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Old 09-20-2011, 11:07 PM
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Default September 2011

Region 2 Delegates Meeting
Tacoma, WA

Vice Director Rob Stafford (Cascade 4x4s and Overbored Racing) called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence for the sick and departed was observed.

We had one guest, Eric.

Minutes: A motion was made by Derrick Clark (Rednecks and Rugrats) seconded by Mike Mayfarth (Tacoma Webfooters) to accept the minutes as printed in the Tri-Power. Motion passed.

Treasurerís Report: A printed report was available for the delegates. A motion was made by Derrick Clark (Rednecks and Rugrats) seconded by Mike Mayfarth (Tacoma Webfooters) to accept the minutes as printed. Motion passed.

We Did It/Club Power: no report

Naches: No report

Evans Creek: The contractor should be done for the season. The gate is scheduled to close on December 15th. Reminder to turn hosting paperwork in. 10 packets were put in the host box at the beginning of the season and none has been returned. If there wasnít a packet in the box, contact Derrick Clark. You can give him both the PNW paperwork as well as the Forest Service paperwork.

Elbe: A legal bi-pass on the Main Line was installed, as well as a mud hole fixed. The log crawl on the Gotcha trail was fixed. Nancy is picking out the tractor she wants to purchase with the grant money. There is talk about making the 9 road part trail. If you reserve the campground and then find you donít need it or wonít be using it, please let Nancy know. The rehabbing of the Busy Wild will not be done until after the logging. There were some complaints on a forum regarding closing of the Busy Wild during logging. We need to keep a positive attitude. Reminder, the Discover Pass is required at Elbe. A suggestion was made for a list on the PNW website of which areas require the Discover Pass and which areas require a Forest Service Pass.

Tahuya: Not much going on. Plan to take a dust mask if you wheel there before the skies open up.

Land Matters: no report

OHV Watch: Reminder to write those letters. Although all correspondence is good, original letters carry more weight than form letters. Also better to address to the personís name rather than Dear Sir, etc.

Membership: On-line renewal is coming! One person per club is needed to be the administrator for that club. Contact the webmaster. Several volunteers will be inputting the membership data base in the very near future.

Way & Means: no report

PR: Operation Shore Patrol is this weekend. A news release has been sent to the media. The banners are going to be used at Region 1 and 2.

Future 4-Wheelers: no report

Competition: Race season is over. The next event will probably be barrels in the Tacoma Dome in January. The comp committee is working on comp numbers. Some are being corrected, reassigned. Contact Brandon if you have questions about your comp number. If youíre planning on having an event, a request for insurance needs to be submitted to Carol Jensen BEFORE Winter Convention. If you request insurance and donít hold your event, you may be on the hook for the cost of the insurance. The comp committee is also continuing to work on the rule book. In the interim the safety rules are in the forum on the PNW website. The comp committee is contemplating a separate printing of just the safety rules. A suggestion was made to put together something in writing about ďhow to raceĒ, i.e. safety rules, locations, explanation of the courses. At the Fall Delegates meeting Dave Taylor was re-elected as PNW Comp Chair.

Old Business:
How to disperse Summer Convention proceeds was tabled. Mike Mayfarth from the Tacoma Webfooters announced they will donate any proceeds they receive back to the Region.

Registration for Beach Clean-Up will be in the day use area. Trash bags are being provided. Parade is planned for 3:00 pm, followed by a chili feed at the bowling alley. Evening entertainment includes raffle, music, and goldfish races. The Hombres are hosting a pancake breakfast Sunday morning. There is a suggested donation of $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for children.

New Business:
At the Fall Delegates meeting it was discussed an audit of the PNW treasury was needed. It was highly recommended the Regions also perform audits as well as an inventory list. The audit will be through 12/31/2011 and occur in the new year. A committee will be formed.

The PNW is looking for a treasurer. An ad will be placed in the Tri-Power explaining the requirements.
Nominations for PNW officers will be open again at Winter Convention. If youíre interested in holding an office but unsure, consider being an apprentice.

A great big thank you to the Rainier Ruffians for hosting the Fall Delegates meeting this year.
Diana Stafford (Cascade 4x4s and Overbored Racing) presented the idea of the Region hosting the Fall Delegates meeting in 2012. Location would be the Comfort Inn and Conference Center in Tumwater, WA. Cost of a meeting room is $450.00, but waived if 15-20 people stay overnight. A motion was made by Edward Campbell (Dog Pound Offroad) seconded by Derrick Clark (Rednecks and Rugrats) to host Fall Delegates in 2012. Motion passed.

Future Meetings and Announcements:
10/20/11 Region 2 Delegates Meeting at 4-Wheel Parts in Tacoma, 7:30 pm
03/10/12 BOD meeting hosted by the Hombres at the Edgewood Fire Station
03/11/12 Spanaway Moonshiners swap meet at the Puyallup Fair Grounds

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50.

Respectfully submitted by
Diana Stafford
Secretary pro tempore
Diana Stafford
Cascade 4x4s
Overbored Racing
Countyline Offroaders
Region 2 Membership
Real Deal Doe Run Member
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