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- Wheeling reports and pics pics, pics, pics... Stories of the trail and race

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Old 07-27-2010, 12:48 PM
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Default Ahtanum Camp-out with Trail Work Runs (July 21-23, 2010)

All Wheelers Off Road Club & Yakima / Kittitas ORV Trail Watch Association -
Ahtanum Camp-out with Trail Work Runs
July 21-23, 2010

On Wednesday July 21st, 2110 we set up camp at the Sno-park. Woody, Test Dummy and I took a Quad/Bike ride with Greg from the DNR.

Here we are at the DNR Camp getting ready to go.

We took Jackass road on up. We stopped to regroup at the View Point overlooking Rimrock Lake.

We took 4W613 down Foundation Ridge stopping at the future work needed in a few areas. At the bottom we took Grey Rock Trail back up looking at some other areas that needed some work.

This bridge was tight for the big quads.

We took a trip up Sedge Ridge.

Here is Foxracer going up the Rocky Climb.


Here we were pulled off waiting for all to top the climb.

Heading on up the trail.

We stop for a short break.

On up the trail we stopped at the Cutus Hole Vista.

We head back around and then up to Darland Mountain.

Here we stopped at Blue Lake.

Back at camp others showed up.

Foxracer and HavoJr finished painting the Dome Peak Signs Phantom-309 made.

We headed up the North Fork and onto the Blue Lake Trail.

We moved two Green Dots post into their proper places.

Guido adding a fresh Green Dot.

On up around the corner we replace a Green Dot Marker that had been shot to pieces.

Next we replace a Green Dot Marker on the gate keeper hill climb.

Next we moved the next marker farther off the trail since people had ran it over.

Up at the Blue Lake Trail/4W615 intersection we moved the Forest Service marker into a safer place since it too was being hit. We added a new Green Dot Marker since the old one was broken.

Up at Blue Slide Lookout we stopped for a break.

Heading down FS1020/Jackass Rd. we stopped to replace the Green Dot Markers at the Short & Dirty trail intersection.

Turning off onto 4W613 we replaced the Green Dot marker.

Coming down the tight area of 4W613.

We stopped to unblock a trail drain.

Bubz wanted to help.

Down where Grey Rock meets 4W613 (Lower Meadow) we placed a new Green Dot Marker in a safer place.

Up at the Dome Peak turn off we put the trail signs Phantom made back up we took down to paint.

We stopped at Strobach Mountain Vista for a break.

At the 4W613/Strobach Trail intersection we placed two Green Dot Markers.

Down the Strobach Trail we replace another Green Dot Marker.

Here on the Strobach Trail we had to moved a tree since people had started a by-pass around it.

On down the trail we replace one more Green Dot Marker before heading back to the Sno-park.

These days were a lot of fun thanks to the people who came.

This ended the weekday runs. See Ahtanum Trails Clean-up for weekend reports.

A special thanks goes to Phantom309 at Helliesen Lumber for making the Dome Peak signs, thanks to DirtyBill for the sign paint, thanks to Havo for the new sign hardware and thanks to the volunteers for coming out to help.
Clay Graham

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