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Default Aug Meeting minuts

Region 2 Meeting
August 19th, 2010
4-Wheel Parts, Tacoma, WA

This regular meeting of the Region 2 of the Pacific Northwest 4-Wheel Drive Association was called to order at 7:35 pm by Region 2 Director Edward Campbell, followed by the flag salute and a moment of silence for the sick and departed.
Roll call was taken verbally and via the sign-in sheet. Our Guests tonight were from the White Knuckles Jeep Club from Region 1.
Secretary’s report – A motion was made by Bonnie Nettnin and seconded by Jim Smith to accept the secretary’s as reported. Motion Passed. Minutes should appear in next month’s Tri Power.
Treasurer’s report- Laura Jungmayer gave both a verbal and written report. A motion was made by Megan Myracle and seconded by Randy Jacobs to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. Motion Passed.
- It has been brought to our attention by Arlene Brooks that all non-profit clubs must file a 990N form with the IRS. It was our belief in the past that the clubs would be exempted under the PNW4WDA, but that assumption was wrong. If your club falls in this category, you will be further contacted by Bonnie or Ed.

We Did it/Club Power- Kathy Greenwood reported that she has turned in all the paperwork that she has received. If you host any work parties please get the paperwork to Kathy. If you need paper work for an upcoming work party please contact her at 253-863-9707.
Naches – Dave Bauman reported that the trail is open. There will be gates installed at the end of September at the bottom of the trail to try to stop the people who are using the trail during the closed season.
Evens Creek- Randy Jacobs reported for Derrick that not much has changed since last month. They would like to thank every one who showed up to the fun run last month.
Elbe Hills- Joe Wittig had nothing to report at this time. Please look forward to a work party sometime in October. September 18th and 19th will be a work party hosted by WOW.
Tahuya- No report.
Land Matters- Jim Puttman handed out maps of the Evens Creek area and the official Washington State Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Forrest. This is the map that you are to have in your vehicle to be using this land. There are currently very few available, because when they made the rules they did not print enough maps for people to use. Maps are available to be printed out online. A mistake on this version of the map is that the Naches trail is motorcycle only. The forest service has recognized this problem and will not issue tickets to 4x4 vehicles on the trail. A formal letter will be sent to the state Forest Service by Arlene and Jim to issue the mistakes on the map, and that in the next printing we are involved to help minimize the mistakes. NO CAMPFIRES IN THE NACHES AND THE CLE ELEM RANGER DISTRICTS. Not even in the fire pits. The EPA has ruled that silt and dirt cannot be getting into fish bearing streams from logging roads. We have not seen any resultant issues at this point, but we can see that it may be a problem in the future.

OHV Watch- Megan Myracle reported that WOHVA is writing a support letter for Cadillac Ranch. They have a neighbor that has been giving them problems. They are awaiting a court date before we know anything else. A petition has been passes around in support of the
Letter writing- Angie Marek asks that if you have written any letters to please let her know who you wrote letters to and when you sent them. You can e-mail this info to Angie at offroadangie@aol.com.
Membership- Jim Puttman reported that the Outcast 4x4 has submitted their paper work to become Region 2 members. Grays Harbor 4x4 and Support has disbanded.
Ways and Means- Tiffany Morris brought all of the ways-n-means items with her to the meeting. Megan brought the Region 2 videos to add to the ways-n-means inventory.
PR- Diana Stafford reported that she was at Summer Convention. She had a club interested in joining and has giving them a membership packet. We had some people attend Summer Convention that were new to our sport from advertisement on the PNW4WDA website. Make sure you get your events on the website; it does work to get the word out. Diana is working on press releases for Shore Patrol. We also were plugged quite a few times in an article in CRAWL Magazine.
Future 4-Wheelers- No Report.
Competition- Kevin Kehrberg reported that Region 2 Men’s Relay team won the team challenge at Summer Convention, and the women took second by only .01 of a second! Congrats to both!!! Thank you to the Competition Committee for hosting a great Summer Convention!!! A safety note: all competition rigs should have a scatter shield over their transmission. If you intend on racing at the Tacoma Dome this next January they will be mandatory.
Old Business
Region 2 Event – Since Cadillac Ranch is having issues we are on stand-by as far as a venue. It was brought up to have Region 2 host Summer Convention next year. Also, we need to decide on a time of the year to host an event. Because summers are very full, we may want to consider an off season event.

Shore Patrol – Camping is limited, but still available. If you are going to camp at Shore Patrol you will need to fill out an I-9 form. The form must be filled out in advance and is available on the website.

New Business
Competition Chairman – We need to nominate a new Competition Chairman. Brandon Marek was nominated by Megan Myracle. Kevin Kehrberg was nominated by Rob Stafford. Kevin declined the nomination. A motion was made by Kathy Greenwood and seconded by Gary Marshall to cast a unanimous vote for Brandon as the comp chairman, with Kevin being a back-up if Brandon declines. Motion passed. Congrats Brandon!!!

- Please e-mail Ed if you need anything posted on the PNW web-site (dogfather@dogpoundoffroad.com)
- There is now a giveaway on the PNW Website. Go into the campfire forum to sign up.
- White Knuckle’s Swap meet will be September 25th and 26th at the White River Fairgrounds. More info at www.Whiteknucke4x4.org.
- September 11th is the Fall Delegates meeting in Longview, Wa.

There being no more business for the good of the order the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm. The next meeting will be September 16th at Four Wheel Parts in Tacoma.
Respectfully submitted,
Megan E. Myracle
Edward Campbell
Webmaster 2008-2014 Glad I could help
Region 2 Director 2008-2010 Glad to help.
President DogpoundOffroad
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