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Old 02-10-2010, 09:01 PM
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Default Meeting 2/10

Went to the White river focus group meeting last night and was suprised to see about 10 members from the seattle jeep club there. They were quite upset about the seasonal clousers being put into effect since they had not heard anything about it as the process went on for the last two years. On the upside of this conversation we were given the idea that the clousers may not be a completly done deal just yet. We can still write letters about it and maybeeeee get some slack in there. (address below) Jim Franzel who is the head ranger will be at the April 13th meeting to discuss these issues so if your not happy about the planned clousers then please write a letter and plan on attending the meeting. We mayyy just be able to prevent these to some extent but they NEED to hear from us loud and clear. As far as the rest of the plan. With the low snowfall this winter the work on the dayuse and entrance may be starting sooner this spring. This work will only be happening during the week so there may be some road closure issues during the week. Everything is supposed to be open on the weekends as normal. The FS has aquired funding for a dedicated trail crew at Evans this year and money for a small tractor. There will be a three person crew working there this summer as well as the two seasonals so things are looking good there. A big part of keeping these closuers at bay will be keeping the trails in good shape. This means more work partys and more diligence on keeping the water and mud from flowing down the trails. I know many people hate to see the "paving" of our trails but this is the reality of the situation. Parks like this used to be "under the radar" but with the advent of the internet things are being seen by whoever that were never seen before and its forcing the hand of the FS to enforce the rules and laws that govern them. If we want to play we better be paying attention.

Some other topics.
Night wheeling is legal at Evans
Ian, (FS leo) patrols until 3 am
Seasonal closuer Dec 15th - March 31st more ore less depending on snow.
Workparty planned for May 22nd-23rd
Deputy Dan is patroling on south hill of puyallup nowadays

Jim Franzel District Ranger
Mt Baker Snoqualmie Natl. Forest
42404 SE Northbend way
Northbend Wa. 98045
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