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Old 05-04-2010, 04:00 PM
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Default Beverly Dunes Clean-up Trip (April 30 - May 2, 2010)

Day 1

On April 30th, 2010 my family left Selah around 11:30 AM and convoyed to Beverly Dunes. It was 70 miles, a hour and 13 minute drive.

Once we set up camp we went and played in the sand.

Later that after noon we got a call from Havo on the CB saying to come fast, he was stuck off camber.

Here Havo is telling me to stop taking pictures and get him out of there. LOL

We used Guido's TJ to anchor the XJ's winch and was out with ease.

Later that night we took another run and Havo flopped his Toyota pickup.
Test Dummy pulled him back over.

Taken by Icesis

Taken by Icesis

Taken by Icesis

Taken by Icesis

Taken by Icesis

The next morning members helped pull the windshield so Havo could use the truck for the cleanup.

Beverly Dunes Clean-up
Hosted by the All Wheelers Off Road Club & ORV Trail Watch with cooperation from the DNR.
Saturday May 1st, 2010

On Saturday May 1st, 2010 we meet up at Beverly Dunes for the annual clean-up. Here is our camp and sign in area.

Grant County Sheriff’s Office ORV Deputy came out to support the clean-up efforts.

Out on the dunes the wind was bad.

My little boy looking for trash.

Jeepscum family.


Havo's group.


JKB family.




Roller Bear

HavoJr and JKB.


Crawl Dad


White Trash & Zach ogle.

Zach ogle rolled his rig due to the wind blowing sand where he could not see.

Un-Roll clip

After the clean-up was over we took a break from the wind.

A little later we headed out to play. Most of these pics are through the windshield since the sand was blowing.

Dennis stuck his quad. His friend tried to help him. I had to laugh. See pics!

Icesis and Jag came over to see what these guys were doing.

On my XJ I broke the yoke tab and the u-joint caps fell out.

Leaving my quad friend to limp back to camp.

Back in camp everyone was trying to get out of the wind.

Day 3

We packed up our camping gear from the Clean-up camping trip and headed out for a last ride.

Sparky's first hill climb in a rig clip

Back at camp the boys found a little Owl.

Just about ready to head out.

Test Dummy had to stop as we hit the road for some reason.

I got back to Selah about 5:40 PM and was beat.

This was a great weekend thanks to all who came. Thanks for all the help.

On this trip we logged 293 volunteer hours with the DNR for Beverly Dunes. 46 volunteers signed in for the clean-up.
Clay Graham

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