's Web Site.

Jr. Jeepers Advisor Teia Ireland (Individual Member) was not present but her husband Luke said right now there is nothing to report.

Trail Jamboree guest participation sign up began March 1, 2016 at 8 AM. As of yesterday we had 104 signed up; some spots are still available. Host registration begins March 19.

Pick Up A Mountain (PUAM) Chairman Alicia Palachuk (Shindig Wheelers) said PUAM this year will be September 16-18, 2016. The Columbia Basin Sand Commandos will be handling the Sunday breakfast again this year. She is working on changing the shirt logo and flyer. We always need volunteers so if you or your club want to help and you know what you want to do please contact her ASAP 509-697-4178. If you would like to help with the shirt logo and or the flyer please volunteer ASAP. We are going to make the flyer to include all users because we all use the trails, and we want everyone to come and help. It's a great time to get everyone working together as well as establishing friendships with other groups. No music will be allowed after 10:01 PM. If you want music to go on after that time it will cost you $1500 to get a special permit from the county. (It takes about a year to get this permit.) We need door prizes so please consider donating something from your club. We want to advertise PUAM as something for everyone, so please spread the word. It's not just for motorized, it's for all users.

PR - Jim Hall (Jeepin' Nomads) is ready to take over. If you want to get information out to our alert list contact Jim and he will take care of it. Jim's phone numbers are home 509-697-8724; cell 509-969-9905 and his e-mail is Jim is a man of many talents, he has also written a program for retrieving the information on our Trail Counters. Jim does most media things, i.e. Facebook etc.

Ron Rutherford (Jeepin' Nomads) said he had attended the DNR meeting a month ago at the West Valley Fire Station in Yakima; they thought maybe 25 or 30 people would be there but they had about 90 some people attend this meeting who were interested in recreation in the Ahtanum, Wenas and lower part of the Rattlesnake area. The Jackass Ridge trail was renamed the Mclaine Trail; funding was obtained and the work may be done in 2018. There is still plenty of snow in the Ahtanum to play on.

A question was asked about the closure on French's Canyon. This area is now owned and managed by Oak Creek. French's Canyon is out of Tieton; going up the canyon bottom in the old creek bed was heavily used last year by a lot of motorized, 4-wheelers,side by sides etc. There was a lot of snow and they were hill climbing through the sage brush etc, so we did a comprise - that area was getting closed but you could stay to the right out of the creek bottom and go up the ridge and on out. So just the bottom area is closed and being rehabbed.

Ron is on a committee representing recreation for the Naches Ranger District and is on the Steering Committee for the Little Naches Project and everyone is invited to attend the meeting Tuesday, March 15, 2016 from 10 AM - 2 PM but it might go to 3 PM. They will be talking about the project within the Little Naches called the Little Crow. If you want to know what's happening up there please plan to attend this meeting.

There will be a Trails Partners meeting Thursday, March 10, 2016 at the Naches Ranger Station starting at 6 PM. They will be going over all the projects that are scheduled on the Naches.

Swauk Pine Restoration - a meeting is planned for March 26, 2016 at the Liberty Fire Station at 1 PM. Information can be found on Facebook - Cle Elum Off Road Team Trails.

Looking ahead on the Little Crow Project within the Little Naches a meeting will be either May 18 or 19 to take public comments; time and place will be announced later.

Earl handed out copies of his Region 4 report and the WA State Executive Director's report at Winter Convention. Please read them over and learn a little more about what's going on.

Earl commented he had been on a Skype meeting with Congressman Dan Newhouse on January 8, 2016 that may have prompted Mr. Newhouse to submit an amendment to H.R.2406 stating that the Chief of the Forest Service shall publish a notice in the Federal Register for the closure of any public road on Forest System lands, along with a justification for the closure. This has passed the House and is on to the Senate.

Blue Mountain Forest Plan is still on-going. The Okanogan/Wenatchee Forest Plan has not started yet; this was supposed to have been done 15 years ago. Travel Management plan - ours is the last one without a plan; rumor has it that they may just go with what roads that are open now will be open, what's closed will be closed. The WATV program may come back with the Travel Management Plan. We just have to wait and see.

We received from Blue Ribbon the U.S. Forest Service is seeking public comments on the Draft Revised Forest Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Colville National Forest. The 90 day comment period ends May 19, 2016.

Grant applications for Non-highway and Off-road Vehicles Activities (NOVA) is due November 1, 2016.

If you know of any RTP (Recreational Trails Projects) that received funding; now is the time to nominate them for an outstanding trail project award. Deadline for this is April 4, 2016.

Department of National Resources (DNR) has published a list of volunteer work parties:
South Fork Ahtanum Clean Up April 16, 2016 from 9 AM - 3 PM; Wildfire Awareness Day & Campground Clean Up April 17, 2016 from 1 PM - 4 PM; BBQ Flats Work Party April 30, 2016 from 9 AM - 3 PM; 613 Trail Work Party June 25, 2016 from 9:30 AM - 4 PM; and Ahtanum State Forest ORV Trail Maintenance July 27-30, 2016 from 9:30 AM - 4 PM. Attending these activities; the hours count towards your Discover Pass.

A question was asked about the digging out of the pit at the Moses Lake Dunes. There may be quite a bit of Industrial truck traffic on that road into the dunes. Ed Massey will check it out and report back if there will be a problem in April for the Moses Lake Sand Dunes Clean-up.

Winter Convention was held in Bend, OR February12-14, 2016. Bend is a nice friendly town, Region 6 did a good job putting on convention, the food was good. Only bad thing was the hotel was remodeling and things were pretty spread out. We had a great presentation on our Trail Counters by Ron Rutherford. We had three guest speakers Bryan Peterson WOHVA; Sara Baughman COVOPS; and Joni Mogstad Blue Ribbon. New PNW officers for 2016 are: President Dan Morris (County Line Off Road); Region 1 Director Dave Taylor (Outdoor 4X4); Region 2 Director Brandon Marek (Outcast 4X4); Region 6 Director Rick Horner (Strawberry Hill Four Wheelers); and PR/Sponsorship Angie Marek (Spanaway Moonshiners).
Earl handed out his 110% awards to those who were not at Winter Convention, Skip Frans (Wenatchee Mountain Masters; Mike & Alicia Palachuk (Shindig Wheelers); Luke & Teia Ireland (Individual Members); Doug Conner (Roamin' Chariots) and special certificates of thanks went to Pam Remley (Shindig Wheelers); Jim Hall (Jeepin' Nomads); and Josh Wesselius (Yakima Ridgerunners).


Desert Rats - Gary Harting reported some members attended Winter Convention. Some went to the Moonshiners swap meet. Some are working on rigs and a camping trip to the Tucannon is coming up.

High Country Cruisers - Merrick Graves reported some attended the Moonshiners Swap meet. They plan to attend the Liberty clean-up and they have plans to do something on Clover Springs/Mud Springs.

Columbia Basin Sand Commandos - Ed Massey reported some went to Winter Convention. Some attended the Moonshiners swap meet. Saturday April 23 will be their annual clean-up at the Moses Lake Sand Dunes-meet at 9 AM at the dumpster. They plan to be at the work party at Liberty May 21 through Memorial Day.

Shindig Wheelers - Mike Palachuk reported they have had several runs. Some went to the Moonshiners Swap meet. They are working on their rigs. They have two new members and one candidate.

Jeepin' Nomads - Ron Rutherford reported some attended Winter Convention. Some went to the Moonshiners Swap meet. They have a new member and they now have 11 club members. They hope to go to Liberty for the work party in May.

Wenatchee Mountain Masters Skip Frans reported Lynn Kirk is their President. They have one potential member. They had some go to the Moses Lake Sand Dunes to play. They have been using their snow toys. They are working on their rigs. A bunch of them went to the Moonshiners Swap meet. Some will be at the Liberty clean-up. Skip taught a ham radio class and convinced one of their members to take the class.

Midnite Mudders John Thompson reported they are getting ready for this year. Some are hoping to make a showing at the Liberty work party as they have never done this. They are deep in plans for their Juniper Dunes clean-up April 9, however they will be out there all 3 days. Meet at the lower parking lot off Peterson Road at 7 AM. The Media will also be there. They are also partnering with Second Harvest and asking for canned food donations to be brought to the clean-up. They are working real hard to change their old ways. Some plan to go to the Mountain Mania near Chewelah April 22-24, 2016. They are looking forward to becoming PNW members.

Dog Pound Off-Road - Justin Harris reported they had lots going on.

Gleed Boyz - Shane Fuller reported he isn't doing much Jeeping because he has a daughter who raises animals and plays basketball. Shane said as far as the group goes they have been Jeepin' pretty much every weekend. Close to 30 of them spent 10 days at King of the Hammers. Chad will do some work for the Forest Service again. Shane is a new member on the WOHVA committee. WOHVA has a printed newspaper and some were available tonight. The next one probably will be out this fall,.

The Northwest Offroad Expo was well attended last year so they are having it again; save the date September 24, 2016, more information will be coming.

Next Region 4 meeting dates will be:
April 12, 2016 E. Wenatchee, WA at Abby's Pizza, 702 Grant Road 7:30 PM
May 10, 2016 Doug Conner's Shop 3300 Road 96, Pasco, WA 7:30 PM

March 10, 2016 4X4 Partner's meeting at Naches Ranger Station
March 15,2016 Naches Collaborative working group 10 AM - 2 PM @ Naches Ranger Station
April 9, 2016 Clean-up at Juniper Dunes contacts Midnite Mudders
April 23, 2016 Clean-up at Moses Lake Sand Dunes
May 21 - 30, 2016 - Liberty Work party More info to come
June 4 & 5, 2016 Work Party - Naches Trail
June 24 & 25, 2016 Work Party - Puncheon Replace on Naches Trail
July 6-10, 2016 Trail Jamboree
September 10, 2016 Fall Delegates hosted by Region 2
September 17, 2016 Pick Up A Mountain
September 24 & 25, 2016 Work Party - Lilly Pond
September 24, 2016 Northwest Offroad Expo - Snohomish, WA

Hearing no more business the meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sande Nettnin, Region 4
Sande Nettnin
PNW4WDA Secretary
Region 4 Secretary/Treasurer
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Thanks for posting these!
Bryan Peterson | WOHVA | PNWJeep | Eldorado Dust Devils
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